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Thursday, 1 November 2012

The Infinite Universe

The Infinite Universe


When we look at the night sky, we see countless stars within our Milky Way galaxy and telescopes reveal more and more galaxies every day. But does it ever end? I would argue that the universe never comes to an end. The further you travel out; you will always find more and more matter. An infinite universe in all directions. There certainly cannot be any border or boundary that surrounds everything because there would always have to be something on the other side of it.

Nor can there be a finite amount of matter that’s surrounded by 'infinite nothing' or 'infinite empty space' because these are nonsensical concepts that have nothing to do with physical reality. Besides, are we really that special? Is our universe a finite oddity surrounded by absolutely nothing? Infinite nothing with a tiny speck of 'something' which we call "the universe"? Or is there simply a never-ending amount of matter in all directions. Clearly, the latter makes much more sense.

There is an unlimited amount of material objects (such as galaxies, etc.) in all directions. Also, what is "empty space" supposed to be? All of what people generally regard as 'space' (such as air) is really some kind of matter in the gas state and these gases are composed of smaller parts like everything else. There is no such thing as empty space. Likewise, there is also no solid matter since all matter is comprised of smaller pieces. A finite universe assumption is irrational because it has to include the idealistic notions of "perfectly empty space" (end of the universe) and "perfectly solid matter" (elementary particles).

Yet the current model of the universe in mainstream science is in fact that of a finite universe. Not only that, but the current model is an especially strange version of a finite universe. Mathematical physicists claim that everything is inside of a 4D expanding sphere called “space-time”. But what lies outside of this unimaginable sphere, according to this irrational theory? Maybe some of their unimaginable extra-dimensional 'multiverses'?

The word “multiverse” is an oxymoron. If uni-verse is defined as “the totality of everything that exists”, then obviously there cannot be multiple “all that exists”. This 4D finite model of the universe makes absolutely no sense. In fact, they even claim that the 4th dimension is time. But what does time have to do with dimensions (length, width and height)? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. Time and dimension are completely unrelated concepts that have absolutely nothing to do with each other. Saying that time is the 4th dimension is like claiming that justice is the 4th dimension. It’s complete nonsense. There are no extra dimensions. Matter can only be measured with the three dimensions of length, width and height.

The current cosmological model also claims that this 4D universe was created out of an abstract concept called “a singularity”. A singularity is truly just a synonym for nothing though. According to this so-called “Big Bang” theory, everything appeared out of nothing. Originally, the nothing or “energy” or “singularity” (or God) was in an extremely hot and dense state and it was this way for all eternity, but then a miracle happened. The nothing began expanding rapidly. Then this expansion of nothing eventually caused particles to appear out of nowhere. This is the type of astounding nonsense that comes about from relying too heavily on mathematics instead of reality.

Oh, and of course the “Big Bang came from another universe / M-theory” is not any better off. This idea still involves many universes being created out of nothing and it involves a bunch of unimaginable extra-dimensional multiverse nonsense. No matter which way you slice it, the Big Bang theory is completely impossible and leads to contradictions and absurdities.

The much more obvious conclusion is that the universe is eternal. Matter is always recycled, it cannot be created or destroyed. So, in addition to the universe being infinite in all directions, it is also eternal (i.e. time-less) Indeed, time is merely an abstraction invented by humans. Time is just a mathematical system of counting, one second, two seconds, three seconds, etc. which is based off of the perpetual motion of matter.

But that’s not all. There’s still another “infinity” that I haven’t mentioned. Infinitely small matter and infinitely large matter. It was once believed that atoms were the smallest, most fundamental units of matter. But, then it was discovered that the atom is also made of smaller parts. Everything is made of smaller PART-icles, and those particles are made of even smaller particles and so on and so forth.

There are no fundamental units of matter. Infinite shapes, shapes made of smaller shapes. It could not be any other way. The idea of a perfectly solid 'fundamental unit of matter' is complete nonsense. What would be inside of this alleged 'elementary particle'? The notion does not make any sense. All entities, without exception, must be made of smaller parts and so this means that alleged elementary particles such as the 'Higgs Boson' are impossible to exist.

Likewise, the so-called 'space' (gas) between objects is also filled with smaller parts and those parts are made of even smaller ones, etc, etc. There is no perfectly empty space and there is no perfectly solid matter. All matter contains smaller matter in either the solid, liquid or gas state. The same applies to the macroscopic direction: stars, galaxies, galaxy clusters, etc, etc, etc. This all implies perpetual cause and effect; the motion of an object is caused by the infinite matter in motion within and without. Just as there is no motion without matter; so there is no matter without motion. All matter is in constant motion and there is no matterless motion.

The scientific establishment is quite fond of this fallacy of matterless motion. A good example of this is the word “energy”. But what does energy mean? This is what energy means: “the capacity to do work”. Energy is an abstract concept and yet many are confused into treating this irrational word as an object, a fallacy known as “reification”. What this essentially amounts to though is matterless motion; all motion with no matter. Absolute nonsense. In reality, there is no such thing as energy. There is only matter. Matter ‘exists’ whereas motion of matter ‘occurs’.

Matter can only interact with other matter by way of direct surface to surface contact. And yes, that includes the actions that we call 'gravity' and 'magnetism'. These are mediated by sub-atomic objects that push against other objects.

Since ‘all that exists’ is matter (objectively), this means that the word 'universe’ refers to "all matter" or "everything". In conclusion, the universe is infinite (never-ending) in both the microscopic and macroscopic directions and is eternal (lasting forever). Matter cannot be created or destroyed.


The Big Bang Never Happened


Georges Lemaitre, catholic priest
Georges Lemaitre, catholic priest

The theory of the Big Bang is based on catholic church dogma referred to as “creatio ex nihilo” (creation from nothing). It was first proposed by a catholic priest and mathematician named Georges Lemaître. His goal was to make science compatible with religion. Lemaître was invited to London in order to take part in a meeting of the British Association on the relation between the physical Universe and spirituality. There he proposed that the Universe expanded from an initial point, which he called the "Primeval Atom" and developed in a report published in Nature.

Lemaître himself also described his theory as "the Cosmic Egg exploding at the moment of the creation"; it became better known as the "Big Bang theory," a term coined by Fred Hoyle.

One of the many problems with this theory is that it claims that all matter was magically created out of an abstract concept like “nothing” or “energy” or “a singularity”. All objects (matter) have a 3d shape / surface. There is no physical mechanism by which an object can appear out of nothing, nor can an object be converted into nothingness. There also is no actual evidence that such a miracle is possible. Objects can only move, that’s what they’ve been doing for all eternity. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. For example, a tree does not appear from 'nothing' (whatever that is), it grows from a seed by having more molecules added to it. Creation from nothing is an impossible miracle that never happens. The only way to 'create' something is to use existing materials. Like using wood to create a house, for example.

Another problem with the Big Bang theory is that it reifies the concept “space” into a physical object which can expand. First they claim that space is matterless, and then they say that this matterless concept is expanding. Concepts such as space, time, love, justice, adventure, etc. cannot expand, only an object such as a balloon is capable of expanding. The scientific establishment uses a phenomenon known as “redshift” to try and support this nonsense. However, astronomer Halton Arp has shown evidence that low redshift galaxies are connected to high redshift quasars. 

This finding contradicts the idea that redshift is always a reliable indicator of distance. As the vibration that we perceive as 'light' propagates through it's medium, it eventually weakens, especially while having to pass through various gases and plasmas and will therefore shift to the red spectrum. Incidentally, this also explains why the night sky isn't filled with infinite star light. It's because light vibrations don't propagate forever, they come in contact with objects which cause the vibration to weaken. So this “expansion of space” idea is based off of the mathematician’s irrational interpretation of redshift.

Quasar in front of a galaxy
Quasar in front of a galaxy

The so called “Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation” is also used as evidence, even though this has absolutely nothing to do with the Big Bang. The CMB is just the temperature of the observable universe and temperature is a concept which we use to measure the motion of matter. What this really means is that there is a physical medium of vibrating particles. Ironically, a lot of pre-Big Bang theories actually 'predicted' the temperature of the observable universe much more accurately than the big bang theory did. So the CMB cannot be used as evidence for a Big Bang.

So, let’s review. The Big Bang theory relies on reifying abstract concepts and claims that all matter was created out of nothing. In addition to this, there is absolutely no evidence to support this nonsense. The only rational conclusion is that the universe is infinite and eternal.

From http://infinite712.hubpages.com/hub/The-Infinite-Universe and http://infinite712.hubpages.com/hub/The-Big-Bang-that-Never-Happened

For more information about the nonexistent big bang and our infinite cosmos see http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/infinity or http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/no%20big%20bang   

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  1. Our universe from a black hole creates more black holes that expands on an infinite level. Every galaxy created from our single big bang. Center of every galaxy has its black hole creating new universes. Infinite expansion. Shrunk into the black hole at a high speed. High speed and small out of the black hole but expands while space expands and time slows. A sneeze of space, matter and time.


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