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Saturday, 10 October 2015

New Energy Breakthrough: Dynamic Plasma Reactors

New Energy Breakthrough:
Dynamic Plasma Reactors


by Mehran T. Keshe 

Mr Keshe shows the final prototype of the Keshe Foundation Power Unit.
- News about World Peace Conference of 16th October.
- Alexz shows how to feed the masses.

cola bottle plasma reactor with electrodes 
cola bottle plasma reactor with electrodes 
cola bottle plasma reactor with electrodes


Several static and dynamic working prototypes confirm the new insights related to the PME's (Plasmatic Magnetic Energy) and the Keshe concept of SEPMAF's (Specific Entangled Plasmatic Magnetic Fields). The design and technology of our reactor systems has been developed in accordance with the same principles and methods that are seen in the physics of the universe, and similar effects have been achieved.

One of our simplest static plasma reactors is the cola bottle. This is equipped with a number of electrodes, from two to five. In this cola bottle reactor we achieve several outputs of voltage and current, we create atomic hydrogen and simultaneously we obtain deposits of atomic carbon on the electrodes. The working of these static reactors is not based on chemical interaction, as with acids, and the process is completely different from what happens in existing batteries. For example current is collected even from electrodes that are not submerged in the liquid, thus it is being collected from pure plasma. What’s more, the reactor recharges itself automatically while other terminals are generating voltage.

The main goal in performing these tests is to prove that the carbon from the gases inside the liquid can be collected and deposited on the electrodes. This demonstrates that the same principle can be utilized to separate carbon from the exhaust gases of cars and factories.


In the next photos we show the steps of one of the tests we performed with the cola plasma reactor.

The acids contained in the cola drink are not essential for creating current.
cola bottle plasma reactor with energy liquidscola bottle plasma reactor with energy liquids
cola bottle reactor with liquidscola bottle reactor with liquids
cola bottle reactor with energy liquidscola bottle reactor with energy liquids
cola bottle used as a plasma reactorcola bottle used as a plasma reactor

Testing the voltage and current with a multi-meter by connecting two different electrodes with each other.

Creating voltage and current in a cola bottleCreating voltage and current in a cola bottle
Creating voltage in a cola bottleCreating voltage in a cola bottle
This photo (-364 mV) shows one of internal recharging processes,
indicating the self-sustaining property of the closed reactor environment.
1048 mV1048 mV
Creating current in a cola bottleCreating current in a cola bottle
Creating electricity in a cola bottleCreating electricity in a cola bottle

Other results have been found with other combinations of electrodes. Similar voltages and current are also attained with both electrodes only in the plasma area (upper part), thus not submerged in the liquid.

All photos were taken during the same test. After further processing the electrodes become black from the deposits of sp2 and sp3. Sp2 carbon (called 'graphene') is a ballistic (super-super) conductive material that can be used in micro- and nano-electronics. Sp3's are diamond-like structures. This all happens in a simple cola bottle, and not in a complex system with lasers and high pressure or vacuum!

Transparent testing: During demonstrations for potential partners they can provide their own electrodes (and the cola liquid). They can use their own multi-meter to measure the outcome. They can videotape the demonstration. After the demonstration the electrodes with carbon deposits will be given back for independent testing by themselves or by others. We are even prepared to agree on more stringent testing protocol, where for example the potential partner can make the reactor with their own glue and provide the empty bottle, into which the electrodes can be glued in their presence.

The processes demonstrated in these static reactors deliver a much higher electrical outcome when applied in dynamic reactors, which are capable of delivering electricity for various applications, such as for lighting, electronics, cars, households, villages, machines, industry and industrial processing.

For more information about free energy technologies see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/free%20energy
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  1. Obviously, there are legitimate alternatives to the standards now dominant.I remember back in the 90's I think it was, when 2 respected scientists held a press conference to announce cold fusion. It was immediately denounced and these scientists all but disapeered. Case closed. It was super abrupt, which at the time, I thought disconcerting.
    This technology alone could free us from so much of the current turmoil. One must wonder why this is the case. Reluctance to change the system? too much money to be lost or "power"? It would interfere in the plan for NWO?
    We have CERN going full blast. We have these "space stations". We have the transhumanism agenda picking up speed. We have prestigious universities such as Oxford granting diplomas in geoengineering. And yet, this science is ignored.

  2. Aye - for more information about 'cold fusion' see
    http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/lenr - and see 'older posts' at the end of each section
    As for CERN: the only thing it produces is falsely created reputations.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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