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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Democracy: Meritorious Democracy

New Democracy:
Meritorious Democracy

The Secret Coup 

How did the rich manage to stay in control of the world after the introduction of democracy? Simple. They created an all-powerful entity outside of the political process and gave it a neutral name so that no one would recognize it for what it was. Their ingenious creation was THE MARKET.

Have you ever voted for the market? Have you ever influenced it? Have you ever got rid of anyone from the market? Do you even know what the market is? Do you know who runs it? Do you know what its agenda is? In truth, you are totally ignorant about the market and that's exactly how it's intended to be. No one must ask any questions of the market. It's designed to be a kind of free-floating, anonymous abstraction with Godlike powers that no one dares to challenge.

"You can't buck the market!"

Yet there's no mystery at all about the market for anyone with eyes to see. It's comprised of private corporations, private banks, private insurance companies, private entrepreneurs, private lawyers, private accountants, private economists, private lobbyists, private super rich, private elite dynastic families of supreme privilege.

Only extremely rich right wing people play a central role in the market. We might as well call the market "Wall Street" ... and Goldman Sachs in particular. Why is a Zionist right wing entity allowed to control the economy and the political process? Genuine left wing governments are an impossibility in market-driven nations, and that's the whole point.

The market has no left wing players and rejects all left wing ideas. If you accept MARKETOCRACY - rule by markets - you have guaranteed never-ending rule by the rich. Anarcho-capitalist libertarians are those who want to destroy government and the State completely and have everything run by markets. Their Bible is Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, the sickening right wing hymn to greed and selfishness. All anarcho-capitalist libertarians are on the far right of the political spectrum. They are the friends and allies of the super rich elite. They are all ENEMIES OF the PEOPLE. No decent society should tolerate these people who actively despise society.

"There is no such thing as society."
 - Margaret Thatcher, heroine of the far right.

The market MUST be brought under complete political control, under the complete control of the PEOPLE. Unelected and unaccountable private individuals cannot be allowed to control public politics according to their own self-serving, right wing ideology: "Greed is good; selfishness is divine."

"The market" is the most cunning and sinister political takeover in history. It is how the rich bypassed democracy and ruled regardless of who was in the White House. They think no one has realized what they are up to. But the Illuminati have seen right through them. That's why they have gone to such extraordinary lengths to demonize the Illuminati, using extreme right wingers such as Alex Jones to launch their campaign of disinformation and misinformation against us, and using their puppet David Icke to invent insane stories about the Illuminati being alien lizards!!!

Wall Street must be defeated. It's time for Main Street to be in charge. Or are the people too scared to assume responsibility for their own destiny?

Meritocracy must replace privilege. Equal opportunities for all must replace rigged systems run by omnipotent cartels of the rich. The disgusting and evil anarcho- capitalist libertarians must be defeated.

What's it to be? Wall Street or Main Street?

Can anyone seriously believe that the Founding Fathers intended that unaccountable markets should run America? Of what worth is the Constitution if markets completely ignore it, or bend it exclusively to their own interests? Of what value is the Republic if it's a sham and actually a Plutocracy? - the impregnable citadel of the super rich.

It's time for a new politics. It's time for true democracy. It's time for real People Power. End the phoney war. Put the people in charge.

The Meritocracy Party is the new face of Democracy. It's all about "meritocratic democracy", as contrasted with "plutocratic democracy" (the current system where rich elites pull all the strings).

We are the supreme DEFENDERS of true democracy because we are determined to give the people real power, rather than the Wizard of Oz's illusory version of power.

The people are NOT in charge in current democracy. Corporations, banks, lobbyists, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, the privileged elites and markets run nations, not the people or their elected representatives.

Democracy is PEOPLE POWER, and power is exactly what the people are forbidden from having by the markets and the rich!

It's time for "government of the people by the people for the people" rather than "government of the people by the rich for the rich".

Destroy the power of Wall Street. Destroy the privileged elites. Destroy the markets that have stolen power from the people and then sold it back to them at an exorbitant interest rate as slavery to the Ownership Class of the super rich.

Ever feel like you've been conned? Ever feel that you're one of the suckers? You are if you let your political system be controlled by markets over which you have ZERO say.

Stop being a dumbocrat and become a meritocratic democrat. Free-market democracy is ANTI-DEMOCRACY. Wake up! See what's really going on.

Join the Meritocracy Party.


The Globalization Conspiracy

The rich owe their allegiance to no nation states, only to each other. The rich will go wherever the "price is right". They will transfer factories and jobs from America to China without hesitation if it will increase their profits. They have no loyalty. They couldn't care less about America or Americans. The whole world is the rich man's stage.

The rich are a global superclass who see themselves as rulers of the world and masters of the universe. They intend to use "the market" to dictate to every government on earth. Soon, they will have TOTAL POWER (if they don't already), and not one of these people is elected by the people or accountable to the people. No government has the power or guts to stand up to them. When the American government bailed out the financial institutions and saddled the taxpayers with enormous debts, were the people consulted? Or was it a case of a group of rich people sitting around a table deciding what was best for the market? Whatever happened to No taxation without representation? You can be sure that in every matter that counts, the people are never consulted, but have to pay the taxes anyway.

Globalization is the means by which the Old World Order are becoming the dictators of the world: a super rich dynastic privileged elite that can never be voted out. They are establishing a hereditary ruling caste.

Do you understand how clever they have been? When any politician talks about having to be friendly towards "business" and "the markets", what they mean is that they must do the bidding of the rich.

Rich = Business = the Market.

It would cause a revolution if politicians said that they were deliberately acting against the interests of the people in order to help the rich, so they never do say any such thing. The rich are referred to in such abstract terms that no one knows it's them. To the average person, "the market" seems like something floating in the ether. They don't associate it with groups of rich people doing everything in their power to maximize their profits, no matter how much damage is done to everyone else.

Goldman Sachs plays a huge role in the market. Therefore, when governments talk about having to "help" the market, what they mean is help Goldman Sachs and increase its profits. Virtually every government in the world is advised by Goldman Sachs in one way or another. Who elected Goldman Sachs? No one. But, of course, the market is OUTSIDE political control. The whole point of the market is to give the rich control of the world without being in any way subject to the will of the people.

Everyone unwittingly plays along. No one wants to challenge the markets or undermine them.

The situation is now crystal clear. Is politics about serving the people or serving the market (the rich)? Can there be any conceivable doubt that every politician in the capitalist West works for the rich and would never seek to bring the markets under government control?

The rich have hijacked the political system and made it work for them. All political parties are a joke and all politicians are a joke. They simply act as the front men for the rich. They create the illusion that the people have a say. It never matters who's in power because the world is run by the market and the market is deliberately kept separate from the political process so that the rich can rule without interference.

That is what "democracy has delivered" - rule by the rich. Isn't it time for meritocratic democracy where the smartest people in the world will design a brand new system that makes the market accountable to the people and thus brings to an end the rule of the rich?

Join the true democrats. Join the Meritocracy Party.

Too Big To Fail

Why were financial institutions run by private individuals allowed to become so big that if they failed they would destroy the economy, thus ensuring that they all had a tacit guarantee that the State would underwrite them and bail them out if they got any trouble? What happened in 2008? These giant institutions, after decades of insane recklessness, breathtakingly irresponsible risk taking and almost zero regulation (i.e. they were to all intents and purposes completely free markets operating without government interference) did indeed fail and did indeed have to be bailed out as the global economy threatened to topple into the abyss. The rich kept their wealth and lucrative jobs: the tax payers had enormous debts run up by private individuals dumped on them. And you think that's a SANE system?   

Here's the simple truth. Governments don't govern. The market doesn't allow them to govern. Imagine that the American government declared that never again would ANY institution, company or corporation be allowed to become too big to fail, or so big as to achieve a dominant, monopolistic position. Do you think Congress would pass any such law? You must be joking. Imagine the American government curbing the dominant, monopolistic positions of leviathans such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, PayPal and Amazon, thus allowing genuine competition and innovation to flourish. Well, it's impossible to imagine, isn't it? America would have to be an entirely different nation to curb the irresistible rise of moguls and tycoons who then dictate to the government in their own selfish interests. 

Tim Berners-Lee was the man who invented the World Wide Web and he gave it away for nothing as his astonishing gift to the world. A true saint if ever there was one. Yet others - parasites - have profited enormously from his munificence. Who made all the money? AMERICAN BUSINESS. No astonishing freebies from them. Same old, same old.

You see, the fundamental contradiction at the heart of capitalist democracy is that capitalism and democracy have nothing in common at all. Capitalism is about private capital, private corporations and private business people, often with dictatorial powers. In other words, it's all about the PRIVATELY RICH. Democracy in ancient Athens, home of democracy, was precisely about transferring power from the private rich TO THE PEOPLE. Does anyone imagine the Athenians would have removed power from the Thirty Tyrants in order to give power to "the market", controlled by the Thirty Tyrants! You either get rid of the rich or you don't pretend to be a democracy.

Capitalist democracy has achieved the astonishing feat of putting the private rich back in power within a so-called democracy. The devilish subterfuge was accomplished by placing the interests of the private rich in an entity external to the election process of democracy - in the capitalist market, in other words. So, no matter who you elect democratically, you never change the capitalist market with your vote. You have no power over it at all. But it has endless power over you since your livelihood depends on the market and the jobs associated with it.
Tellingly, no business is EVER run as a democracy. Ever wondered why not? If democracy is so good and so admired by business leaders, why do they ignore it 100% in their own businesses? Doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about what's really going on?

Capitalist democracy (plutocratic democracy) has given the world the most toxic political system in history where the privately wealthy control the world (via the market) and the moronic masses are deluded into thinking that they have a say over their own fate (via democratic elections). Never have the victims gone so willingly into the slaughterhouse, into the Meat Grinder.

The rich were presented with a puzzle. How could they run the world while making the people think they were the ones in charge? Capitalist democracy was their inspired answer that has fooled generation after generation of democratic suckers. Something as simple as an election campaign and election every four years is enough to con the people that they decide how they are governed. Nothing ever changes, of course, no matter who's in "power", because the market is actually running the country and it's NEVER up for election.

Aren't you in awe of the cunning of the rich? Aren't you staggered by the idiocy of the people? Are they all BLIND?

You CANNOT have democracy and free-market capitalism together. They are diametrically opposed. You either put the rich in charge, or you put the people in charge. What's it to be?

In meritocratic democracy, the farce is brought to an end. The rich are told once and for all who's in charge - the PEOPLE. All entities external to the political process that have power over the political process are brought under DIRECT government control. All people in positions of power must be elected and accountable to their electorate. This, of course, spells the end of free-market capitalism - rule by the rich. It will be replaced by meritocratic, "social" capitalism (aka "public" capitalism) where the capitalist beast is tamed and made to work for the people rather than against them.
Isn't it time for true democracy where elections actually count? Then it's time for meritocratic democracy.

Join the meritocratic movement.

"People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices."
 - Adam Smith (father of free-market capitalism!)

"There are more fools than knaves in the world, else the knaves would not have enough to live on."
 - Samuel Butler

The rich knaves feed on the democratic fools. The anarcho-capitalist libertarians want to do away with even the illusion of democracy (of government and the State) and have the rich totally in charge permanently. They are the best friends the super rich elite could ever have. The anarcho-capitalist libertarians want to give the elite exactly what they crave: ABSOLUTE POWER without any interference from politicians at all. The anarcho-capitalist libertarians are the Devil's Army, the shock troops of the elite.

Who should run the world? Enlightened, talented, smart people like Tim Berners-Lee, or the CEO of Goldman Sachs?

It's time for a New Humanity and a New World Order of true people power. It's time to smash the Old World Order (rule by the rich).

This is the greatest of all questions for humanity - who should rule? The rich or the People? What are you going to do for the People's victory?

Join the Meritocracy Party.

The European Union

Right-wing European parties hate the European Union, seeing it as a liberal, interfering institution that opposes free markets and promotes regulation. They point to the fact that the President and Commissioners of the European Union are unelected, hence "undemocratic".

Isn't it time these right wingers applied EXACTLY the same logic to the market? Who elected Wall Street? Who elected the ratings agencies? Who elected the bank bosses? Who elected the super rich?

We can't allow any unelected people anywhere to have decisive influence over the lives of the people. The liberal European Union is wrong, and so is the right wing market. The people must take back power.

We're All Right

In 2011, while America remained mired in economic stagnation and misery for tens of millions, the wealth of the richest Americans grew by 13 percent to $1.7 trillion. "Bad times" are never bad for the rich, it seems. Boom or bust, the rich just keep getting richer.

The richest 400 Americans are now each worth $4.2 billion on average. At a miserly interest rate of 1%, these people would be making over $40 million per year without lifting a finger.

Their collective net worth is equal to ONE EIGHTH OF THE ENTIRE US ECONOMY!

The Economy and Politics

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks." 

-- Lord Acton 

"Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce… and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation or depression originate."
 -- President James Garfield

Can the economy be separated from the political system? Is it possible for a government to govern if it does not control the levers of the economy? Thus we arrive at the dazzling stratagem devised by the cunning rich. They deliberately isolated the economy from politics. The economy was said to be about an "apolitical" entity called the "free market", and it became global and therefore easily able to overwhelm any particular government that opposed it. Even the collective power of the European Union has been unable to compete with the market.

So, no nation can now do anything without worrying about market reaction, and if the reaction is sufficiently bad then the nation has to row back. This means that politics is now a prisoner of the economy, i.e. the unelected and unaccountable controllers of the economy are in a position to ensure that politicians do exactly what they want. And is that not the story of the West for the last thirty years? The market now rules supreme and governments are impotent. Democracy has actually been overthrown and no one has noticed. It doesn't matter who wins ANY election because they can never change anything.

There is now no avoiding an all out war between the rich and the people. If the people want to be genuinely in charge, their government must have total control over the economy.

This is the defining issue of our time. The rich have seized control of the world via global market economics and all political systems have been neutralized and rendered helpless. The anarcho-capitalist libertarians demand the end of government and the State. But it has already happened. Governments have no power. Presidents, prime ministers and chancellors are puppet figureheads.
And no one ever debates this issue. EVER! Cui bono?

Who governs? - the People via the political process or the rich via the market economy - is the only question that all elections should now be about. If the People are to be in charge, the power of the market must be destroyed forever.


The Battle

The Country Club (1%) versus the People (99%). Whose side are you on? Let's put the country club set out of business for good.

The Psychopath

For politics to be tied to the free market is like a sane person being handcuffed to a madman. The market is ENTIRELY driven by the Profit Principle. Its sole purpose is to make money for the market participants. It has no interest in society, community, people, the government, the State. The market is precisely what Ayn Rand advocated and which all anarcho-capitalist libertarians endorse: an unashamed GREED MACHINE, wholly given over to selfishness and the pursuit of personal profit, regardless of the effects on everyone else.

Free-market economists like to say that "boom and bust" is inevitable. Well, it certainly is in free markets. Given that the purpose of the free market is to maximize the returns of the market makers, it will do ANYTHING to accomplish its goal. It has no morality, no considerations for others, no interest in the damage it will do to society. Everything is up for grabs, and profit excuses everything. The most profitable players ipso facto become the most powerful people in society, and no one dares to challenge them. Moreover, the most profitable players are invariably the greediest, most selfish, most callous, most ruthless - most PSYCHOPATHIC!

The free-market - with no regulation, no moral constraints, no supervision - is nothing but a monstrous Id creature devoted to the profit and pleasure principles, to instant gratification. Its only currency is money, not ideas or quality or an improved society. If society did actually improve, it would be by complete accident since the market has no concern at all for the public good. It's not one of its parameters. It has no moral parameters at all, and no parameters to help society.

The free market is the fruition of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged where morality and government are wholly abolished, selfishness is regarded as the highest good and greed is wildly applauded. Gordon Gekko - "Greed is Good" - is the quintessential Randian hero.

EVERY element that was present in the financial meltdown of 2008 remains present today because nothing whatsoever has been done to address the inherent psychopathy of the market. The next, and perhaps fatal, bust could happen at any time. The global economy is still completely unstable and it can NEVER be stabilized now that it is subject to a deranged global free market preoccupied with winning at any cost and doing anything to maximize return on investment.

America, as the stronghold of free-market capitalism, is the most insane country on earth, with the exception of all those infected by fundamentalist Abrahamism (and America is itself full of Christian fundamentalists, anarcho-capitalist libertarian fundamentalists and conspiracy theory fundamentalists). America, many commentators are now saying, is ungovernable. The population is far too polarized. Therefore, America is guaranteed to fail. It will soon be eclipsed by China and, when it's pre-eminence is officially over, America will suffer a mental breakdown. The extremists in America will all demand extreme solutions, and American will soon be perched on the edge of a second Civil War.

To chain an immoral free market to a moral government is the equivalent of chaining Mr Hyde (the Id) to Dr Jekyll (the Superego). In Freudian psychology, we all have an Id and a Superego, but we also have an intermediary, a mediator, called the Ego which obeys the REALITY PRINCIPLE. The catastrophe for the world is that nothing in the political and economic spheres functions as the Ego. Moreover, the Id is enormously more potent than the Superego, which is why the rich and fanatical rule our world rather than the wise.

What is meritocracy and meritocratic democracy? It's the intellectual formula for taming the Id beast (the market; the rich; Abrahamism), for boosting the strength of the Superego (which serves the General Will) and for creating a fully functioning "Ego" level of sane government that understands reality. It's about getting the wise into power.

Why did Plato's Republic never get implemented? Because it advocated the Superego while the world wanted only the Id. It was about rule by the wise (the Guardians), and the people hate the wise.

Psychopaths - the rich, the religious prophets - are often highly charismatic, persuasive, seductive, dominant, impressive, successful, determined, certain: all the things that the weak, submissive, stupid sheeple love. The psychopaths tell the masses what they want to hear, i.e. they preach the siren song of giving people the things for which their most primitive, bestial selves lust. Who wants to listen to sober, rational people? BORING!  

Free markets and anarcho-capitalist libertarianism are vehicles of pure id. Their proponents are like screaming, spoiled children who always want their own way. Like children, they are extremely prone to greed and fear, to hysteria. Just as no parent would allow children to run wild, no sane society would allow id elements to dominate. Yet capitalist democracy is all about giving power to the economic leviathans, who are always the most idist and psychopathic.

There is no mystery at all about why our world is the way it is. It's simple Freudian psychology. The world has allowed the infantile id to rule. On the one hand, we have the id force of the spoiled rich and, on the other, we have the id force of fanatical religion where people go berserk over anything at all. A Muslim commentator said that it was remarkable that the Islamic world does not erupt in anger over events in Syria, or "honour" killings, or 13-yr-old girls being raped by middle-aged Muslim men (the girls are then flogged or jailed for being "sluts"!). No, it goes volcanic over silly videos - exactly what you would expect from an infantilized id culture.

Id culture is Mythos-based, emotional, hysterical, fantastical, superstitious, infected by faith and ignorance. We desperately need a strong Logos, Superego aspect of society. At the moment, only universities and science perform this role, and they are mostly ignored by society.

At first sight, it might seem as if religion, with all of its commandments, rules and restrictions, is a Superego force, but a higher wisdom reveals that these all contribute not to a more moral and wise society but to a more extreme, fanatical and intolerant society. The "rules" are designed to construct an instantly recognizable identity, and anyone without that identity is automatically "other", the enemy, the apostate, the heretic, the infidel. So, apparently superego prohibitions simply feed Id extremism and fanaticism. Just look at Islam. Muslims think they are highly moral. Everyone else thinks they are mad, fanatical animals. Islam appeals not to reason but to intolerance, persecution and horrific Koranic conformity. It's an id ideology and nothing to do with the superego.      

We live in a DIONYSIAN world of id excess. APOLLO is nowhere to be seen. He has stayed in Hyperborea.

We need to bring back Apollo (the Superego) but without killing off Dionysus (the id). We need the Roman God Janus (who has two faces, hence can look in two opposite directions at once) to perform the Ego role and mediate between the two Greek Gods.  

We often say that we live in a cosmic mental asylum. Well, no cosmic psychiatrist is coming to save us, but we can cure our own mental illness by taming the beast inside humanity - the unrestrained id.

All of humanity's problems can be resolved if wise people are in charge rather than the psychopathic rich and the fanatical religious masses. The problem of course is that the sane are overwhelmingly outnumbered by the insane, and the rich and the Abrahamists will never agree to seek emergency psychiatric help. As far as they're concerned, they're the sane ones!


The free market must be recognized for the insane vehicle of casino capitalism that it surely is. Not a single thing that led to the financial disaster of 2008 was remotely surprising or in any way unpredictable. So why did no one in power predict it? Because the whole system is completely in the pocket of the market (the rich). No one in power wants to see the truth because they're all making great money. It's everyone else who's getting shafted.

Everything that was wrong in 2008 remains wrong because the market itself is wrong. It's an inherently unstable system, driven by successive waves of greed and fear. It has no rational qualities.

Economics is called the "dismal science". Well, economics isn't a science at all. Science eliminates emotion from experiments while free market economics is all about emotion and subjective perception. Economics should be treated alongside psychology and religion, not science.

Under a meritocratic democracy, the markets would be brought under complete government control and economics could be turned into a real, predictable science.

In 2008, economics ceased to be an academic subject. Any subject that fails so appallingly (en masse) to see an obvious disaster coming should be excluded from universities and treated on a par with astrology. Economists are a joke. They don't know anything at all. How could they? How can anyone make sense of irrational, id systems driven by pure emotion? The economy MUST be made predictable and scientific and that means bringing free markets, as currently constituted, to an end. Markets should play a far more limited role in economic life; their main function should simply be to act as a popularity gauge of different products: to winnow out the good from the bad. Never should any market be allowed to bully governments and force changes in government policy in favour of rich lobbyists.


Success in the market could actually be used as a measure of psychopathy. Imagine if all the top people in Wall Street were arrested as dangerous psychopaths and locked away. Wouldn't the world INSTANTLY be a far better and saner place?

Wall Street ought to be flooded with women, who inherently show far less testosterone-driven, psychopathic tendencies. The market is all about fierce masculine competition, with huge destabilizing rises and falls (booms and busts). It needs to be about stable, productive, nurturing progress, slow and steady, utterly reliable and controlled. Women are biologically and psychologically far more meritocratically suited to such a task than men.

We have tried the male approach and it has been a disaster. We now ought to try a female-dominated, cooperative approach without aggressive male posturing and preening. Men are always engaged in swinging dick contests and status wars. That's no way to operate the economy on which we all rely.


"There is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things. For the reformer has enemies in all those who profit by the old order, and only lukewarm defenders in all those who would profit by the new order, this lukewarmness arising partly from fear of their adversaries, who have the laws in their favour; and partly from the incredulity of mankind, who do not truly believe in anything new until they have had the actual experience of it."
 - Machiavelli

The Crime Business

"And remember, where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that."
 -- Lord Acton

"America's not a country, it's a business. So pay me, motherfucker."
- Jackie Cogan (Brad Pitt), Killing Them Softly

"Crime is just unvarnished capitalism, after all."
- Brad Pitt

Isn't that capitalist democracy to a tee? - a criminal enterprise killing people softly? Crime is business expressed at its most basic level. All property is theft and all business is crime. The supreme criminal business is drugs. As William Burroughs said, "Junk is the ideal product … the ultimate merchandise. No sales talk necessary. …The junk merchant does not sell his product to the consumer, he sells the consumer to his product. He does not improve and simplify his merchandise. He degrades and simplifies the client."

Is that not what the rich do to the masses? America ought to be understood as a Mafia operation run by privileged WASP Freemasons and rich Jews rather than by Italian gangsters. The crimes of the elite are all "legalized and normalized" because they control the media, the law and the police. It's all just a huge racket to further the interests of those in power. As for drugs, capitalism itself is the most addictive drug of all because it is all about MONEY, about PROFIT, about POWER!!!

Get Active

For anyone interested in becoming involved with the Illuminati, the first step is to make something of yourself, to do something meaningful, to make a contribution to the world. Become MERITORIOUS. The Knights of the Round Table were renowned for their deeds, not their bluster.

We welcome radical atheists, skeptics, agnostics, gnostics and freethinkers. We do not welcome Abrahamists, Karmists, bland liberals, crazy anarcho-capitalist libertarians, right wingers, Randroids (followers of Ayn Rand) and any negative, sniping armchair critics and pontificating, puffed up "know-it-alls" (in their own grand estimation of themselves).

The first Enlightenment failed for the vast majority of people. Had it succeeded, the world would now be free of all monarchs, aristocrats, super rich dynastic families and the catastrophic and backward slave religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The second Enlightenment must establish the rule of reason over this benighted world of ours. We are more than happy to make common cause with all atheists, agnostics and skeptics. All rational people on this Earth must put aside their differences and unite to defeat the common enemy of ignorance, superstition, greed and selfishness, exemplified most especially in the Abrahamic religions. We repudiate all hysterical, fabricated conspiracy theories by professional conspiracy gurus who make a living out of duping and frightening gullible people with the uttermost nonsense. The New World Order must be an enlightened, rational meritocracy where the world's most intelligent and talented people are leading the world forward to new, clear horizons. We particularly welcome all of the following Myers-Briggs personality types: INTJ, INTP, ISTP, INFP, and their extravert counterparts - assuming these extraverts are on the side of reason and merit and opposed to irrationality and privilege. (The Old World Order is primarily an extravert phenomenon.) 

From the Armageddon Conspiracy @ http://www.armageddonconspiracy.co.uk/index.htm

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