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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Real Telekinesis: You Have to Try This!

Real Telekinesis: You Have to Try This!




Telekinesis has been interesting to me since I was a little kid watching Star Wars.  Those Jedis could move objects with their mind and I began a long quest studying ESP, psychic abilities, the paranormal and of course Telekinesis.

What is Telekinesis?

Telekinesis is defined as the ability to move objects at a distance by mental power or other nonphysical means. This is everything from levitating objects to the classic bending of spoons.  But how does one go about learning something like this?  With a world full of doubt how do we even know it is real let alone something we can actually do?

How do I even believe something like this is possible?

Art Credit to pikagirl65neo By A Teller DeviantART
Art Credit to pikagirl65neo By A Teller DeviantART

First of all remember that we live in an infinite and unlimited universe.  There is so much more going on than we could possibly understand with our current level of awareness.  Boxing yourself in, in your own mind will only limit your potential for growth and a greater understanding of the world.

Second point is that there is so much motion and energy constantly moving around us even though the world appears to be holding still.  Perhaps telekinesis is merely manipulating the existing energy to make subtle changes in the world around us.  Imagine how fast the earth moves around the sun and then again how fast the sun is moving through the universe.  We are constantly in motion!

The Show Me Age

We live in a world where we want to see something in action.  Don’t just tell me an interesting story show me it happening!  So I decided to learn some of the basics so I could show you that not only is it possible but you can learn it too!

Want to see more?  Check out this youtube channel with many more examples!

Jun 24 2013 001
So After about 5 hours of meditation there was a breakthrough! Each time I have gotten it to work after the breakthrough it has typically been 30 min of meditation or less. I believe that is because the first time was about overcoming doubt and knowing that it was indeed possible.

There were no sources of wind or current of air in the room, for the hour I was spinning the psi wheel before I began filming I was also covering my own mouth with the other hand just to be sure.  When do you blow on a psi wheel it will actually wobble back and forth.  It is not a pinwheel and is not designed to spin when it comes in contact with wind.

I also want to state that this is not the only time it worked.  I have found results at different locations and distances from the psi wheel.  Even up 5 feet away the object spun could be stopped and have the direction changed.  I have had it located on multiple surfaces including tables and the floor too.  This video just shows one time it was sitting on my laptop.

Making a psi wheel is simple.  You can use paper or tin foil for the top, any pointed object such as a toothpick and some sort of base like a cork or eraser to hold it up.

Some Prepping Techniques to find Success

1. Meditate – Calm your mind, do some deep breathing and get into a super focused and peaceful state of mind.  Being attached to specific results will hold you back when it comes to many different energy practices.

youneverknow72. Believe- This world is full of doubt.  Doubt and fear are low vibrations that will not only make Telekinesis super difficult but also make you frustrated and likely to give up before you have a breakthrough.  Know that this is real and you can make it a part of your experience in this reality too.  Focus on seeing success.

3. Visualize/SubconsciousWhen you are getting ready to begin your practice with a psi wheel or other telekinesis technique remember that your subconscious is a powerful tool.  Close your eyes and visualize the Psi Wheel spinning.  See it spinning faster and faster in your mind.  Then release that thought into your subconscious and just relax and watch what happens.  It may take some time but trust that it will work.

reiki14. Energy balls/Psi Ball/Chi- Practice visualizing a ball of energy between your hands.  Send energy to it from the earth, the sun, and your chakras.  Once you have built up a good amount of energy try using that to spin the wheel.   QiGong and other energy practices will also enhance your ability to flow with and move energy.

5. Be Positive/The power of Love Energy- Be optimistic that you will get results and then that you will get consistent results.  There is a powerful technique that has been the biggest part of my success that involves blissful love energy.  It doesn’t make much sense to my logical mind but what seems to work best is getting into a high energy blissful state, completely full of love energy and then I visualize that energy going from my heart chakra to the psi wheel.  Honestly that has been when it spun the fastest and was the easiest to control.  If you have more information on this and how it works please let me know in the comments!

Writing-For-The-Web-Follow-These-Top-10-Tips6. Track your results in a journal & be persistentKeep track of your results in a daily journal.  Record what you did to prep, how you were feeling, how you meditated and what results you found.  Remember that mood and sometimes even diet will also play a role in your ability to get consistent results so record everything you can think of.  We would love to hear about your results and share your videos of success!

I am still learning and would love to learn more about real telekinesis.  I know the power of numbers and would love to work alongside you in learning telekinesis and compare notes!  Let us know of your success and ideas about telekinesis in the comments below!  Perhaps someday soon we can make an entire training program!

UPDATE: After reading this article one of you decided to try out telekinesis and after many hours found success!  I am so impressed with your dedication Morgan and thank you for making this video to inspire others!  You guys have got to check this out because not only does it show telekinesis in action but she also finds success without her hand needing to be near the psi wheel on a number of occasions.  Check this out!

Thank you for reading,


Team Spirit

Still doubting?  Want to see more evidence?  Check out some of the awesome videos over at the Chakra Energy Institute like the one below!


Telekinesis 2: Expert Tips



Article Written by Lee Ireland

After our first article on telekinesis we got a bunch of questions from people wanting to know more.  We got in touch with some experts at the Chakra Energy Institute who wrote us an awesome guide for anyone who wants to learn more about real Telekinesis!

What is telekinesis?

Chakra Energy Institute
Chakra Energy Institute

Telekinesis is the ability to manipulate movements within objects without physical touch.  Telekinesis is not caused by any forms of energy related to heat, acoustic vibrations, static, air flow or magnetism of the common type.  However, many individuals and schools have been able to repeat positive tests within a controlled environment hence how we know the above are not linked with the phenomenon of telekinesis.

Can anyone learn telekinesis?

YES anyone who wishes to dedicate their time to learn Telekinesis can find success.  Telekinesis can easily be learned with the correct training provided.  Although it takes practice, dedication, and the ability to direct energy both internally and externally.

So how do I learn telekinesis?

imagesFirst you need to learn how to gain the sensitivity to feel and direct energy both internally and externally.  You must allow the energy centers to be cleaned of toxins and blockages so that the energy within the body flows more effectively, to do this you will need to learn a form of high level meditation.  Not all meditations have the same goal so you will need to use the right one to see the results you are looking for.

You need to learn high energy level meditations because when using telekinesis you begin to break into the reserve energy within the body.  Just like when running, you slowly start to burn away the calories that have been reserved within the body, the same thing happens when you use the energy reserved within the body for energy practices.

After achieving a high state of energy and the ability to feel, gather, store and direct energy; you can then begin to learn telekinesis.

Choose the object you want to learn to move, I suggest using the spiral. (the cut out for the spiral provided by the chakra energy institute is shown below) The spiral is a simple object to learn telekinesis with and it requires very little sensitivity, energy and concentration to be able to move it.

In or out of glass?

When practicing and learning telekinesis it is best to always place the object inside of an air tight glass container.   When performing out of glass, unless using larger heavier objects, you’re always going to be thinking of ways to prevent outside energies from moving the object and not focusing on moving the object yourself.  Worrying about outside forces such as static, airflow and heat remove your focused awareness from the object and actually make it harder to move.

mqdefaultOnline there are videos where you see that many people are performing out of glass and are covering their faces to show that they are not breathing or blowing on the objects.  By doing this they are placing awareness away from the object, and also lowering air intake which takes away from the  energy that is required to perform telekinesis.

Now if you are able to perform telekinesis with the object being placed within the glass you can be sure that as long as the glass is air tight that no matter how heavy you breathe it will not affect the object.  It will be easier to focus all of your awareness on the object that you are trying to move.

How long should I practice for?

With any form of energy work there are many factors to consider, however, the rule of the thumb is when working with telekinesis you work until you begin to either lose interest or you become tired from what you are doing.  If you experience headaches it’s a sign to stop due to either having low energy or you have generally been concentrating for far too long causing the headaches.

Should I practice every day?

AvatarTheLastAirbenderWallpaper800When learning telekinesis it is ideal to practice for 1 day and then recover for the next.  Treat telekinesis as a type of physical sport, by doing that you understand that no good will come from pushing yourself every day as in the end you will just end up making yourself become fatigued.

When doing things such as weight training we are placing stress onto our bones and muscles and when using things such as telekinesis we are placing stress on our energy field so it makes sense to have recovery days.

Patience is key!

Learning anything new takes time, practice, and dedication.  Some days you will spend 2 hours focusing your energy and be unable to make any physical motion.  However, near all telekinesis progress comes from having no movements at all!  Most people spend a few minutes each day for a few days and when nothing happens they either say it is fake or telekinesis is impossible!  Remember that it typically takes at least 2 weeks to even get a small amount of movement so keep trying! It will eventually work and when it does you will thank yourself for being patient as all your hard work starts to pay off.

How to use the spiral.

1.      Print the spiral cut out onto a piece of paper and cut it out.
2.      Get a piece of string as thin as or thinner than a strand of human hair
3.      Tape the string onto the black dot located on the spiral.
4.      With the other end of the string tape it into the glass
5.      Place the glass onto a solid, flat non static material table and allow the object to set into a stationary position before working with it.

The Spiral cut out.


How to do basic telekinesis using the spiral:

This technique is extremely basic however it is enough to allow you to create movements within a short time provided by the chakra energy institute.

1.   Begin to regulate your breathing for a moment until you become relaxed.

2.   Place all of your awareness onto the object by meditating whilst looking at the object.  Connect vibrationally with the object and sense what it feels like energetically from the inside.

3.  Begin to feel the energy moving within your mind and body.   You can move your hands or body to help feel this mental motion of energy.

4.   Influence the movement of the object in the direction of your energy from the inside.

5.  Be patient and have fun!

Remember telekinesis takes practice, time, dedication and an understanding of both internal and external energy so don’t expect any movements to happen for at least 2 weeks.

Until then why not check out the videos provided by the chakra energy institute!

Telekinesis no hands working with the Spiral

Telekinesis working with the spiral using thick string

Telekinesis working with the psi wheel at a distance

Telekinesis working with the psi wheel using hands, no hands and body movements

Telekinesis working with a large glass vase

Let us know in the comments below what you think!

Special thanks to the experts at the Chakra Energy Institute for providing these awesome videos and tips!  Check out their site for more information, including a full course on how to learn Telekinesis!

From The Spirit Science @ http://thespiritscience.net/2014/10/26/real-telekinesis-you-have-to-try-this/ and http://thespiritscience.net/2015/01/02/telekinesis-2-expert-tips/

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  1. The Illuminator posted this article and is an obvious disbeliever and yet, you need some form of BELIEF in order to achieve the magic tricks related to telekinesis, Sai (psi) Baba was probably the biggest fraud, he was simply performing slight of hand tricks as he convinced a gullible group of followers to believe in his specific fantasy realm whereby he made lots of funny money. The thing is, the entire monetary and religious political system is based on BS so we have to keep the fantasy thing going, so lets keep the BS of telekineses, and psi-psy ops going and growing, shall we... Deceive and be deceived suckers! An open mind to the merits of BS is what they want, though as you learn and discover the laws of nature you'll no longer need the sensationalism of magic tricks to keep you entertained as they slip their hands into your pockets! WAKE-UP

    1. Skepticism is always warranted, but as this writer has explored psi abilities and potentials far more deeply than this anonymous commentator has our opinion has more value than that of someone entirely ignorant of the truyh of their own potential. We have seen people levitate and move ojects remotely with our own eyes; we have done the same. It usually requires a great deal of time and effort, and always requires a great deal of focused concentration.
      Fortunately for the planet those who are too lazy or otherwise deficient to do the work required will never have - or likely witness - these abilities for themselves. Disbelief is a belief that blinds hardened impermeable pseudo-skeptics. Higher consciousness is self-filtering and people with viloence in their hearts - for instance - will achieve nothing when they attempt to exploit the Siddhi powers.
      Think of it as evolution in action - or inaction as the case may be.

    2. I love your optimistic outlook, illuminator. I too was once a believer in such magic tricks. I just became a bit jaded as I figured out the extent of the belief oriented bs programs we allow ourselves to live under. I marvel at how people allow themselves to become hoodwinked into believing most any damn thing. I find that there's funny money to be made by selling false ideals and idols. I used to spend lots of time entertaining myself with these notions of grandeur, and then a funny thing happened to me. I woke up from fantasy land into reality land and you know what happened? I began to observe solutions to our most complex problems everywhere. I think everyone can awaken to reality but first they have to get over their religion. This telekinesis thing is simply another religion we need to get over if we really want to use the power of natures energy to transform our lives.

  2. You make it sound as though the writer is separated from the rest of us, Illuminator, and that he has observed more of the magic tricks than the I have for example. Rest assure, there is a connection we all share and through this connection we're often able to perceive a sort of harmonious balance in our individual and collective shifting perceptions, but the shifting perceptions are subtle and not as dramatic as are indicated above. How can we identify a fraud? Well, if you cannot dramatically use energy to lift an object, as lets say a YOGI can, than you can rest assure the YOGI is a fraud!

  3. In the videos, i.e. the spinning spiral, is there ever a point that you cannot see the hands of the magician? These are simply scientific observances here, can you see his hands beneath or on the side of the table? If you cannot, that leaves the observers with DOUBT, doubt is backed by belief and belief is the premise of all sophisticated opinions, beliefs and or lies. FACTS are simply a close agreement of a series of firsthand observations of the same phenomenon. Video trickery is often used to manipulate your observations, so right off the bat, we have to eliminate any and all photos and or video as being a legitimate tool for observing a factual event, because of the myriads of probabilities that the event itself can be manipulated though a process known as photoshopping or film editing and or enhancing etc....

  4. The only real test is to experiment with these techniques yourself before commenting on or attempting to debunk the field or this post, as any true skeptic would. The older one is, the harder it is to learn new tricks - so don't put it off. Ignorance isn't bliss; it's blindness.

  5. pls i want to awake my heart chakra.show me the way how to do.i believe spritual power so pls guide me.my email is mr.yanlinaung1987@gmail.com.i'll wait for any advice.


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