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Monday, 17 October 2005

The Way of Typhon

The Way of Typhon


Many of the visitors from the stars who decided not to use their power of hypnotic domination against the indigenous hominids were killed by them. They were sacrificed in the true sense of the word; they allowed themselves to be sacrificed, unable to fit the new mold. Some rebelled against this concept and lived in isolation. Others were accepted by Earth tribes.

Those who chose to dominate set up rigid caste systems based on body shape to 'help humanity evolve' beyond its forgetful condition, so that the humans would continually resonate to a similar body, incarnation after incarnation, thereby ascending through the hierarchy emplaced to reach an 'artificial' form of enlightenment - or so they were told - based on a pyramidal system and known by many names, including 'the way of Typhon'. There are many ways to enlightenment, but in practice this method only maintains power relationships, and almost all remained enslaved in their time (India's modern remnant caste system is the last vestige of the way of Typhon, of the Atlantides).

Then Venus arrived (again)...

Conquerors are usually absorbed; but these particular conquerors were
aware of this, which is why they set up such a static purification
system to distill souls, which could not easily be absorbed. Change
was anathema to them. As conquerors sometimes do, they stepped into a
partial void that had been left by damage done to this planet.

If you have a long-term perspective, civilization and society take on
a different meaning. Dragons, for instance, would think on a very
different time-scale to that of most humans.

Your perspective also depends on how long a memory you have.
How can you expect to remember your past lives when many humans
cannot even remember their childhoods?

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