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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Stolen Elections and the Death of Democracy: Destroy All Voting Machines!

Stolen Elections and the Death of Democracy
Destroy All Voting Machines!

diebold voting machine wikimedia

Statistician Finds Proof That Our Elections Are a Sham


by Joshua Krause

Many of us have suspected for years that American elections are a sham. Not only does it seem like nothing changes no matter how many times we vote the bums out, but sometimes the votes themselves don’t seem to add up. Especially now that we have electronic voting machines, which don’t provide a whole lot of accountability and are notoriously easy to hack.

Fortunately, you can still tell when the votes don’t make sense, even with electronic voting machines. In states like Kansas, where in some counties they use electronic voting machines that also record the votes on paper tapes, there seems to be some blatant inconsistencies with the voting results from the past few elections.

Beth Clarkson, chief statistician for Wichita State’s National Institute for Aviation Research, said last week that she noticed results for the last several elections in the state failed to add up. “If we’re not being counted accurately, we’re losing our right to vote without even being aware of it,” she said at an event commemorating the 95th anniversary of the 19th amendment, which granted women the right to vote.

Clarkson has sued the state of Kansas for the power to examine the voter tapes, which record every stroke a voter casts on the machines. In Sedgwick County, for example, that amounts to 385 feet of tape stored in 42 boxes. Clarkson is eager to examine the records, claiming she noticed abnormalities in the numbers.

I don’t understand why those patterns are there, the patterns are very definitely real. But we don’t know what’s causing them or why they’re there. They do fit what would be expected if election fraud is occurring, and that’s very concerning.”

This is not just an anomaly that occurred in one place,” Clarkson said in April. “It is a pattern that has occurred repeatedly in elections across the United States.” She says the pattern routinely favors traditional Republicans — even over Tea Party candidates..

Well isn’t that a big surprise? What’s also not surprising is how the authorities in Kansas are reacting to her claims. After Clarkson sued the state of Kansas to view the tapes, State Secretary Kris Kobach asked the judge to block her case. I guess there’s nothing to see here folks.

Nope. There’s nothing suspicious about a Republican official trying to prevent a statistician from investigating a case of voter fraud that if true, may have been committed by Republicans. It’s also not a hypocritical action for someone who was elected on a platform focused on preventing voter fraud, and who introduced legislation that would prevent illegal aliens from voting. I guess if voter fraud helps the Democrats you must change the rules, but if it helps Republicans you can just brush it under the rug.

The only question that remains is, are the Democrats doing the same thing in the states where they dominate the elections? It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they’re hacking the machines to suppress non-mainstream candidates from their own party. Either way, at least we have another phony election to look forward to next year. Once the results come in on November 8th, we’ll know exactly who the most corrupt politicians are.


Voting Machines Can Be Hacked With $26 and an 8th Grade Education


voting machine hack

Did you know that for just $26 and an 8th-grade education you can hack a voting machine? This has actually been common knowledge for years, since a study at the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois developed a hack to manipulate voting machines just before the 2012 elections.

The researchers who developed the hack were actually able to hijack a Diebold Accuvote TS electronic voting machine, one of the most popular voting systems at the time.

Two of the lead researchers in the study were able to demonstrate a number of different ways that voting machines could be hacked. They used a $1.29 microprocessor and a circuit board that costs about $8, along with a $15 remote control.

They demonstrated that the cheap hack worked from over a half-mile away.

“When the voter hits the ‘vote now’ button to register his votes, we can blank the screen and then go back and vote differently and the voter will be unaware that this has happened. Spend an extra four bucks and get a better lock, you don’t have to have state-of-the-art security, but you can do some things where it takes at least a little bit of skill to get in,” Johnson said.

As far as how easy the hack is, Johnson told Popsci that “I’ve been to high school science fairs where the kids had more sophisticated microprocessor projects.”

Watch the documentary Hacking Democracy for an in-depth look at the flawed voting machines the U.S. uses in the electoral process.

Even if your vote is actually counted (it probably isn’t), it still won’t matter who wins in the end, anyway—they are all going to carry out the exact same policies with just slightly different rhetoric behind them. It should be obvious by now that this system is not only inherently corrupt, but also failing miserably and in the midst of collapse.

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  1. Are you serious? We've never had a reality based democracy in modern times. NEVER. The abstract concept of democracy is simply used as a pacifier to make you believe that your easily repudiated OPINION matters. I'm sorry but your opinion matters NOT to the creative people who are holding the strings to your INSANE beliefs. What we have is a well orchestrated means of control (brainwashing tactics) used to manipulate your fragile and weak psychologies to adhere to a very limited belief system that supports the so called plutocrats in charge of your realities. Stop BELIEVING in their fairytales about who you are (SLAVES) and start marching to the beat of your own unique drummers, start observing the reality of free energy, and suddenly you'll break the bondage tricks of the world word democracy BS propaganda that is fed to you by Sir Walt Disney and company!

  2. I often day dream about the 2016 presidential elections.
    What if nobody showed up at the polls?
    If everybody abandoned TV programming? Stop reading slick magazines filled with utter BS?
    Stopped purchasing propagandized newspapers?
    The social engineers couldn't profit from a circus, without an audience of willing dupes.Each time I learn of the noble efforts of true lovers of democracy, such as Beth Clarkson, my faith is restored in the human ability to rise above corruption. Thanks.

    1. "Ability to rise above corruption" is the key, free your mind. I think one has to recognize that most all corruption is caused by our willingness to accept political-monetary processes (price system rules) which excludes the vast majority of the population on this planet. Talk about democracy all you wish, but it isn't happening anytime soon. The idea of democracy is bogus under any kind of price system dictatorship where the majority of the worlds population lives on less than 2 dollars per day. Under the rules of a price system there will always be a vast majority of losers and just a few winners who happen to own the entire political state corp. So democracy is just a fantasy that holds no water under this or any other privately owned money system that automatically excludes most everyone in the world as it creates illusionary DEBT slaves that the sheeple agree to become. Fantasyland is of course guaranteed through our faith in the money Gods but the reality of democracy doesn't exist and will never. Hey, I have an idea, how about letting go of all political and or monetary ideologies, as we simply utilize all that we know about free energy technologies and resources for everyones great benefit. Do I repeat myself? Well, of course I do, because a viable world technate is the only damn thing that makes any sense. Allow engineers and technical experts to fix our reality based problems without any interference from any kind of ignorant political fool. Sounds reasonable to me. Keep your beliefs and opinions, just don't allow them to interfere with technical matters involved with creating REALITY BASED SOLUTIONS to our most complex problems. If you want war, pollution, waste, corruption, and on and on, continue to vote for politicos-and monetary types. If you want solutions simply ignore them ALL.

  3. Yes, Free your mind! What if an election were held and no one showed up to vote, what if we lost faith in the mythical money supply and it no longer held any value. Now your starting to really think, thanks!

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