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Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Atmospheric scientists say ‘no chemtrails’

Atmospheric scientists say ‘no chemtrails’

Seventy six of 77 atmospheric scientists responding to a survey agree these are contrails, not

 Seventy-six of 77 atmospheric scientists responding to a survey agree these are contrails – composed primarily of water in the form of ice crystals – not “chemtrails.”

Is there a large-scale, secret program to spray chemicals into Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in “chemtrails?” Leading atmospheric scientists just say no.

Seventy-six of 77 atmospheric scientists responding to a survey agree these are contrails – composed primarily of water in the form of ice crystals – not “chemtrails.”

Have you heard there’s a large-scale secret plan to spray chemicals into Earth’s atmosphere and that the resulting streaks across the sky are called chemtrails? In 2011, nearly 17% of people surveyed internationally said they believed this was true, or partly true. Now we learn, however, that atmospheric scientists are not among the believers. On August 12, 2016, scientists announced results of an international survey of leading atmospheric scientists. Seventy-six of the 77 scientists responding to the survey said they had not encountered evidence of a secret spraying program and agreed that well-understood physical and chemical processes can easily explain alleged “evidence” of chemtrails, often presented in the form of photos like the one at the top of this page.

The team surveyed two groups of experts: atmospheric chemists who specialize in condensation trails and geochemists working on atmospheric deposits of dust and pollution. Their findings are published in a peer-reviewed journal, Environmental Research Letters.

The survey’s authors say theirs is the first peer-reviewed journal paper addressing the chemtrail conspiracy theory. Financial support for it came from the University of California, Irvine, the Carnegie Institution for Science and a group called Near Zero, which is a 501c3 non-profit that produces scientific assessments of energy and climate issues. Atmospheric scientist Ken Caldeira – who is an author on the survey – told me that Near Zero is partially funded by Bill Gates, but he said Gates played no role in choosing this study topic.

Multiple contrails in an area with high airline traffic, via NOAA.
Multiple contrails in an area with high airline traffic, via NOAA. The survey team said: “The experts we surveyed resoundingly rejected contrail photographs and test results as evidence of a large-scale atmospheric conspiracy.”

The research team said it wanted to respond to the large number of people who say they believe in a secret spraying program. In recent years, websites – such as globalskywatch.com – have claimed to show evidence of this spraying. And yet team members said they aren’t trying to change the minds of those who believe in chemtrails. They say that’s probably not possible, since all statements from experts to the contrary of this particular conspiracy theory tend to be taken by believers as just more evidence of the conspiracy. Instead, said study co-author Steven J. Davis of UC Irvine:

We wanted to establish a scientific record on the topic of secret atmospheric spraying programs for the benefit of those in the public who haven’t made up their minds.

Ken Caldeira said:

'… what some people think are ‘chemtrails’ are just ordinary contrails, which are becoming more abundant as air travel expands. Also, it is possible that climate change is causing contrails to persist for longer periods than they used to.'

I felt it was important to definitively show what real experts in contrails and aerosols think.

The video below features Stephen Davis talking about the study:

If you want to learn more about the results of Davis, Caldeira and colleagues’ recent survey, read the study published in Environmental Research Letters.

Or you might want to click over to Davis’ webpage on the subject, which contains, among other things, a more complete explanation of the diagram below.

Note they are using the acronym SLAP, which stands for “secret, large-scale atmospheric program.”

Presented with 4 different images of trails behind aircraft (a-d), experts uniformly responded that a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program (SLAP) was not the most parsimonious explanation for the depicted phenomena (pie charts). In each case, the stacked bars show the experts’ most common alternative explanations.
View larger. | In the survey, scientists were presented with 4 different images of trails behind aircraft (a-d). They experts uniformly responded that a secret, large-scale atmospheric spraying program (SLAP) did not meet the test of Occam’s razor; that is, it’s not the simplest explanation for the depicted phenomena (pie charts). In each case, the stacked bars show the experts’ most common alternative explanations. Find more information about this diagram via study co-author Stephen J. Davis.

At EarthSky, we often read comments from our audience about chemtrails, especially when we post photos of atmospheric sky phenomena, such as iridescent clouds, which by the way are caused by especially small water droplets or ice crystals in the air and which were described in a 1954 classic book on wondrous things to see in the sky.

The comments at EarthSky frequently show chemtrail believers as lacking in basic knowledge about Earth’s atmosphere. In fact, our world’s atmosphere shifts and changes in subtle and unsubtle ways from one day to the next, and even hourly, depending on factors such as wind, humidity, temperature, height above ground and so on.

Les Cowley of the great website Atmospheric Optics – which explains optical sky phenomena such as halos, rainbows, glories, and much more – told me that he hears from chemtrail believers, too. At his website, he answers the question of why people may perceive contrails as looking “different” now than they used to:

Are there more contrails than there used to be? Yes, aircraft movements have considerably increased.

But there is another reason – Paradoxically, modern aircraft with more fuel-efficient engines and airframes form contrails under a wider range of atmospheric conditions than did older airplanes.

Modern aircraft waste less of the fuel’s combustion heat in the exhaust gases. The resulting cooler plumes have a higher relative humidity and their moisture condenses more readily to form contrails.

This image shows is of a scientific trial (Aerosp. Sci. Technol. 4 (2000) 391-401 'Influence of propulsion efficiency on contrail formation'). On the left is a modern Airbus A340 - on the right is an old Boeing 707. The striped pole is the nose probe of the following research aircraft. The aircraft are flying under identical conditions. The Airbus produces contrails, the older 707 does not. Image and caption via Les Cowley at Atmospheric Optics.

This image shows is of a scientific trial (Aerosp. Sci. Technol. 4 (2000) 391-401 ‘Influence of propulsion efficiency on contrail formation’). On the left is a modern Airbus A340 – on the right is an old Boeing 707. The striped pole is the nose probe of the following research aircraft. The aircraft are flying under identical conditions. The Airbus produces contrails, the older 707 does not. Image and caption via Les Cowley at Atmospheric Optics.

By the way, you might be wondering, why? Why would there be a large-scale secret effort to spray chemicals into Earth’s atmosphere? What’s the purpose? The answer to that question has been has been morphing for years, too, from the first whisperings about chemtrails associated with the mark of the beast to “the government is doing is” or “corporations are doing it,” for reasons of population control or mind control or to make us all unhealthy.

We often hear of chemtrails nowadays associated with the term geoengineering, which scientists used to use mainly when imagining terraforming other worlds. By the early part of this century, some atmospheric scientists – including Ken Caldeira – wanted to discuss geoengineering techniques for Earth, in case we someday need a last-ditch effort to save the world from extreme climate change. Atmospheric scientists met and published on the subject; perhaps they still do. But as they discussed geoengineering’s pros and cons, many began to feel that because climate is so complex – with so much potential for known and unknown feedbacks – geoengineering would be dangerous and perhaps even foolhardy.

In recent years, I’ve seen clips of Caldeira speaking about geoengineering in videos about chemtrails. That’s not because he thinks they’re real (he doesn’t); the clips are taken out of context. I asked Caldeira how he felt about his words being used in this way, and he told me:

Some people believe I am a nefarious individual secretly commanding a fleet of airplanes.

This is very annoying, but the more I deal with these people, the less I am angry at them.

Chemtrail believers tend to be well-meaning, frightened people who feel powerless to control their own destiny. They lack the technical expertise needed to separate reality from fantasy.

A note of conclusion … what of the 77th scientist in the survey? Seventy-six said “no chemtrails,” but the 77th did not say that. Caldeira told me that 77th scientist found barium in an aerosol sample in an area where the soils didn’t have much barium. This could potentially be evidence supporting atmospheric spraying of barium, or it could be a poor data sample, or it could be an indication of another source of environmental barium, which is used in oil and gas drilling muds, automotive paints, stabilizers for plastics, case hardening steels, bricks, tiles, lubricating oils, and jet fuel as well as in various types of pesticides, and much more. Read here about the sources of environmental barium.

I asked Caldeira who the 77th scientist was, so I could contact him or her and ask more questions, but so far he hasn’t told me. If I find out … I’ll add a note here.

Bottom line: Leading atmospheric scientists were surveyed about whether they’ve heard of an on-going, large-scale, secret plan to spray chemicals into Earth’s atmosphere. The answer was a resounding no, and the scientists said ordinary physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere can account for the so-called “evidence” of so-called “chemtrails.”

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  1. Well, there are some facts and fictions in this article. I'll point out one blaring fiction that discredits what has been written here. "Modern aircraft waste less of the fuel’s combustion heat in the exhaust gases. The resulting cooler plumes have a higher relative humidity and their moisture condenses more readily to form contrails." Cooler plumes do NOT have a higher humidity. Try this, put your head over a pot of boiling water and see for yourself how fast your face becomes wet. Now, place your head above a pot of cool water and see for yourself how dry your face will be....

    Here's the deal, yes, there are chemical spraying programs used to alter and or change weather patterns and No, theses programs aren't as persistent as once believed.

  2. And HEAT from the planes exhaust forms water vapor (Steam) condenses with cooler air particulate to form a cloud and clouds can grow to effect local weather patterns... So I guess 'they' might want to hide their responsibility in changing localized weather patterns through a natural process. So they simply dis-inform people with a bunch of chemical poppycock. Yes, this is probably the case, though some chemical spraying may occur to expedite the weather manipulation or experimentation programs.

  3. I;ll be honest and say that I don't read all the way through many of the articles posted on this site, for one obvious reason once I pick up one line of BS the entire article is deemed incredible to me. Sometimes I continue reading for entertainment purposes, to see how far the author goes in either intentionally or unwittingly dis-informing his audience.

    1. And this is why I flunked out of school, I picked up on ALL the BS and the BS wasn't very entertaining!

  4. Government paid scientists, and "non-profit" organizations funded by Monsanto-GMO,vaccine-promoting,Common Core loving Bill Gates are all paid off whores just like the so-called journalists who are paid by the 6 corporations who control media information. How much other suppressed science and history do these illustrious paid "experts" deny? What a wicked world, and becoming more so by the day.
    Geoengineer Ken Caldeira Reveals His True Past:

    1. I disagree with you, FYM! Not a "wicked world," a WONDERFUL WORLD, yes.... We do have the FREEDOM to choose what to believe about how we view the world, don't we? We still have the choice to either entertain ourselves we BS or discover the FACTS, don't we? We still have many choices to make, so the wickedness that you perceive is really just a reflection of how you view yourself and your place in the world!

  5. Our would be controllers are testing the waters with this steaming pile of BS. The cat is out of the bag dirtbags, and he is not going back in without a fight.

  6. Anyone who says these are "contrail" has absolutely no credibility whatsoever. They are either brain dead or paid to lie just like all the other media whores and Rothschild employeed "scientists." These "expert" scientists, who ‘believe’ (have faith in) a discredited ape philosophy adhere to a "science" that has turned into a corporate institution, hijacked by a grossly inaccurate, close-minded philosophy of "reality." They cannot stand if you think outside the box. It is deflection of a credible evidence based conclusion to discredit those who present uncomfortsble truths. So label it -conspiracy theory and thats all it takes. It is simplistic and non thinking, but it works on a brainwashed populace. Unfortunately for these liars, there are still a few of us with basic GOD GIVEN common sense who watched the skies, the clouds and the planes as children and all throughout our lives and we can see that what is being sprayed in the atmosphere is NOT "contrails". The absurdity of even having having to argue what should be OBVIOUS TO ANYONE proves that we are indeed living in a world controlled by VERY WICKED PEOPLE who are tightening their control more and more. The whole world believes lies. "When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic."——Dresdin James "THE ILLUSION WILL BE SO LARGE, THAT IT WILL BE HIDDEN RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES. THOSE THAT DO SEE THE TRUTH, WILL BE CONSIDERED INSANE." -Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (aka fake AshkeNAZI "JEWS" ......Revelation 2:9 and 3:9)

    1. Doesn't sound like you know facts from fictions, free spirit. The people who we ALLOW and ACCEPT to control the world are actually rather creative and brilliant, for they have simply learned to capitalize within the framework of an INSANE operating system that we have ALL socially accepted. It's a matter of supply and demand, for what do you demand, free spirit? Do you demand the idea of chemtrails or have you actually observed the process of loading and unloading chemicals in mid-air? Could it be that the author is correct to some degree? Well, we can only speculate, right.... You have your beliefs but are they backed by the FACTS?

  7. All these ad hominem attacks (look it up, perps) avail the denialists not a whit. When pressed the defenders of fact-free chemtrail advocates resort to attacks on distant and unrelated oligarchs and power mongers. Why not simply do what chemtrail proponents always do in all their echo chamber postings of misinformation - if you don't like the real data, just ignore it and make some up to spook everyone and get a pile of hits?

    If you examine all the posts we've provided on this topic over the years (see the link at the end of the article) you'll see we've aired all viewpoints on the issue. Facts win us few friends or admirers; however, only one side in this debate actually provides any real data; the information presented by chemtrail proponents, when traced to its source, either does not exist, is utterly misrepresented or is simply mistaken due to ignorance or malice.

    It may somehow be gratifying to imagine that some omnipotent world controllers are spraying everyone (including themselves) with chemical poisons via jets - but the reality is you're all eating poisoned food and drinking poisoned water, poisoned by your co-opted government, your nasty psychotic corporations and your fat f*uck farmers who all make a profit from killing you with REAL insecticides and biocides of all kinds. Your water tables are utterly contaminated with these chemicals and the residues of fossil fuels, smelters and other profitable toxins of in dust realists, but it somehow seems easier to blame distant imaginary powers than to protest directly and stop these bastards from killing your children and the planetary ecosystem.

    It'd be tragic if it wasn't so funny. Read. Think. Learn. Turn on. Tune in. But above all, OPT OUT of the stinking system you were born into.

  8. Our water tables are contaminated, our food is poison, the corporations are psychotic, and our farmers are fat fucks? Come on Illuminator, is that the best you got?

    1. Really, your so called "fat fuck farmers" were priced out of their family farms back in the 80's, they had to convert to the Cargill, ADM, General Mills, Monsanto, etc... way of doing business or kill themselves for insurance money to support their hundred plus year generational families, that means that had to produce greater yields, meaning more and more bushels of corn, wheat, beans etc... per acre. A John Deere Harvester tractor was going for a quarter of a million dollars and your "fat fuck farmer" was receiving peanuts, or depression era prices for his valued corn, etc... So he went off to the banks (Carl Pohlad's) of the world, to borrow funny money so they could buy this outrageously expensive farming equipment so they could feed your ass, they defaulted on loans, and Carl and company foreclosed on what was once a respectable family tradition... So don't fucking talk to me about your "fat fucking farmer," because you don't know what the hell you're talking about!

    2. They never did it to 'feed my ass' - they did it for private profit. We live in a region surrounded by farmers. 99% of them despoil the soil and water growing ridiculous monoculture crops,thereby choosing to use biocides in ever-increasing amounts in an arms race no-one can win. No-one asks them to do it. They do it for private gain. The stupidest ones grow grass-fed cattle or sheep, as they can't really grow anything themselves.

      No-one asks them to get into ridiculous piles of debt. No-one has to farm that way, and no-one really wants to eat the poison they lace our 'food' with - for profit. It's their choice.

      Meanwhile, we live on one of the only blocks in the area not legally owned by a bank - which is the case for almost every other large landholder, who use the land (not theirs btw, even according to their deeds public land merely occupied by them) as a mortgaged bargaining chip against their despoiled future.

      Our rivers and soils are ruined by loggers and miners and then given the coup de gras by farmers. They've been doing it for millennia - take a look at the 'fertile crescent', along with, say, Greece. Same ond same old.

      Only organic growers deserve your respect. The others are poorly paid killers, the shock troops of Bayer/Monsatan. Study Permaculture.

    3. Any good sales team always proclaims that everything is for private profit under the guise of the public's interest, illuminator.... Take the price out of the abstract notion of profit and observe how well balanced we all become. The incentive to intelligently farm will not be profit oriented. No, the incentive to farm things intelligently will be the love one has for all the earths inhabitants. The value concept of profit is an obsolete token of debt that drives the whole world mad!


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