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Friday, 9 March 2007

Antediluvian World: Forgotten Lessons of History

Antediluvian World
Forgotten Lessons of History

 “There’s only one god who’s going to save it – and you’re standing on it”
 - Trevor Budd 
We already live in a flooded world, drowned in an abyss that has covered our memories as deeply as the much evidence of sunken civilizations. The global biosphere has changed many times, for many reasons. Most ancient peoples spoke of at least four world ages brought to an abrupt, cataclysmic end by fire, earth, air or water – more usually a combination of these elemental forces, whose names we laugh at, the quaint ideas of our na├»ve ancestors.

                 Civilizations rise and fall, sometimes destroyed by ‘fire from the sky’, sometimes by land-scouring winds or massive tidal influxes, land subsidence or vulcanism and tectonic shifts. Sometimes by ‘climate’.
                The most basic research in almost any classical field will reveal memories – and evidence – of these events, carried to us today as a largely ignored warning of periodic mass destruction. Those who forget the lessons of history…
At the end of the last glaciation, ice cover lay across both polar regions displaced at a twenty degree angle, when compared with today’s poles. This was widely recognised in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with notables including Einstein corresponding regularly with many theorists, trying to throw light on the cause of this obvious global catastrophe. The issue seems to have somehow slipped off modern radar. What it means is that the entire globe tilted on its axis only a few thousand years ago.
If you have no idea what this would do to the Earth’s surface dwellers, think about the sudden extinction of most of the large, more ‘interesting’ animals that were ubiquitous on planet Earth – mammoth, hairy rhinoceros, giant kangaroos and wombats, giant elk and sabre-toothed tigers, to name a few. Along with 99% of the humans that lived spread widely across the world, whose sparse, misinterpreted ruins stare us in the face atop suddenly raised mountain ranges and on today’s flooded continental shelves.
This may provide an inkling of what you and your children face in your lifetimes, and what a handful of oligarchs who actually operate your society have believed all along; global civilization has a use-by date that will likely reduce our population of teeming billions to a more reasonably manipulable figure.
Everyone knows megadeath is coming. Really. Everyone continues with their grand little lives and plans, careering toward a precipice with blinkers held firmly in place to their eyes, only hoping it won’t be they who suffer. They work for greedy fools whose make-work ‘jobs’ and ‘industries’ only wreck the world faster, making the predicted doom all but inevitable.
Time to stop imagining you’re a passenger on a god-sanctioned world ark preserved for you by providence. You’re on the Titanic, where most of the passengers are considered expendable.But – if we had a lot more people who consider themselves responsible crew of Spaceship Earth – not pampered passengers – we can still change the juggernaut’s course if we take the task in hand, now, today.
CALLING ALL HANDS – get on deck and into the engine room NOW! Drop whatever else you’re doing and find and help anyone who’s working to save the planet and its ecosystem. This is your first and last curtain call. Drop the theatrical social drama and get moving! 

-  R. Ayana

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