"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Friday, 2 October 2015

Imagine This...

Imagine This...

Plant the Planet by R. Ayana

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by Dan Willis 
The following to some may seem like a fictional portrayal of the future, to others it may seem as a premonition of things yet to come. As all thought is creative on various levels of manifestation, the very act of visualizing a reality in your imagination, especially one that is in alignment with your heart's desire and in the alignment with the desire of many other souls on this planet, has a creative effect toward the manifestation of that reality upon the collective consciousness every one on earth shares. Therefore this creates a potential future timeline different than the timeline course the earth is presently experiencing in the direction it is heading. When truth is disclosed, it has a means of resonating within each of us, and therefore has power far greater than a lie.

This story or vision is meant to seed your imagination in visualizing our planet in the future, in which children from this future time are historically studying and looking back at the past challenges that all of earth’s people faced, that were perpetrated by a small group of people who attempted to control the entire world through deception. Through our collective awakened spiritual awareness, the people exposed their deception and caused their plan to fail, which stopped the further destruction of the planet. This ushered in a wonderful new era for a harmonious civilization for all beings on earth.

Our Story Begins...
In a time in our not too distant future, in a very different world than today, children studying the history of our evolution here on planet earth will look back with a clear and accurate account of historical events from the very origin and beginnings of the human race on earth.

From this future perspective looking back through time, the entire planet is now thriving, living in harmony and abundance with all beings on this planet, as well as interactions with established relations with other advanced off planet peaceful civilizations.

As these children reviewed the past historical record archives of mankind, from a great vast depository library of the future, they observed how the human race struggled to evolve amongst the deceptive and manipulative elements of the past that challenged mankind’s spiritual growth and understanding through the great expanses of Earth’s history.  

Looking far back historically through time, revealed how the early primitive interpretations were made of interactions with off-planet cultures, that originally spawned earth religions. This as well as early inaccurate scientific concepts from the then imprecise observations, such as believing the earth to be flat and being at the center of the universe, to the eventual current and universal acceptance that the universe has always been filled with many various life forms outside of our planet.

Some of these off world cultures have greatly evolved over millions of years of time, and have been interacting with us since the very beginning of our presence here on Earth. These other beings have always been with us, but needed before making global contact, for the human race to awaken and no longer give consent to the earthly deceptions and become aware of the universal spiritual nature of who they are in order to become a peaceful civilization to interact with.

The children of this future have learned that their past ancestors and the many wars since antiquity that have been done by humans in their attempt to control and dominate over others, first started with primitive weaponry of swords, arrows and eventually bullets and cannons. 

In the 20th and 21st centuries as technology advanced, greater weapons of mass destruction were created including thermonuclear, chemical and biological, to name a few.   The detonation of these nuclear devices affected other dimensional realities, triggering a grave concern of off planet cultures. While an enormous amount of money was dedicated to the science of killing people, many people on the planet were impoverished and starving.

With the world operating upon a universal monetary exchange system, the vast majority of wealth on the planet came into the control of an organized group of individuals that were able to deceive most of the world and maintain their power through secrecy and expand their wealth at the cost of adversely affecting many lives and the environment. 

By either placing or replacing individuals that would carry out their agenda in executive management positions of government, they effectively furthered their agenda, while giving the people of the world the illusion that they were in control of those they elected to carry out the will of the people.

Through the use of secrecy, they were able to keep their operations hidden from the masses.  This extreme secrecy they initially found available through certain avenues in secret societies whose members had to maintain an extreme oath to secrecy.   

But the greatest avenue of secrecy for them was through the creation of intelligence agencies within the government that required the use of secrecy for their operations.  They did this under the auspices for the security of the nation and good of the people, in which they effectively infiltrated and used this national security secrecy instead to hide and conduct all their hidden operations for this group’s agenda. 

Although there were those in high positions who attempted to warn the unsuspecting public, their methods of ridiculing, discrediting and silencing effectively kept their message from fully reaching the public, which even then, would be unable to be comprehended by the public that such activity was occurring.

With the expansion of the world’s ability to communicate to the masses more effectively, through newspapers, radio and television, the majority of mankind became controlled by this group through deception, predominately by a new kind of warfare, a warfare of the mind. 

Through such agencies working in concert with corporations they controlled, they were able to control the distribution of the public’s global communications media in order to manipulate their perception to gain the consent of the masses, while their true hidden agendas they carried out remained secret to the public.
By understanding how to psychologically engineer consent of the masses, they cleverly crafted psychological deception in order to secretly achieve their objectives. Their true objectives were kept secret and unrealized by the majority of humanity, whose perceptions they manipulated through the education system and the media.  

As the people of this planet never wanted wars, wars were thus instigated through false flag events which yielded them even greater wealth and moved their agenda forward for greater control of the population with each successive war.  The continual creation of enemies and the use of these false flag events led to the perpetuation of ongoing wars and the further impoverishment of the people.

They utilized vast highly advanced surveillance technology by electronically monitoring all of the communications of the people, to know what in their minds they were thinking and therefore know how to control the population.  

They also controlled other governments as well through covert operations, and suppressed advances in new technological discoveries that would jeopardize their profitable nuclear, oil and coal industries. This kept the people of the world in a technologically retarded state. Through various dogmatic religions they kept the world divided through the suppression of universal spiritual knowledge and the power of consciousness within us. 

They utilized fear programming in their media entertainment with constant violent imagery of humans killing and hurting other humans, as well as putting fearful images in movies of life outside our planet in science fictional portrayals.  This was done for the psychological support of one of their future planned false flag events that utilizing their anti-gravity craft to hoax an off world invasion, in order to unite and consolidate the world militaries as one government, that they planned to ultimately control.

While their control of the media continually suggested that the people of earth were not alone, the controlled government continually denied to the people that any evidence of extraterrestrial interaction with earth exists, regardless of the many thousands of people around the planet who have witnessed off-planet craft and even sometimes their occupants visiting earth. Witnesses that attempted to come forward were discredited or silenced. Government hearings were denied by the attempts to bring hundreds of military and intelligence witnesses with collaborating official documentation to factually prove this reality to the rest of the world. This suppression was done to maintain the secrecy of their hidden operations and advanced technologies.

This group in the past had secretly made deals with certain extraterrestrial races in technology exchange programs to further advance their hidden underground civilization, which had rapidly advanced and greatly far surpassed the surface dwellers on the planet.  They enjoyed the use of devices that yielded unlimited zero point energy for power and anti-gravity craft, to name only a few scientific advances, of which they had many in every area of science. All this was funded due to the trillions of dollars they scammed the public out of for their unacknowledged hidden projects. 

On the surface they maintained a false illusion of needing rockets filled with fuel to go into space, all the while conducting their secret space program with their anti-gravity craft.  This kept the majority of people on this planet believing we need oil for transportation and dangerous nuclear and coal power plants for electricity production.

Without respect to our beautiful home planet, this group allowed the continual degrading of our environment from enormous amounts of carbon emissions into our atmosphere from vehicles and factories causing the poles to melt, oil spills in our oceans, fracking that polluted our drinking waters, toxic waste dumping in the rivers, and the release from nuclear power plants of highly dangerous radioactive materials damaging life on the planet.  

This self-serving group only considered the entire human race simply as a resource for their finances and labor.   As the population of the planet grew, it became necessary for this group to implement eugenics procedures in order to maintain a much smaller controllable slave force and reduce the population through several methods in such a way, as to have an effect slowly over time so as not to alert the people to their depopulation agenda. They used geo-engineering of the weather to devastate areas on the planet and destroy food crops to blame it on the weather.  They genetically modified the world’s food supply, so that consumption would sterilize and reduce the life span of the population and affect their immune systems to become susceptible to diseases, which their sickness provided yet another source of profit. 

They supplemented this with highly poisonous fluoride in the water, lab created diseases and toxic mercury in vaccinations intended to treat these diseases.  They filled the beautiful blue skies all over the planet with chemtrails filled with aluminum and barium sprayed from aircraft, which further damaged life on the planet. Many had become sick and sometimes unhealthily overweight from nutritionally devoid highly processed foods and drinks provided by their corporations. 

The medical establishment, made up of doctors that have been educated with the materials provided by the pharmaceutical corporations, which treats the symptoms of a host of diseases through the highly profitable prescription of pills, which many times offered serious ill side-effects to further degrade health.  While at the same time, with their infiltrated agents, suppressed alternative non-profitable breakthrough discoveries in health to the public.

In order to maintain these deceptions and keep the people of this planet in a retarded state, they utilized their use of great wealth, influence and infiltration to manipulate the history books in education to hide their past operations to future generations born into their deception.  In archeology, they hid historical evidence of discoveries that would contradict what they disseminated through their science and religious indoctrinated beliefs of mankind’s origins.

Most importantly was their task to keep the people of this planet separated and divided through the use of fear and religious belief differences, and to deny our common connection of consciousness and the power we have within us to transform the world. 

They removed and hid much ancient knowledge regarding the laws of creation and consciousness from science, education and religious materials in order to maintain control over the masses through the illusion of separation.

The great expanse of personal communication capabilities of the internet provided them a greater means to monitor the population’s communications; it also provided a means for the people of the world to start sharing thoughts outside of their controlled mass media. 

The people started to assemble the hidden fragments amongst the purposely placed disinformation to more clearly form a picture of the falsely indoctrinated world they have been born into.  This awareness was assisted by the testimonies of hundreds of whistle-blower witnesses and leaked classified documents that alerted the population to the deception being perpetrated upon them.

Castaway by R. Ayana

The Turning Point…

The children of this future, reading our planet’s history realized
that this was the start of the turning point for the people of earth to reclaim their planet from this rogue group in a non-violent manner.

As the consciousness of every being on the planet began to be affected by the shared collective consciousness, and through numerous perspectives through the alternative communications medium of the internet, the patterns of truth and lies started to emerge into greater awareness to reveal the deceptions and this group for what they were.
The awareness of these revealed hidden patterns of information exponentially accelerated a spiritual renaissance awakening across the entire collective consciousness of the planet that affected every conscious being. 

Once the veil had fallen, revealing this group’s actions and who they were, the truth became so powerful that deceptions everywhere became obvious and transparent to everyone. 

The consciousness this spawned put the deceivers in a panic, as they had no place to hide and they knew no person would give them shelter for what they have done. 

The people of earth understood that they had been deceived and had been pitted one against another based on their manipulated lies.  

As the human race became awake through the propagation of thought throughout the collective consciousness shared by all living beings and through the understanding of the science of consciousness, thus bringing them the awareness of the continual opportunity in the darkest of times to be able to transform the current agreed upon reality. This awareness gave us the truth of ourselves as being one with our creator. We chose to use our creative powers based on truth to expose the deception and transform the world for the good of all humanity.

So instead of their planned new world order, in which they entitled themselves to be the rulers of, instead the world did unite as one world, but to expose and put an end to the centuries of deception and their corrupt influences upon the people of earth, who universally vowed to never allow this to ever happen again to the people of this planet.

And so it began…

Think Globally by R Ayana All the secret classified files that hid this group’s operations as well as the extraterrestrial files were released, publicly substantiating their rogue activities and what they tried to keep secret from the world.

This global collective awakening affected everyone.  Even the Vatican released suppressed hidden information of our true spiritual nature in their archives, such as the knowledge of reincarnation and the omitted books of the bible.  Religious leaders around the world humbled themselves to the undeniable truth and the understanding of our spiritual nature that was revealed to the world, transforming their perception to see the core commonality of all religious faiths of the world and they were thankful to know the truth.  

All those who worked within this group’s secret projects began to come forward in mass numbers exposing their breakaway civilization with their secret space program, as well as all the hidden technologies. Now they no longer had anyone to enforce their secrecy and do their bidding.  Secret underground facilities and their operations became exposed for all to see. Those of the cabal and their agents who willingly stood down, were given amnesty. 

The technologies within these hidden projects then started to be carefully brought out to help clean up the damage done to this planet.   A world council of accountable, wise and compassionate leaders representing the world’s interests helped to oversee the great transition honoring all life on this planet and the planet itself as a living being.

The first transitional technologies were released which allowed the millions of gasoline and diesel vehicles to run exclusively on hydrogen from water with simple onboard conversions.  Vehicle production shifted from the inefficient and maintenance intensive internal combustion engine to all electric vehicles with onboard power generation that never needed to be plugged in.  

Eventually these also were replaced by anti-gravity vehicles with onboard power so that roads were no longer needed, and previously inaccessible areas on the planet were then able to be accessed and homesteaded to live without disturbing the natural beauty of the planet.

Air transportation was replaced with anti-gravity transport vehicles, recycling all obsolete and polluting jet engine aircraft.   Eventually public acceptance of teleportation facilities allowed this method of commuting available as well.

All nuclear power plants were immediately decommissioned and retrofitted with zero point energy power generation to substitute for the dangerous nuclear reactors. Previously classified technologies were used to neutralize all the nuclear waste created by these power plants. Technologies were also available to help clean up and neutralize the leaked radiation in our oceans and ground water. 

This initially allowed everyone still connected to the grid to receive clean power during the transition.  As energy units rapidly became available for every home and business, this allowed complete disconnection from the grid, leading to the complete removal of all ugly and solar flare susceptible power distribution lines strung across the planet to be recycled. As the chemtrailing ceased, the blue skies once again returned and now without the ugly power lines no longer in everyone's view.

These unlimited non-polluting and abundant energy devices also allowed for the desalinization of ocean water for irrigation of the world’s agriculture and the growing of healthy natural organic food crops to feed everyone abundantly on the planet, so no one ever went hungry again. All traces of the previously genetically modified crops were destroyed and advanced natural healthy methods of agriculture created a bounty of food production for everyone. These energy devices were also used to help in the clean up of the environment from the past abuse, with procedures which were previously considered too energy intensive to use.

Health care no longer operated as a profit based business, and the pharmaceutical industry was replaced by the new sciences which understood the energetic nature of physical reality of our bodies and the consciousness interface with matter.  These technologies treated the core origins rather than symptoms of disease, leading to a healthier society, physically and mentally.

An unbroken era of universal peace enabled the billions that were previously living in misery and poverty to enter a world of abundance, where the essential common basics of food, water and shelter at the least, became available to everyone.

The vast resources in the past spent on wars are now directed to improving life for all living beings and creatures on this planet. As we continually evolved as a species, we were a long ways yet from perfection, but the fact that humanity choose to do the right thing for the good of all, instigated a giant step in progress toward a more happier and harmonious world for all to share.
As society became more educated, prosperous and technologically advanced, women had taken an increasingly equal role in society, and it was found that the birth rates fell and the population stabilized, thus allowing every soul on the planet to live out their life without the concern of population issues.

Over time advanced genetics provided improved healthy earth bodies for souls incarnating onto the planet. Less weaknesses in human DNA provided healthier, less disease prone bodies that experience living a longer quality life on a planet which was transformed from the damages caused in the past to a beautiful paradise that the earth was always meant to be.

All weapons of mass destruction, including thermonuclear, chemical and biological were immediately disposed of.   Weapons with primitive bullet projectiles were phased out of existence and being that the human race is in the processes of becoming a fully peaceful civilization, these were replaced with more advanced non-lethal type disabling weapons, if such an occasion ever arose for their use.

As we evolved into a healthy cultural environment that did not promote violence, entertainment took on a refreshingly optimistic and more truly useful informative nature. The news media no longer being controlled by the past group's agenda to engineer consent of the masses, now gave honest important unmanipulated information. 

Money and the use of secrecy no longer could be used for control and corruption, as the lessons of the past were well learned to never allow this to ever happen again.

Science advanced exponentially in understanding our world and who we are. Education tapped the full potential of human resources and the powers of consciousness.  As the population's consciousness expanded, so did the development of our spiritual gifts, such as telepathy became common, therefore deception became more transparent and unacceptable.  People started to live by the golden rule in how they treated each other; no longer was it that, the one who has the gold shall be entitled to make the rules in disregard for others.

With the secrets disclosed and the corrupt elements removed and the world living a peaceful existence with all peoples of the world, this opened up an interaction with other peaceful off planet cultures.   This exchange further greatly advanced humanity, and allowed it also to travel among the stars, and we then became welcomed by other peaceful civilizations throughout the cosmos.

The children of the future reading and understanding the great challenges the human race faced in the past on this planet were filled with gratitude for the souls that helped usher in the world which they now live in.

Imagine that

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A “universal awakening of mass political consciousness.” has become “increasingly difficult to suppress” and control the “persistent and highly motivated populist resistance of politically awakened and historically resentful peoples”. The accessibility of “radio, television and the Internet” (clearly referring to the alternative media) is to blame for this “global political awakening”
- Zbigniew Brzezinski United States National Security Advisor and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller - brief excerpts from his 2012 speech in Poland

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
- Edmund Burke

"There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come."
- Victor Hugo

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  1. Why are we often coaxed into imagining, aliens and their world agendas? If they were active here on earth they would most likely expose the deceivers. Why wait? Really why wait to expose them? I hear about another school shooting and I automatically think of the deceivers and their objective to disarm everyone, a good idea but not when the deceivers end up holding all the guns whilst the civies become defenseless sheeple. This was an interesting article with some valid and imaginative points. I agree, in my imagination the deceivers and their objectives must be exposed in order for us to clearly see reality and all the obvious solutions that surround us.

    1. The simple answer is because the solar system is teeming with life of alll kinds around this pale blue dot. Local parochial concerns are comparatively laughable.
      Are you aware that in almost all of the rest of the 'developed' world (and elsewhere) hardly anyone has this imaginary need to protect themselves from their 'government'? That's because you live in a nation of warmongers ruled by warmongers for warmongers. Peace is in the hear and mind - it doesn't come from a weapon.
      So peace, brother ;)

  2. I won't wait to expose us. All of us are the deceivers. There you go, you've been exposed! Anyone who votes, uses money, hires an attorney, goes to war, joins the police or anti-intelligence agency, consumes the bs media info, believes in any divisive institution, etc. Is exposed as being a hypocritical deceiver of yourselves. Look in the mirror fools for their are facts and fictions about yourself which do you choose to accept about yourself?

  3. There really are no secrets, just look in the mirror for what is looking back at you reveals all.

  4. The Middle East seems to be the heart of major ongoing problems. The Yahweh god, all the secret societies, jealous guilds repressing information, originate from this master-race psychopathic god, and region on Earth.
    Even the Freemasons, whose top down hierarchical pyramid power scheme is based on rebellion of the nemesis of Yahweh, Lucifer.
    The god of love, Jesus is inexorably linked with the Yahweh god. So even if one is a follower of the love god, one will suffer cognitive dissonance.due to the Judeo part of Christianity. Zionist power is real. Zionists own the media, they control foreign policy, created and operate the Federal Reserve perpetual debt system. They handle the financial aspect of the Vatican. It is unpleasant and very painful to acknowledge these facts. What is happening to the Palestinians is in store for us, ie Russian Bolshevik revolution, and communist revolution in China, both killing machines taking out the most intelligent and gifted. And what was the identity of the original communists? Now it is about establishing global communism, aka global communism.. if enough of us don't face that painful awareness, we are doomed. It's that simple.Humans are not special as they choose to believe. It is possible for us to be extincted. A core religion based on a psychopathic god and master-race theology, with billions believing, even hoping for Armageddon,even on a sub-conscious level, due to cultural indoctrination, is a perfect example of the power of collective thought. I'm with Anonymous1, who is weary of alien talk, The alien agenda is simply a switch addiction from man-made religions. With the "benevolent" aliens to be our "savior". Stop feeding into the system, and stop denying Jewish power and the Zionist influence, due to fear of being called the AS word. Gilad Atzmon is a Jew who is revealing the psychology of tribal mentality within Zionism. I do love the encouragement of day-dreaming about what our world could look like and feel like, and in truth become. But we will not get closer to that goal, until we face the pain of truth. The flight from pain is what hinders us the most. The truth will set us free.

    1. Great points, and indeed factual. However, Zionists are not strictly Jewish, many in positions of mythical power call themselves Christians. It is undeniable that the Zionist leaders (rothschild's) are Jewish. Our collective willingness to socially accept their policies is the primary problem. They are the top owners and or controllers of the price system, a system that automatically leads everyone into perpetual conflict. The religion is money which we worship over all other Gods combined. Yes, profit over people and our acceptance of the financial-political theatre of the absurd is to blame. And anon, truths won't set us free because all truths are relative, but the facts of nature will.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. It's against the Jewish relgion for Jews to return to Isn'treal - until AFTER the Messiah returns. Zionists are't Jews. Neither are the Rothschilds; they converted to Catholicism via the Jesuits centuries ago!. The Vatican is behind Zionism, not vice versa, as it's the followers of Christinanity who want(ed) the Jews to return to Israel to rebuild the Temple of Solomon so that the King of the World can be crowned there - not the Jews.
      Daft, isn't it?
      There are a billion cathoholics and only 20 million red sea pedestrians and the Vatican owns almost everything that the Arab Oil Shieks and other monarchies don't! Do the math. The minorities are all scapegoats.

  5. Well it depends which Jews you're talking about, Illuminator. According to the orthodox point of view, yes they'll wait for their Messiah to return to Israel. The European reform Jews are another story, they want Armageddon NOW. Hey, I just thought of a new TV show. What do you think of the title, ARMAGEDDON NOW! I think God worshipping religions around the world don't matter a wit, religion is just a diversion. What matters is the religion of MONEY worship, land confiscation, controlling manmade laws, taxes, debt slavery, war for the land rights, mass disinformation campaigns, war for your minds and bodies etc.... Religion is just a side show and is often blamed for bloodshed around the world. I say BS, the price system is the main religion and the real reason most everyone is nuts, rebuttal?


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