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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Barely Human Being of Atacama: Stanford University Examines the Biological Entity Found in Atacama Desert

The Barely Human Being of Atacama
Stanford University Examines the Biological Entity Found in Atacama Desert

The Neanderthal’s DNA is 99.5 % identical to the human race, a chimpanzee and the DNA of great apes is 96-97% identical to a human being.

Our own human history is still in the process of discovery, research and exploration. Most of the information we take in and choose to believe about religion, evolution and the origin of our species is often lacking complete information.

A lack of truth and information has led to the human species to develop a number of theories and belief systems that are widely accepted as truth and taught within educational institutions without any full verification.

There is nothing wrong with having different beliefs about creation and the origin of life, the mistake comes when we close our minds to other possibilities and new understandings about the nature of our reality.

Sure, we do have lots of information, but what we perceive as a large amount is still a very small amount. This leads to new theories, ideas and world paradigms that are constantly changing throughout human history.

The specimen under examination in the video below was found in the Atacama Desert. Research has already determined that a large portion of its DNA is from a human female, presumably the mother. The astonishing thing is that 9% of its DNA is unmatched, this is a very large portion of DNA.

What could it be? Researches don’t know yet, and it will take a number of years to determine exactly what that unmatched DNA represents.

Below is a clip from the recent documentary SIRIUS. You can rent it or purchase it here. I know many of our readers have probably already seen it, but for those of you who haven’t  I thought I would shed some light on it.

When dealing with the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon, it’s really important to question your sources and do some research. This subject is filled with multiple agendas, and disinformation. We do not judge the people behind the film, and we thank them for their work.

Any type of documentary that is able to open the minds of the masses to realities beyond our world that do not fit the accepted framework is a definite advantage, and we are happy to promote.

Sure, there have been some controversial remarks made by those with a ‘big voice’ in the ‘UFO community’, and it’s only natural that we examine those within the UFO field and see how it corroborates with other information that we’ve been privy to.

Here is a clip of Dr. Steven Greer speaking about the specimen, it includes clips from the research conducted at Stanford. The full version goes much more in-depth with regards to the research, what it means as well as its implications.


New, fascinating, research shows that the human species shares 50% DNA with bananas, so it is only logical to expect more similarities between advanced species.

The fact that the Atacama body shares a large portion of DNA with us, does not even make it a human-alien hybrid, in my opinion. It could be an entirely extraterrestrial organism, which just happens to be very similar to our species.

And, luckily, this is case is not singular.

1. The ancient elongated skulls, which have been made famous by researcher and author Brien Foerster, are a fine example of a species that is similar to homo sapiens, yet different enough to be alien. Read more here.

2. The second example is the so called "Starchild skull."
Researcher and author Lloyd Pye dedicated a big part of his life to the Starchild project and the results are amazing: according to DNA results, the skull is not human. Read more here.

By Arjun Walia, Collective Evolution; | Conclusion by Alexander Light, HumansAreFree.com

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  1. We really need a sense of humor as we read this stuff....It's mostly based on fiction! How do we know that the majority of these stories that we read here are mostly based on fictions? Because we have to start from a premise about of what informs society. MONEY and or the almighty 'dollar' informs society and the dollar and or money is simply based on a subjective interpretation of what we perceive to be valuable, hence the fairy-tale of money takes precedent over life itself based on what we'll do in the real world for the myth of monies value. What makes lot's of money and or fairy-tales, more fairy-tales, get it? We live in a a very entertaining LIE based society that has to ignore the thermodynamic laws of nature in order to keep society afloat in the muck of BS, get it? Learn to spin these LIES as we ignore the FACTS and we can continue to rule the sheeple! LOL

    1. Your observation would be cogent in relation to this article - if not for the fact that we have gone to some degree of trouble to verify thses assertions and to include supporting material. Thus the posts herein have already undergone the results of an extremely acute and sensitive bullshit detector.
      You'd do well to reserve judgment until after studying the data.

  2. In other words what we do for the myth of money, like tell fairy-tales, like this specific one, is related entirely to accurately told dis-information about what fictions we're all willing to buy into! Fiction is in the EYE of the beholder of bogus BELIEF, oh and trick photography!

  3. And Illuminator, what data? Data based on hearsay evidence with a little photoshopping and or the manipulation of sculpted skeletons created at a halloween shop?

    1. If you'd been staying abreast of this story since it first broke (or even bothered to read this and watch the videos) you'd understand that your objections are utterly baseless. But then again, most critiques we get are from ignoramuses who don't even peruse the posts they're objecting to; you're in populous company.

    2. Reading and watching manipulated videos is the first stage of fairy-tale land.... Now, place it at my doorstep and I'll decide what's real and what isn't.... People read and watch a lot of SHIT, doesn't mean it has any bearing whatsoever on the FACTS.... Words and videos???? LOL, sure I believe everything I READ and see on television or in photographs because you put them out for all the suckers to BELIEVE! You are a believer and an obvious hypocrite who obviously doesn't know FACTS from fictions!

  4. You simply cannot pursue scientific research into a fairy-tale, to do so supports the notion of the make-believe society consisting of, yes, ignorant sheeple... Yes, I'm keeping abreast of this "STORY" (fairy-tale)

    1. You appear to have nothing original, meaningful or relevant to contribute to a discussion of this. Dissing is NOT discussion - but it's obviously easier than thinking and studying.

    2. And what's original in the fine art of BS, Illuminator? The FACTS when discovered, certainly don't need some joker to throw his two cents worth of original OPINION to persuade some gullible idiot to see yet another version of a phony skeleton. The origin of BS is what you want us to perceive, right, Illuminated one?

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