"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Mirror meditation: Past Lives Access? See For Yourself

Mirror meditation: Past Lives Access?
See For Yourself

Third Eye Mirror Meditation – What Faces Will You See?


 Mirror Worlds by R. Ayana

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.

How many faces will you see? In this mirror meditation, you will see faces from your previous lives, faces from the collective, aliens, faeries, people of other races and other times. You may even see demonic images but do not be scared because they cannot harm you.

Before you begin any meditation, be sure to protect yourself and your home beforehand. You can find out more about this here:  Meditation Techniques: What to do BEFORE You Meditate

Once you’ve protected yourself, place a mirror in front of you, light a candle and turn off the lights. Focus on the spot between your eyes where your 3rd eye would be. Due to the dimness of the room, you will find your eyes going in and out of focus and this is perfectly normal and expected.  Try to avoid excessive blinking because it is in this state that the faces will appear.

Your third eye will begin to open and reveal these faces. Many times, you will see various genders, ethnicities, races and sometimes, demon-looking entities. Do not be afraid. These nefarious entities cannot harm you and may be a shadow self side of you, or they may be simply testing your spirituality. If you sense and negative energy from these energies, you can always ask them to leave, then restart your protection techniques as you did before you began this meditation.

In my own experience doing this mirror meditation, I have seen myself as many different ethnicities and races as well as both genders. I have also seen a demonic-looking entity with glowing, red eyes and fang-like teeth but I remained calm and told it that it was not welcome during my meditation and I asked it to leave.

This meditation is not for the faint of heart. If you think you are ready to try it, please be sure to follow the recommendations on what to do before you meditate. It really is quite fascinating to see the many sides of yourself as ultimately, you are a spiritual being having a human experience while incarnating many times, in various ethnicities and races and different genders.  Through this meditation, they will all be shown to you.


The Past Life Meditation


3rd Eye Mirror Meditation - What Faces Will You See? 


This is not for the faint of heart.

Nor is this something I recommend doing at a party or in place of fooling around with Ouija boards. If that’s where you live please stop reading. It is a deeply personal and Spiritual experience and not to be treated like some game or frivolity. I regret having shared it with my sister, and my niece both of whom are lovely people but weren’t ready to address looking into the face of their own past lives. They weren’t ready and it freaked them out.  Actually to qualify the phrase ‘past lives’,  I don’t really believe that there is a past, present, future for the soul (just the body) so it bugs me to use the term ‘past’ life when ‘alternate’ lives seems to be more appropriate.  For the sake of using a well coined term that everybody gets, I’ll try not to be controversial and for the remainder of this post simply say ‘past life’.

There is a simple exercise called the ‘Candle-Mirror Mediation’ which yielded a very strange and wondrous revelation for me.  I was able to connect with myself in such a way as to see the faces I have worn in ‘previous’ lives. (gritting of the teeth here)  I have been told on numerous occasions that I am a very Old Soul and my game plan in this lifetime is merely to sew up that last 5% of human experience before I move on.  I’ve often joked that I must be a ridiculously slow learner if I have been around since before humans had language, and every generation of man there after, and still haven’t nailed down whatever it is I need to know.  Is there dyslexia for life?

N ‘way the meditation takes place in a medium dark room.  You sit on the floor in a comfortable cross legged poise and there is a candle to the right of you and a full length mirror before you. It is important to ground yourself and connect to your higher power to set your intention and the tone for the room.  Only ‘those of Light’ are invited to the party people, no gate crashers!  The idea is to breath deeply and slowly while looking into the flame of the candle until all else but the flame dissolves from your vision.  When you have narrowed down your focus in this way you are to turn your eyes, and your attention to face yourself in the mirror.  As you stare into your own eyes, unblinking, unwavering you continue to breath deeply as you wait for the room to collapse from your view, and all else dissolves but your own eyes.

Then magic begins.

I can’t predict what you will see.  All I can share with you is what I saw.  The faces of both men and women from all times in history, of all backgrounds began to turn as though thumbing through a thick worn leather book.  Then the faces came at me faster, and faster and faster still as both human and non human faces looked back.  I was taken aback for a moment when I realized the Alien visages were still me in another format, but the shock subdued quickly and I eased into the parade of thousands.  Finally, one last image presented itself.  Half my face shimmered as half feline and half human stared back.  Then the other half of my face shimmered and I sat there staring into the calm, collected eyes and face of a tan coloured lioness.  I have no idea what this means, but it would explain the affinity I have always had for cats, and they for me. And the tree climbing.  It also explains the tree climbing (only kidding).

What you will see I can’t say.  How you interpret it will depend upon your current set of beliefs.  For my part I believe in Reincarnation and the many faces we have worn in our attempt to make known the unknown.  I mean we’re eternal.  What the hell else do we have to do except keep pushing the envelope to discover aspects of ourselves and to continue expanding,  to make known the unknown.  Kinda sounds a little like Star Trek exploring the universe ‘going where no one has gone before’ but in this case the universe is internal.  Kinda like the macro is the micro. Ever see fractals?  Same Same.  Now I’m getting philosophical and this was supposed to be about the Candle-Mirror Meditation. Ok that’s enough outta me.

If you should decide to give this a try I’d love to hear back from you and whatever you’d care to share about your experience.  Remember to follow the tenant of the Hitch Hiker’s guide to the Galaxy when you go off exploring and Don’t Panic!  Then come back and tell Nikki all about it.  Do share.

Namaste, Nicole

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  1. I was the Mona Lisa in a previous Lifetime, a real work of art! LOL...

  2. For thinking people of logic and basic reasoning skills, the Abraham religions are understood to be Matrix Religions. And yet there still seems to be a fascination in those whom have rejected the 3 main Matrix Religions with the Eastern Matrix beliefs. This is a common human behavior and it is called "switch addictions".
    I do think it is most likely true that consciousness survives death. And it is also true that if one is all wrapped up in focusing on the idea that one must continuosly return to the physical realm of energy until one "learns their lessons" or one reaches some unknown level of perfection (how can one be perfect in an imperfect realm, and why is that question never posed?) until one can get off the "wheel of samsara" then... well they greatly increase their odds for actually returning to this realm or one that is similar.
    Not out of punishment or because one has not obtained "enlightenment" but because it feels like home. It is because one has not given thought to release all human made religious ideologies and opened to an expanded conciousness. Most can not even imagine releasing their body or ego or personality, and usually imagine heaven to be a place much like the energy realm, only better. Matrix Religions are all limiting, either by design or simply because our ideologies are based on limited information and ancient belief systems and we have a brain, itself limited.
    How do you feel when told that you never have to return to this realm, ever again? Do you resist that thought? And if so, why?
    People might ask, well where is the justice in that, anyone could enter Paradise (or space consciousness). But that is untrue. Space propels mass.
    Anyone who holds an evil or selfish consciousness could not enter the space realm of consciousness (Paradise) because space propels mass and energy.

    We often argue for our own imprisonments. Some are absolutely addicted to being human, addicted to the thrills and chills of this realm. Yes I think reincarnation is real, but I don't accept the ideology regarding the necessity for endless repetition unless one suffers or stares at a wall for 3 hours in a lotus position, or follows some strict diet or maintains some rigid lifestyle.
    I know many buddists who use the excuse of detachment to not give a damn about the ongoing erosion of basic freedoms. They are often of the passive-aggressive type like the woo-woo New Agers, a belief system promoted by the CIA. Just disagree with their obvious nonsensical ideologies and watch them go into a rage. I guess all that ignoring the negative and focusing only on the positive did not cause us all to ascend afterall. But let us not engage in actual facts, because that messes with their ego and ego is what makes people feel real. No, best to allow the NWO to completely take over, or hope the benevolent aliens (another messiah) comes to save us all.
    Just treat others as you want to be treated. When the time comes, release everything. It really is that easy. Why do we choose to think it is difficult? Choose expanded consciousness. No matter what happens I am conscious all the time. Be willing to let go. Let go of concerns or curiosity over what happens after you're gone, or what will happen to your stuff. You don't have to come back here. But if you are plaqued with guilt over errors done in a world of errors, or feel you must come back to "get it right" than quess what?

    1. A major difference between all Abrahamic cults and SOME Eastern traditions is that the latter provide specific, time-tested techniques for the exploration and transformation of consciousness, instead of mere moralising, prescriptions and proscriptions. Only those who have done The Work can truly appeciate the difference between the rank superstitions of tribal lore and the finer tuning of one's innermost being.

      And there are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreampt of in our philosophies. Infinity is BIG.

      What remains when all thought has ceased?

    2. Very well put. I agree that my Roman Catholic upbringing held me back but also gave me a platform to start questioning everything. I remember arguing reincarnation with a nun in 1st grade. Now it seems as reincarnation was never taught.


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