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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Water and Fire: Saving Little Wonder 2

Water and Fire
Saving Little Wonder 2


Occupy the Forests!

How can we save the world we know and love? How can we save ourselves by saving our planetary ecosystem? How can we stem the tide of destruction and rechannel our global civilisation into a sustainable timeline?

By standing up for what you believe in. By actively protecting your local environment and by helping others to do the same for the places they cherish.

This is the true story of Saving Little Wonder, a rare, surviving remnant of a once vast rainforest that carpeted virtually all of Eastern Australia. Most of this ‘Big Scrub’  was utterly destroyed in only eighty years – before the advent of chainsaws and bulldozers which now ravage and savage the remaining fragments of Paradise.

See local farmers, new settlers, activists, environmental scientists, dreadlocked ferals and rural hippies band together to help the indigenous Gumbaynggirr Tribe save and reclaim the forested heartland stolen from them by European colonisers.

See what it takes to successfully save your world.

Think globally, and act NOW.

Warning: Strong language, challenging concepts, nudity.
 Everyone in these productions will have passed on one day - and some already have, including indigenous people.


See Part 1 – Feral Tribes (1:59:58)

See Stolen Land, Stolen Lives

See  Saving Little Wonder (Roughcut)

Coming Soon - Part 3
Forest Action

A document by R. Ayana

Now they want to cable log (totally level) many of these forests!!! To keep up the actions and videos I've started a fundraising campaign, too - https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sa... - this film alone has cost in excess of $10,000 (and a criminal record) so far...

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