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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Remotely Probable: Postmodern ESP

Remotely Probable: Postmodern ESP


Secretly Spying on the Moon

The late Ingo Swann was considered to be one of the U.S. Government’s leading Remote-Viewers, those near-unique individuals whose psychic powers and extra-sensory perception (ESP) were harnessed, from the 1970s onwards, to spy on the former Soviet Union. Swann proved to be a highly-skilled remote-viewer, one whose talents were employed on a number of espionage-themed operations focusing on overseas targets that might have proven hostile to the United States.

As a result, Swann came into contact with a variety of shadowy figures within the realm of government secrecy, and the world of intelligence-gathering, including a truly Machiavellian character known, very mysteriously, only by the name of Mr. Axelrod.

It was in February 1975 that Swann was contacted out of the blue by what he personally described as a certain highly-placed figure in Washington, D.C., who guardedly advised Swann that he, Swann, would soon be receiving a telephone call from the aforementioned Mr. Axelrod.

Swann’s source quietly advised him that while he could not offer much at that time by way of a meaningful explanation, Swann should be keenly aware that the call would concern a matter of great urgency and importance. A somewhat concerned Swann waited … and waited… and waited.

Finally, around four weeks later, a call arrived, and Swann was asked to make a cloak-and-dagger rendezvous, only mere hours later, at the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian.


Despite the somewhat fraught, last-minute nature of the conversation, Swann unhesitatingly agreed, and quickly – albeit with a degree of concern and trepidation – made his careful way to the meeting-place, where he was greeted by a man who Swann said looked like a Marine.

Although basic formalities were exchanged, Swann was hardly clear on what was afoot: he was driven by car to a second location, where nothing less than a helicopter was waiting to take him to a destination unknown. Such was the security and secrecy surrounding the journey Swann was blindfolded for the approximately thirty-minute flight. In other words, the experience was rapidly becoming one of near-007-like proportions.

On landing, Swann was taken to an elevator that descended for a significant period of time – perhaps into the bowels of some secret, underground installation, Swann thought, and probably with a high degree of logical justification. With the blindfold finally removed, Swann gathered his bearings, and was then introduced to the enigmatic Mr. Axelrod, who admitted this was not his real name, but suggested to Swann it was an identity that served the particular purposes of the meeting.

Axelrod wasted no time and got straight to the point, asking Swann a great deal of questions about the nature of remote-viewing. Axelrod also made it clear that he wished to make use of Swann’s skills – on what was clearly a secret operation – for a significant sum of money. It truly was one of those offers that one cannot refuse. And Swann, most assuredly, did not refuse it.

Axelrod asked Swann, pointedly, what he knew about our Moon. Now, finally, the purpose of the strange meeting was becoming much clearer. Someone within officialdom was secretly looking to have the Moon remote-viewed – which is precisely what Swann went ahead and did.

By Swann’s own admission, he was utterly floored by what he found: during an initial targeting, his mind focused in on sensational imagery of what looked to be a huge tower, similar in size to the Secretariat Building at the United Nations, but one that soared upwards from the Moon’s surface. This was no human-made structure, Swann was told: it was the work of nothing less than mysterious extraterrestrials.

In follow-up remote-viewing sessions, Swann was able to perceive on the surface of the Moon a wealth of domed structures, advanced machinery, additional tall towers, large cross-like structures, curious tubular constructions across the landscape, and even evidence of what looked like extensive mining operations. Someone, or something, had secretly constructed nothing less than a Moon-base.


Intriguingly, Swann was also able to focus his mind on what appeared to be a group of people – that appeared very human – housed in some sort of enclosure on the Moon, that were busily burrowing into the side of a cliff. The only oddity: they were all utterly naked.

Rather ominously, and very quickly, at that point Axelrod terminated the experiment, amid dark and disturbing allusions to the possibility that the Moon-based entities were possibly acutely aware they were being spied upon via the means of astral-travel. It was even implied that Swann’s very actions might now place him in grave danger, if the beings decided to turn the tables and pay him a visit of a deadly, cosmic kind – which, very fortunately for Swann, they did not.

Notably, Axelrod also inquired of Swann if he knew of a man named George Leonard. Swann replied that, no, he was not familiar with the name. It transpired that during that very same time frame that the shadowy Axelrod was employing Swann to seek out the mysteries of the Moon, Leonard, an author, was hard at work, toiling on a manuscript titled Somebody Else is on the Moon.

In 1977, Leonard’s manuscript appeared in book form, and, to a significant degree, focused its attention upon the very matter about which Axelrod was so deeply troubled: namely, unusual, intelligently-designed structures, or installations, on the Moon.

The odd, near-Deep Throat-like meetings between Swann and Axelrod – on the nature of what was afoot on the Moon – continued until 1977, after which time they came to an abrupt end, with Swann, unsurprisingly, left scratching his head about the distinctly odd sequence of events.

Had Swann really psychically accessed a fantastically-advanced base on the Moon that had been constructed by space-faring extraterrestrials? Or, does the fact that Swann recalled those working on the facility looked like everyday members of the Human Race – albeit naked ones! – mean that this was a secret installation of very terrestrial origins, one that Axelrod was trying to learn more about, due to being left out of a particular, highly classified governmental loop?

The answers are as unknown today as they were to Ingo Swann all those years ago.  If Mr. Axelrod is still alive and reading this, maybe he can fill in some (or all) of the blanks…

Ingo Swann: The Man Who Started Remote Viewing

Stanford Scientists Observe Man Travel Out of His Body and Into Space – What He Saw Was Remarkable



NASA’s Pioneer 10 spacecraft was launched into space in 1972. It was the the very first spacecraft to fly directly through the asteroid belt and make observations of the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter. It was also able to obtain close up images of the planet, something that scientists had never had access to before. (1)

Prior to the flyby of Jupiter by Pioneer 10, the CIA and NSA in conjunction with Stanford University were involved in what was called “Remote Viewing.”  Remote viewing can be defined in multiple ways. It’s the ability of individuals to describe a remote geographical location up to several hundred thousand kilometers away (sometimes even more) from their physical location.(2)(3)(4)

A gentlemen by the name of Ingo Swann was able to successfully describe and view a ring around Jupiter, a ring that scientists had no idea existed. This took place precisely before the first ever flyby of Jupiter by NASA’s Pioneer 10 spacecraft, which confirmed that the ring did actually exist. These results were published in advance of the rings’ discovery. (2)

The successful viewing of the ring by Ingo came after scientists observed him identify physical objects in hidden envelopes that were placed a few hundred kilometers away.

“Successful replication of this type of remote viewing in independent laboratories has yielded considerable scientific evidence for the reality of the [remote viewing] phenomenon. Adding to the strength of these results was the discovery that a growing number of individuals could be found to demonstrate high-quality remote viewing, often to their own surprise. The CIA even participated as remote viewers themselves in order to critique the protocols. CIA personnel generated successful target descriptions of sufficiently high quality to permit blind matching of descriptions to targets by independent judges.”(2) -Harold Puthoff, PhD, Stanford University

“To determine whether it was necessary to have a “beacon” individual at the target site, Swann suggested carrying out an experiment to remote view the planet Jupiter before the upcoming NASA Pioneer 10 flyby. In that case, much to his chagrin (and ours) he found a ring around Jupiter, and wondered if perhaps he had remote viewed Saturn by mistake. Our colleagues in astronomy were quite unimpressed as well, until the flyby revealed that an unanticipated ring did in fact exist.” (2) – Harold Puthoff, PhD, Stanford University

It’s remarkable to think about these extended human capacities, and what we are capable of. At the same time it’s sobering to think about how all of this information isn’t emphasized, and always kept classified and hidden from the human race. It makes you wonder what other information out there remains classified that we don’t know about yet, and what other truths the remote viewing program has uncovered.


The Above Information Was Documented. Here’s What Wasn’t.


Here is a quote from Ingo’s book Penetration, where he goes into detail about phenomenon that was not documented in the literature cited throughout this article.

“It’s one thing to read about UFOs and stuff in the papers or in books. It is another to hear rumors about the military or government having an interest in such matters, rumors which say they have captured extraterrestrials and downed alien space craft. But it’s quite another matter to find oneself in a situation which confirms everything. I found towers, machinery, lights buildings, humanoids busy at work on something I couldn’t figure out (on the back side of the moon)”

The information now available in the public domain regarding the government experiments with remote viewing were declassified in 1995, but who knows how much of the program’s information remains classified. Ingo had expressed that the program was shut down because it was one of the biggest threats to government secrecy.

It’s quite remarkable that this information was kept secret for over 20 years. Prior to 1995, the public had absolutely no idea that this type of thing was going on, it was a special access program, part of the black budget, which still today deals with projects and information the human race knows nothing about. You can read read more about the black budget HERE.

 “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” – Nikola Tesla

Science has indeed studied non-physical phenomenon, for a very long time. Unfortunately, much of this science has been locked up within the classified world, and the remote viewing program (one of many) is a great example of that.


(1) http://www.nasa.gov/centers/ames/missions/archive/pioneer10-11.html
(2) http://www.scientificexploration.org/journal/jse_10_1_puthoff.pdf
(3) http://www.lfr.org/lfr/csl/library/AirReport.pdf (4) http://www.princeton.edu/~pear/pdfs/1979-precognitive-remote-viewing-stanford.pdf

From Collective Evolution @ http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/08/09/scientists-observe-man-travel-out-of-his-body-and-into-space-what-he-saw-was-remarkable/ 

The Long-Distance Factor

by Ingo Swann

Because the long-distance factor was soon to figure very prominently in the actual history of remote viewing, it is worthwhile to begin some admittedly difficult discussions of it at this point.

One of the principle reasons for doing so is that it always was (and still is) the LEAST examined and discussed aspect of all the other phenomena involved.

This is to say that the long-distance factor is taken for granted as an important element. It is therefore never inspected or really wondered about, and is thus lost or suspended in mental vacuums devoid of frames of reference that are appropriate to the whole of the remote-viewing phenomena.

The central problem involved is that distance is always measured via some kind of physical dimensionalism, or at least can be expected to be measured within standard frames of reference having to do with standard physical dimensions.

In other words, in the physical sense, there is point A and point B, with C indicating the separation between them. The separation equates to the near- or far-distance between, and which is usually interpreted via the clock time it takes to traverse the distance.

The foregoing constitute perfectly good and workable frames of reference for physicality. And so if one does not know that other frames of reference regarding "distance" do exist, then one will probably non-consciously superimpose the physical frames over those other unknown ones.

And to the degree that this unknowing superimposition does take place, then "cognitive dimensions" will accordingly DECREASE, not only with regard to the processes of remote viewing, but to other formats of PSI, including those of telepathy and clairvoyance.

It is going to take several discussions to bring the foregoing into a focus that can be grasped with relative ease.

But one simple way to begin acquiring this focus is to assert that the parameters of mental "distance" per se are NOT modeled in accord with physical distance parameters. Many already understand this in general, of course, but it is none the less difficult to describe and articulate.

There is an old motto that applies here. If the only tool one has is a hammer, then one will tend to treat everything like a nail.

Thus, if one only has physical frames of reference regarding distance, then one will tend to think about all things as physically separate and having a near or distant "place."

Although the importance of frames of reference tends to be minimized in what might be thought of as general or average Western thinking, it IS somewhat understood that there ARE different ways of considering things, each of which yield different "realities."

Even so, it is always somewhat of an uncomfortable, mind-bending shock to discover this in some factual way, and so people tend to avoid undergoing the shock in the first place.

One plausible reason for this is that certainty is much preferable to uncertainty, and so if something seems to instigate uncertainty, then resistance to and avoidance of it is rather predictable -- ON AVERAGE.

Another plausible reason has to do with the scope of one’s awareness parameters, which is to say, the scope of what one is accustomed to being aware of.

Relative to this, it can easily be shown that everyone is born into certain socio-cultural-environment factors.

These not only contain basic frames of reference that both characterize and are useful within the confines of those factors, but also establish limits of what one should become aware of.

Individuals imprint on those factors, and at some point, usually at puberty, the imprintings undergo what is called "maturation lock down," a process that also locks out other frames of reference and awareness parameters.

One of the subtle problems involved, however, is that awareness parameters are usually formatted along the lines of some lowest common denominators that are most sharable within the majority.

After that, any experienced awareness that is not consistent with the common denominators is considered to be unusual or worse, because it tends to "threaten" the presumed certainty of the common denominators.

It is thus that most do not like to consider the possible validity of awareness parameters that are either different or larger than their own.


It can be said that forms of PSI, including, for example, remote viewing and telepathy, experientially involve parameters of awareness that are not consistent with those that are appropriate to and efficient within the realms of physicality.

During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of the modern West, those realms were culturally grouped together within the frames of reference governing philosophical and scientific materialism.

Philosophical materialism, even if sounding elegant, was always something of a mentalistic quagmire.

Even so, scientific materialism became very apt and successful with regard to examining physicality, both directly in substance and indirectly via mathematics.

What is not generally discussed about the modern scientific process, however, is that it exclusively defined and increased sharable parameters of awareness regarding physicality.

It is important to become aware of this success, because before the advent (circa 1845) of the modern physical sciences and their methods, awareness parameters of physicality were always somewhat ambiguous and ill-defined within most cultural set-ups.

If, however, one confines "reality" to physicality, and/or also confines the total scope of awareness to it, then problems with regard to the scope of awareness emerge.

The reason is that the human species clearly possesses elevations, ranges, or spectrums of awareness that, so to speak, are additional or external to those kinds of awareness that are specifically appropriate within the limits of physicality.

Indeed, the exact context of the paragraph above was tacitly established within science itself with regard to defining (as of 1967) the term PSYCHIC as: "Lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge."

Even though this scientific definition is found in dictionaries, most don’t realize that it exists as such. And so many, including some scientists themselves, do not realize that this scientifically-endorsed definition tacitly establishes that something DOES lie outside of the sphere of the physical science and their specialized kinds of knowledge.

The further direct implications are that whatever does lie outside require other kinds of awareness besides those commensurate with physicality, and also require different frames of reference with regard to same.


Distance, or even long-distance, is, of course, a physical construct that that establishes physical parameters between or among things that are physically separate. Thus, awareness of distance is a physical attribute that is efficient within physicality.

But THAT particular format of awareness is NOT efficient within, for example, "Thoughts Through Space," largely because THOUGHTS themselves, and awareness of them, vigorously elude definitive incorporation into the contexts of physicality.

And if this is not enough to shock, it simply has to be said that SPACE itself is only demarcated by physically measurable distance between TWO or more physical things. But much beyond that, science has not yet achieved any appreciable understanding regarding the nature of space itself, this a continuing situation that has confounded, for example, astrophysicists for some time.

What IS known, however, is that if suitably physically equipped to do so, one can physically go THROUGH space.

That one can also go mentally through it was established by the Wilkins/Sherman experiments. And those experiments clearly established that the parameters of physical and mental awareness are different, and as such absolutely require different frames of reference.


In any event, Wilkins and Sherman could have entitled their book as TELEPATHY ACROSS DISTANCE. Doing so would have made their book more "accessible" and "politically correct" within the trusted, common denominator frames of reference regarding physicality and average awareness of it.

THAT title would have least kept the physical realms somewhat comfortably in view, in that DISTANCE, distance intervening between physical things, is a trusted and expected aspect of physicality, and which is amenable to quantitative analysis via statistical theorizing and extrapolating.

Well, this is enough about the long-distance factor for now, and, to be sure, this topic will be re-introduced several times in chapters ahead.

But an important distinction has been made, and perhaps the perceptive reader will already have realized what it is. If not, don’t worry, because it will later be made abundantly more clear herein.


Meanwhile, it will be helpful to discuss certain aspects of the Wilkins/Sherman experiments.

During their 1937-38 experiments, when Sherman was physically in New York and Wilkins was physically somewhere in the Arctic, there was an average long-distance of about 3,000 physical miles between them.

Furthermore, although Wilkins had begun his trek by having something of an operating schedule to be at this or that place by a given time, the schedule was often defeated by unanticipated equipment failure, inclement weather, other kinds of delays and upsets, and so forth.

How, then, was Sherman to "know" or "locate" WHERE Wilkins was physically at in any given long-distance aspect?

According to the pre-arranged experiment plan, Sherman was to "tune in" on Wilkins at specified days and times for nearly six months, with the physical distance between them averaging about 3,000 miles.

Wilkins was to note in his log where he was at and what he was doing or experiencing at those pre-arranged clock-time windows.Since his schedule fell to pieces even before he took off for the Arctic, Sherman clearly could not tune in to a physical place.

Therefore, physical frames of reference depending on physical distance and place measured by clock-time miles or meters were useless with regard to locating where Wilkins was at the times of the pre-arranged "windows."

The principal question thus emerges: what DID Sherman tune in to?

Even if Sherman had known where Wilkins was physically, such would not have contributed to some of his impressions as follow:

December 20, 1937:

Regarding Wilkins, SHERMAN in New York has the impression that "You have some rare wine offered yourself and crew tonight.

WILKINS in the Arctic records: "Blueberry wine -- not bad!"

December 21, 1937:

SHERMAN: "You have another project looming -- to follow immediately after this work [is] completed for Russian government. Think it [will be] in association [with] Lincoln Ellsworth, and that further communications will be exchanged about it."

WILKINS records: "Message from Ellsworth about his expedition to the South [i.e., the Antarctic] next season."

January 24, 1938:

SHERMAN: "You are out somewhere -- I see smoke curling up from fire -- three tents appear to be nearby."

WILKINS: "Wood stove in radio tent, always smoking or steaming in low temperature. Two tents."

January 27, 1938:

SHERMAN: "Strange as it seems to record, you appear to be dancing tonight -- or listening to dance music by radio."

WILKINS: "Played victrola. Some tango records tonight, first time since arrival in North. Also trying to learn Russian by linguaphone, but alone as usual."

During same "viewing," SHERMAN also noted: "A dog seems to have been injured in Aklavik and had to be shot -- was injury sustained in flight with others -- or something falling on it? Quite a strong feeling here."

WILKINS: "Out walking -- came upon a dog dead on ice -- it has been shot through the head -- thought about it strongly for some time, wondered reason for killing."

February 15, 1938:

SHERMAN: "Large box-like, crated affair seems to contain motor you have bought to replace damaged engine."

WILKINS:"Engine in large square box."

Remote Viewing The Real Story


OLGA SPIEGEL—"Ancient Future"
Oil on canvas, 72: x 60", 2000.

“If the painter wishes to see enchanting beauties, he has the power to produce them.
If he wishes to see monstrosities, whether terrifying, or ludicrous and laughable,
or pitiful, he has the power and authority to create them. . .
Indeed, whatever exists in the universe, whether in essence, in act, or in the imagination,
the painter has first in his mind and then in his hands."


R E M O T E * V I E W I N G


The Discoveries
The Political and Technical History
The Rise and the Fall
The Saga and the Soap Opera
The Strange Circumstances



Ingo Swann
(c) Copyright, Ingo Swann, 1996

All rights reserved under International and
Pan-American Copyright Conventions.
Presented in Serialized form in the United States
in the Internet and World Wide Web by
the American Prophecy Project.

The American Prophecy Project
Swann, Ingo

ISSN 1050-0537

--+-- NOTICE --+--

Remote Viewing -- The Real Story is a book being placed in the Internet and WWW in serialized form, with continuing segments appearing at unscheduled intervals because of the time necessary to complete each segment.

The book is appearing in this fashion because the top five publishers in these United States rejected it on the grounds that the public interest in the real story of remote viewing is minimal and the story is of no real mainstream interest.

The author has nonetheless determined that a record of the story should be available for open-and-free-access historical purposes and for those who might chance to have interest.

For purposes of accuracy, the book is very carefully based on documents existing in the author's voluminous, chronological archives as well as some in the possession of other sources and resources. All documents substantively depended upon are noted in the text. A complete bibliography of additional sources and other supportive materials will be appended later on.

In those instances where guideline documentation is not available, or never existed, I have confirmed my recall by consulting with one or more direct witnesses of those instances. This follows accepted journalistic procedures which are both traditional and proper.

However, the book, as it must be, is cast in the form of an autobiographical memoir and therefore contains many memories, opinions, deductions and estimations of the author -- and who therefore leans on the freedoms of speech, belief and opinion guaranteed by founding documents generally and equally applicable throughout the United States.


Front Matter

Part One: Beginnings
1919 -- 1971

* * * *

Silence of the heart, practiced with wisdom,
will see a lofty depth;
And the ear of the silent mind will hear untold wonders.

-- Hesychius of Jerusalem

* * * *

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