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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Steorn Definitely Not Dead: Free Energy Technology Coming

Steorn Definitely Not Dead:
Free Energy Technology Coming

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News 

Steorn is under contract with the two largest corporations in the electric hot water heating market worldwide. One HephaHeat product will cost about as much as the electric water heater it's replacing, but will consume 1/5 as much electricity. With this marketplace vindication in as little as 18 months from now, they will then open the technology to other applications.

(My re-work of Steorn's logo.)
Hepha Heat

Here I am standing next to a statement in the Steorn lobby that I can totally relate to: "People who say It cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it." -- George Bernard Shaw

On September 17, 2012, I visited Shaun McCarthy, CEO of Steorn.

Steorn Saga so Far . . . Fizzled?

A few years ago, the Irish company, Steorn
made a global cannonball splash with their full-page announcement in the Economist, saying that they had a free energy technology that could address the world's energy needs.

They not only got the rapt attention of the free energy world, but of a much wider community worldwide, perking the interest of many who normally don't give any thought to ideas of overunity, or energy from somewhere unseen. Some of the news organizations that gave them press included ZDNet, The Age, The Observer, PhysOrg, Yahoo News, Wired, Scientific American, ABC News, The Guardian, and Fox.

This wasn't some crackpot making these claims. It was an established technology company that specialized in fraud detection.

They designed ATM forensic surveillance systems, which are still in operation. They compare before/after holographic images of a machine to detect when the machine has been tampered with. In particular, the surveillance software and hardware are on the lookout for equipment that is added to the card reader so that an unauthorized third party can read the inserted card information. Microsoft is one of Steorn's customers for a related technology.

These systems are power hungry, and often are located away from a power source to keep them operational, so Steorn's objective was to find some kind of distributed energy solution that could reduce the amount of maintenance required by the local police to recharge the batteries on the system. In addition to the conventional methods of solar and wind, they were also exploring some exotic methods.

And that is when they made their discovery.



Conference room

An earlier version of the electric water heater.

Shaun demonstrated to me the HephaHeat unit, which produces hot water on demand. A test unit that he said had been running continuously for 6-7 weeks glowed a bright orange where you could see into the chamber.

Previous prototypes, on display in the back of the conference room.

Business documents

Shaun took me to ChopHouse, which is run by his friend, Kevin Arundel, who was recently featured in a reality show about culinary stuff.
After quietly studying, replicating, characterizing, and improving the technology, they made their big announcement, asking for a group of independent scientists to step forward and validate the technology so that everyone would know that a new source of energy had arrived, that was clean, ubiquitous, and affordable.

They also moved into a larger facility, where they still reside, and hired more people.

Not long afterward, they rented out the Kinetica Museum in London to hold a live webcam demonstration for all the world to see, in which they could prove to the world that they had something astonishing and real.

The problem is that their demonstration flopped. The all-magnet motor demo didn't run. There were problems. They had not achieved the level of robustness that is demonstration-proof.

As I've heard people talk over the years, it would seem that in any demonstration of this ilk, Murphy's Law finds a way to show up. The skeptic would say that this is because there is nothing there in the first place.

The world laughed, and went on their disbelieving way, chalking it up to another story of the "cold fusion" ilk (which, by the way, isn't junk science either, and is also in process of going to market by several competing companies).

A couple of years later, around the time the jury of peers completed their report that concluded that they didn't find compelling evidence to validate the technology as producing more energy than it consumed, Steorn claimed to have come up with yet another breakthrough, and they rented the Waterways building again -- for three months. One month to set up, one month to run a month-long demonstration with live webcams and scientific visitors from around the world, and another month to take down and hang out, because they grew to like the building. (Link | 2 | 3 | 4)

Because of the first flop, this grandstand didn't draw much world media attention, compared to the first one, which had the world taking a peek. The results, while compelling, were a let-down to the expectations that had been built up around the technology. So the world yawned (those who had bothered to take a look), and went back to what they were doing.

Meanwhile, a good number of free energy connoisseurs, many of them from our audience, found the results and claims fascinating, and joined the strictly confidential forums that Steorn launched to collaboratively study the technology. And some learning modules were created to educate these members about some of the principles that had been discovered. The terms of the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) were onerous, turning others away, who would have otherwise wanted to participate; but the chatter around the fringes was intriguing. Those who were involved were not skeptical but hopeful that something significant would come of Steorn.

During this time, a solid state (no moving parts) version of the phenomenon was developed, which they called Orbo, warranting another story, but the mainstream press all but ignored that one. Also around this time, they announced a third party scientific validation of their technology.

One of the "problems" of the solid state version is that it produced a lot of heat, and for a while, the task was to try and find ways to get rid of that, to work around it. But then, they made the fortuitous decision to go with it rather than fight it; and HephaHeat was born.

This major development was announced more at our begging than at Steorn's instigation, and we were pretty much the only press that covered it. Steorn had become a laughable "nobody" to the scientific world. We specialize in "crackpot".

Then, a couple of months ago, Steorn closed their forum. The process they had developed was too complicated and required equipment and methodologies too expensive and elaborate for the garage tinkers who populated the forum. Academia had abandoned participation years prior.

From all outward appearances, it would seem that Steorn had fizzled. That's what I had thought.

Two Major Contracts

But it turns out that they have signed exclusive contracts
with the two largest electric hot water heater companies in the world, and they had stipulated that the forum be closed. No more disclosing the company secrets to those dedicated, albeit independent explorers, even under NDA. These two contracts each provide 25 million euro/year to Steorn, and that is prior to the royalties that will come from sales. That contract amount is considered modest compared to the license value.

Steorn has graduated from the fringe to the major league. They have gone where any free energy technology dreams to go. They are going commercial, big-time, to where many millions of units will be manufactured and distributed, by companies who each hold at least 30 percent of the global market in that sector. The U.S. contract is with a name that pretty much any American would recognize. Under conditions of confidentiality, Shaun let me take a peek at the contract with the European company, with signatures, dates, terms, etc. It's real, all right.

One of the products will be a culinary electric hot water heater that will cost about the same as the heater it is replacing, but it will be about one third the size and consume one fifth the electricity. (See How Does HephaHeat Work?)

But it's going to take 18 months minimum, three years maximum, to get to that point.

Not only do they need to take the working prototype and engineer it for production, as well as test and certify it for household use, but they also need to develop marketing materials.

What Steorn's technology produces is super-heated steam, which is then run through a heat exchanger to be mixed with water at a ratio that provides a specific output requirement, whether it be 40ºC, 60ºC, or 100ºC, which are the three major targets of the hot water market. The sink water temperature is typically around 34ºC, once mixed with cold water at the tap. The 40ºC is required by code to kill bacteria in the tank.

Shaun demonstrated to me the HephaHeat prototype, but asked that I not film it. He showed where the superheated steam comes in then passes through a heat exchanger, mixing it with cold water, to emit the desired temperature. I felt the water coming from the showerhead fixture, and felt it to be the temperature of hot culinary water.

While I was delighted to learn about the contracts, the long period of time -- 18 to 36 months -- seems like forever on a planet on the brink of economic meltdown.

In Shaun's terminology: "These are super-tanker companies, they don't turn very fast."

I asked Shaun if it was hard to convince these companies that the technology was real.

He replied that it wasn't. They came in with about twelve people, ran the test, and were satisfied. Just another days' work.

And that is the feel I got in visiting Steorn. This is a company going about their business. "There is a ridiculous air of normality now. The people working here are normal people. We develop technology. We're good at it." They have fourteen people working full-time, nine of those being "techies," and they're looking to hire two more. "We're not just a job, we're a family. The people we hire need to not only know what they are doing, but they need to fit in."

They are extremely focused right now on this one application of the technology: heating hot water.

Validation Via Marketplace

Having flopped with their cannon-ball splash announcement
so many years ago, now they are taking a much more measured approach.

"We need the tech to be in the market for it to become credible. You can argue with it all you want in forums on the internet, but when you turn your tap on, and you're spending one fifth of the energy, then argue with your tap."

"It isn't crazy when it's sitting in your kitchen."

So their present strategy is to 1) focus on these hot water contracts, get that one application to market, then with that vindication, 2) open up the core technology to some 1000 licensees to develop the myriad of other applications: air conditioning, battery replacement, home power, electric vehicle power, locomotive power, jet power, etc.

Shaun's favorite, that he wants to tackle next, is to replace the cell phone battery so that you no longer have to plug your portable devices in.

I should have asked him why it is that the HephaHeat home electric water heater consumes any electricity at all, which the Orbo allegedly is capable of self-sustained operation with copious excess energy left over for practical use.

I can guess at the answer. It probably has to do with incremental adjusting of people's perception, taking measured steps so as to not overwhelm people or the market. This will be game-changing as it is.

I should also correct what I just wrote about the "HephaHeat home electric water heater." When the commercial version comes out, it won't bear the Steorn, or Orbo, or HephaHeat identification. I guess that was a concession Steorn had to make, given the unsavory reputation they have acquired.

So rather than the "Intel Inside" branding, it will be more like the most well known secret in the world being the UFO crash at Roswell and the reverse engineering of that craft by which us humans now have had that and other flying saucer capability for decades. But thanks to the Internet and brave warriors like you and I, Orbo's true genealogy and potential won't be suppressed and sequestered.

Let the Steorn 2.0 games begin!

Keeping Focus

That is not what Shaun said. He said the opposite
. They will be laying low and focusing their bandwidth on the present hot water contracts. They don't have the man-power and training resources to start entertaining enquiries about licensing the technology for the myriad of other applications. The people who know how this works are busy and committed, and he doesn't want their attention anywhere else.

They've let all the media people they had hired go. They are an R&D company, with their hands full.

He told me that he would not be entertaining inquiries about additional licensing at this time. Only those who have at least a 30% share of the global market in at least one of the three temperature ranges for electric water heating will be considered.

He's the business man, I'm not.

I'm the cheerleader. And it seems to me, that the cheer at this point needs to be something to the effect: "Just getting the contract with the two largest companies in the world in this sector should be vindication enough. Now open it up to the other applications. Anyone who is satisfied with that evidence and has the muscle power to do their own R&D to apply this elsewhere should be let in the door."

I think Shaun would say "No". But he's been wrong before in his approach, and maybe he'll come around on this one, too.

Heaven knows this planet needs this stuff.

But as soon as I say that, another thought comes to mind that is quite rebellious. "Why should the major corporations get to be the ones to roll this out? Why not allow this technology be what empowers many smaller companies to create new jobs and opportunities?"

In fact, I'm going to make a prediction.

Could Be Upstaged by Open Source

As good as this news is about Steorn
, it has one huge down-side. The technology won't be arriving in the marketplace for 18-36 months. We need this stuff now. We need the productive capacity that this can provide in new jobs, lower energy bills, distributed energy, independence from the grid. We need to "stick it to the man", assert our independence, and say "No" to the New World Order that is intentionally crashing the economies of the world to turn us all into slaves to a centralized system.

What we need is an open source technology that is easy enough, cheap enough, and has enough practical power output to spread around the world in a short period of time. We also need a spiritual awakening to accompany the emergence of such a technology.

I believe I've found such a technology, and it will not only arrive much sooner than 18 months, but it may just render some of what Steorn is doing a little obsolete. But it's hard to surpass going straight to the big-time players.

Europe Trip Highlights

I'm writing this as I fly back from Europe
in what has been an amazing two weeks in my "Scouting for Free Energy Technologies in Europe" trip.

Let me pause and give you a brief update on what I've learned. Each of these bullets deserves a story, and you can be looking for updates in the days ahead as I get time to develop them.

·         Akoil has a villa running on their aether technology in Europe but only lets potential customers/licensees in if they can produce a $1 million dollar-plus bank statement as evidence that they are real, and capable of purchase/contract. They supposedly have been distributing (beta) product quietly for a while now, and expect to have product available commercially in 2013.
·         Rossi's "Hot-Cat" cold fusion technology is still deep in R&D, with evidence still accumulating, but the 1 MW heat unit is supposedly available for purchase. The first publicly available plant is supposed to be installed in Northern Italy in 1.5 months from now.
·         TechnoKontrol is not yet ready to sell their self-looped motor-generator system, but they are preparing to have a 1 MW system commercially available soon.
·         The Luxury Sea boat that runs on water (as in the fuel) is in an exclusive contract that doesn't want public exposure presently, but may allow coverage in February.
·         Nicolas Chauvin, an enthusiastic entrepreneur, is busy at his office on the EPFL campus in Lausanne launching a cold fusion project that will provide a kit for universities to be able to replicate Francesco Celani's LENR cell that was recently displayed running continuously producing more power out than went in during the NI Week conference followed by the ICCF-17 conference in Korea. This will enable a conversion of the academic world from calling this "junk science" to acknowledging the "one of the breakthroughs of the century" that it is. EPFL, one of the most prestigious universities in the world, is home of one of the Tokomak reactors that, notwithstanding milti-billions of dollars being spent over several decades, has yet to achieve sustainable unity, let alone over-unity power. And they call cold fusion "junk science", when hot fusion has been nothing but a huge boondoggle.
·         Claus Turtor {sp?} is plugging away on his Zero Point Energy demonstrator, but commercial roll-out is not on the horizon yet.
·         Mike Brady still languishes in prison, in poor health and spirits, thinking he is wrongfully there, while his magnet motor (which he pirated from a Brazilian patent) and electromagnetic variation are being held back as a result.
But the technology that has my highest attention right now, and which I have put in first place in out Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies listing, was the highlight of my trip. It is simple to understand, cheap to build, and is capable of high power density. Imagine a unit one meter cubed that could produce one megawatt of power, and cost under $100,000 to build.

The inventor may be willing to open source the core concept, which would enable a good mechanic anywhere in the world to build a home power system from components found around town, and to start assembling and selling them. It could unleash a flood of jobs and cheap energy, to prevent the NWO jaws from clamping down on us.

However, he is quite jaded in his view of humanity, and he has a hard time imagining that people will do the right thing and remit a royalty for commercial sales made. He doesn't want all these years of effort to result in no substantial return for him; and his primary wish is to be able to have deep pockets for humanitarian causes, helping create jobs, and foster entrepreneurs. If he goes just the pre-license route at first, then he has more of a chance to establish good revenue from the technology. So I've approached him about doing a crowd-funding project to raise the half million pounds he needs to get a lab so he can do his engineering in-house in a timely manner and not be delayed by other people taking their time. And once that financial goal is met, he would then allow us to open source.

But even if he chooses not to go that route, the technology is so simple it will leak out sooner than later -- much sooner than 18 months. Then the planet can cut loose with their talents to scale it, optimize it, and fit it to the myriad of applications.

I might have missed something, but from what I was able to determine, this technology would be hard to surpass. Its primary weakness would be in smaller applications, such as electronics. I doubt anything smaller than a 100 Watt generator could be made cost effectively.

If the "Free Energy Quest" reality show I'm under exclusive contract with Pyramid Films to bring forward actually materializes in a major network (high probability), we will be tracking these and other technologies as they emerge into the marketplace.

 Here's the amateur video I shot of the Steorn facilities.


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  1. In 2006, Steorn said "...we have developed a technology that produces free, clean and constant energy" and invited us to "Imagine a world with an infinite supply of pure energy. Never having to recharge your phone. Never having to refuel your car."

    Six and a half years later, they say that in 18 months they'll have a hot water heater that'll work as long as you plug it into a power point. Did they say 18 months? Could take three years.

    I already have an off-peak hot water heater. Bought it almost 11 years ago.

    I find it funny to see Sterling Allan posing alongside the Steorn sign with the Shaw quote about not interrupting people who are doing what others say cannot be done. Steorn shows no sign of being able to do what they said they could do six years ago.


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