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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Manufactured False Flag Bomb Plot Exposed, Officials Irate Over Leak Proving CIA Ran Entire Operation

Manufactured False Flag Bomb Plot Exposed, Officials Irate Over Leak Proving CIA Ran Entire Operation


The supposed al Qaeda bomb plot to blow up a U.S. bound plane has completely fallen apparent with recent revelations that the terrorist was actually working for the CIA and Saudi Intelligence the entire time.

That’s right, this huge corporate media manufactured story was literally a NON EVENT with the terrorist actually being an operative who then turned the bomb over to the Central Intelligence Agency.

In an all too predictable next move, the corporate media is now running direct homeland security advertisements for body scanners throughout the entire world.

Immediately after the release of this full scale propaganda story, the corporate CIA run media went to work promoting the dangerous naked body scanners and literally worshiping homeland securities draconian “security” measures.

Employees of the Chertoff Group touted their naked body scanners throughout all three major news networks within minutes of the story hitting the newswires.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the U.S. House Homeland Security Committee is furious over the leak that eventually proved that the supposed terrorist arrested in this latest staged event was actually working for the CIA and Saudi Intelligence.

In a segment on Anderson Coopers (Vanderbilt to be specific) show, Rep. Peter King claimed that it’s unfortunate this information got out and that a major investigation is being launched to find out how it happened.

“It’s really, to me, unfortunate that this has gotten out, because this could really interfere with operations overseas,” Rep. Peter King of New York told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday. “My understanding is a major investigation is going to be launched because of this.”

The mole, who volunteered as a suicide bomber for the terrorist group, was actually working as an intelligence agent for Saudi Arabia, a source in the region familiar with the operation told CNN.

The man left Yemen, traveled through the United Arab Emirates and gave the bomb and information about al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to the CIA, Saudi intelligence and other foreign intelligence agencies, the source said.

The agent works for Saudi intelligence, which has cooperated with the CIA for years, the source said.

“Indeed, we always were the ones managing him,” the source told CNN.


Consider this: If the information was not leaked, networks such as CNN would continue to broadcast 24/7 propaganda as to how al Qaeda almost just blew up an American airline and that we are all in danger if we do not give up more of our rights.

Another report from CNN, this time by Marnie Hunter, used the fear many Americans are most likely feeling from this “bomb plot” to promote the use of naked body scanners not only inside the United States but throughout the world.

Quoting a former head of Israeli airport security, Marnie then went on to reference the Christmas Day Bomber from 2009 (an event completely 100% staged in its own right) and described how the use of naked body scanners inside the U.S. is making us all so much more safe.

A foiled plot to sneak a bomb through airport checkpoints and onto a plane bound for the United States calls attention to gaps in screening measures that are supposed to detect threats airport metal detectors miss.

Outside the United States, the controversial body-scanning technology is not widely used, security experts say. But they say it is the best way to detect plastic explosives hidden on people boarding airplanes.

“Since most of these airports are not using body-scanning technology, including for American flights, I would say that this is an opening that was probably intended to be abused by (the bomb-maker) and those who planned the attack,” said Rafi Ron, president of New Age Security Solutions and former head of security of Ben-Gurion International Airport in Israel.

As Madison Ruppert noted in his recent article, “CIA Thwarts Own New Underwear Bomber Plot, Continues Trend of Manufactured Terror,” there are a variety of reasons for such a staged plot.

This comes as Senator Rand Paul is pushing to dissolve the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) completely while they continue to expand operations outside of airports and into the daily lives of Americans with no reason to do so.

When the American people begin to become increasingly intolerant of the TSA’s invasive tactics and dehumanizing treatment as well as the never-ending global war on terror, there has to be something done to keep us believing that this is for our own good.

This farcical case of manufactured terrorism is just another example of this principle at work. Without the CIA keeping us safe by foiling their own bomb plots, we might have real bomb plots, right?

Or, perhaps, the more logical conclusion would be that without these manufactured bomb plots, there would actually be no bomb plots.

Sadly it seems this country is set to continue to lose the very freedoms the terrorists supposedly hate us for, all in the name of security and the worshiping of the Homeland Security gestapo.

It is up to free thinking citizens throughout the country to continue to expose these staged terror plots and the role that the corporate mockingbird media plays in tricking the public into accepting more and more tyrannical actions in response to plots that were actually staged in the first place.

CIA Catches Itself in New Underwear Bomb Plot

‘Al-CIA-Duh Bomber’ Was a CIA Informant

Yes, it’s the same old pattern of a phony narrative to hype fear & subservience, but ultimately scripted at CIA/Pentagon/FBI headquarters and carried out by informant/double agents handled from the beginning.

Associated Press: Al Qaeda Bomb Plot: Would-Be Bomber Was CIA Informant
NECN/NBC News – Federal official: CIA’s source was bomber himself in Yemen
FLASHBACK: Terror Expert: London Bombings Mastermind Aswat is MI6 Asset
FLASHBACK: Two British SAS officers caught dressed up as Arabs to foment terror in Basra, Iraq


Just one day after reports that the CIA had foiled a plot involving a “sophisticated underwear bomb” targeted against U.S. airliners, the entire story has once again collapsed into a farce.

Just as the FBI has been caught directing every major domestic terror plot, it turns out that the supposed “bomber” was actually a CIA informant.

“U.S. and Yemeni officials say the supposed would-be bomber at the heart of an al-Qaida airliner plot was actually an informant working for the CIA,” reports the Associated Press.

“Officials say the informant was working for the CIA and Saudi Arabian intelligence when he was given the bomb. He then turned the device over to authorities. Officials say the informant is safely out of Yemen.”

So all the propaganda and fearmongering over this plot was once again over nothing -this was yet another staged incident just as the first underwear bomber event was a manufactured hoax from beginning to end.

From The IntelHub @ http://theintelhub.com/2012/05/09/manufactured-false-flag-bomb-plot-exposed-officials-irate-over-leak-proving-cia-ran-entire-operation/
And Infowars.com



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