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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Carrying Too Much Excess Baggage?

Carrying Too Much Excess Baggage?
Try the TWD weight loss plan!


Having trouble losing weight? Suddenly it’s April and all those extra pounds that you've put on during the holidays just won't come off no matter how much TV you watch. You've tried endlessly to shed that last 20 lbs, but to no avail.

Well stop crying over spilt milk and try our all natural, ecologically sound and clinically proven weight loss product that guarantees you'll look like that emaciated runway model you've always wanted to be and "Cosmo says you should" in less than 3 weeks. Put that fat to work for you!

How? Introducing TWD. Are you also a meat lover? Never mind (You never see an overweight vegetarian, do you?) Now you can feel good about slaughtering innocent lambs, calves, piglets and birds and still lose that ugly unwanted weight you have. Just pop one, two – anything up to fourteen of our TWD pills a day - and in two to three weeks you'll start to get the desired slenderness. You’ll have a trim belly, slim thighs and virtually no buttocks, just like you've always dreamed of having.

We guarantee our product 100% or your money back in full. All natural ingredients in our "TWD" ALL this for the low low price of 3 easy payments of just $249.99


Side effects may include: Dry mouth, dry eyes, blurred vision, seeing spots, brain fog, internal bleeding, itchy skin, haemorrhoids, vomiting, split ends, ingrown toenails, black nails, dropsy, constipation, ringing in ears, black tongue, migraine headaches, chills, numbness, drooling, wheezing, blood clots, blisters, fever, warts, acne, elevated cancer cells, yeast infections, phantom limb syndrome, hair loss, amnesia, red nose, loss of bladder control, muscle pains, anorexia, bulimia, fainting spells, dizziness, loss of concentration, slurred speech, nightmares, bloating, gas, sleep paralysis, hot flashes, bruising, hypochondria, night sweats, paranoia, water retention, cysts, tumours and thoughts of suicide.

Order now at 1-800- eat- worm ! That’s 1-800-218-9745! Repeat - 1-800-218-9745! Once again - 1-800-218-9745! DON'T FORGET - 1-800-218-9745 That’s 1-800-218-9745! And if you call right now we'll throw in a 5% off your total bill coupon you can redeem at your favourite Fast Food franchise! Call 1-800-218-9745! CALL CALL CALL for the the dream weigh loss product.

30 pills per bottle. Ask your Doctor is "TWD" is right for you.

Order TWD right now!

Ingredients: Each pill contains one large tapeworm egg from a dead bovine (or human host – see below), bovine intestine, and chalk. Each pill is guaranteed to include at least one freeze-dried tapeworm egg.

We’re Fools for Stools!

Ask about our guaranteed buyback policy! After gestation we will happily purchase a fresh generation of eggs from each of our customers. We pay attractive rates for well-populated stools!


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