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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Mars has Hidden Water (and Life)

Mars has Hidden Water (and Life)

George Filer

J. P. Skipper writes, “I suspect you're looking mostly for civilization evidence as that is the most dramatic, exciting, and entertaining from the public's point of view. However, in my opinion, this is also where most of the science community resistance is the hardest with MUFON waging a fight that is just really too much uphill from the science community's blind living in denial point of view.”

In my opinion, the evidence presentations need to concentrate on something more at a fundamental and basic level. That is one of the reasons why my presentations concentrate on surface water in a liquid state and biological life taking advantage of it. In my opinion, this may have a slightly better chance of being eventually understood and accepted at science and academia community level because it is viewed as a bit less threatening. The way the mainstream public behaves, this is necessary because they follow mainstream leaders that they recognize as such and everyone else is passed off as just a rogue element.

If science and academia community types once begin to grasp that yes, there is surface water on Mars in a liquid state and yes, there appears to be basic forest life taking advantage of it, then the implications begin to sneak up on them and then it's too late to very successfully back off. Implications like unfrozen surface means milder temperatures than they've been led to believe as well as an atmospheric envelope not as concentrated with CO2. Forests around them and flourishing carry the same message.

Once they begin to question this most basic of data at the very root of the secrecy, the process of questioning anything at all itself begins to gain momentum that will also eventually lead to recognition of the civilization evidence. On the other hand, just sticking civilization evidence alone in front of them doesn't work well enough because it is perceived by them to be threatening and something to fear creating an emotional reaction. That reaction just allows them to escape in denial by traditionally and safely dismissing it all as "conspiracy theory."

At the above link on my page promoting my book and its evidence are several profound surface water and forest life image. It's just my thinking of course but I think that you and MUFON pushing this kind of visual evidence and pounding this theme into the sand heads in addition to the usual civilization evidence will be more effective in the long run.

Thanks to J. P. Skipper

Mars Echus Chasma with liquid water

Mars Global Surveyor image
M08-05725 67.67°S 12.34°W
Scaled pixel width:  2.77   meters http://www.marsstructures.com/00120005.html Thanks to Norman Breyden

Hillside Compound on Google Mars at
4 20 S 63 23 W
Thanks to Richard

Mars Rover "Curiosity," Is Heading for Curious Site

 Mars rover Curiosity launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station and landed on Mars in August 2012. Gale crater has been chosen for the landing site since there are no visible ruins or indications of life in the area[?].

NASA has introduced a new Mars probe called Curiosity that is a $2.5 billion, nuclear-powered machine that is the size of a Mini Cooper, and contains a laser that can vaporize rocks at seven meters, a percussive drill, a large robot arm and a weather station. In addition, it has 4.8kg of plutonium-238. Curiosity's main mission on Mars is to find organic compounds as a "telltale sign" that life have existed on Mars. Scientists must pick a landing area that will most likely contain such evidence.  Gale Crater features a mound of debris that is 3 miles above the crater floor, and contains layered deposits of sulfates and clays.

Editor’s Note: I suggest they land at Cydonia, Elysium, or Hale Crater where pyramids, faces, tubes and cities once existed…

Mars ‘Inca City’ as named by NASA/JPL Note Tubing that apparentlycarries water and transportation vehicles.

Typical Mars vegetation growing on the planet as temperatures reach 81 degress Fahrenheit in the summer months.

South Pole ice melting in the Spring

Mars geyzer showing liquid water and pressure

A system of tubes or subways carry the water from the poles to the settlements on Mars. They are usually 200 feet in circumference but some are a mile wide…

Mars has road and Bridge-like structures.

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Excerpted from the National UFO Centre @ http://www.nationalufocenter.com/artman/publish/article_410.php

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