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Friday, 28 October 2005

The Value of Water When the Well Runs Dry

Sweeping the Room with an Old Broom
The Value of Water When the Well Runs Dry


 Staying one step ahead of planetary catastrophe is not a matter of doom or gloom, just sweeping the room with an old broom. The world isn't about to end - just the world as we know it. It's been obvious for decades that we are changing the planet irreversibly - but specific reports were commissioned in the early 60s and again the 70s (See Club of Rome - 'Limits to Growth'  for instance).

It's also been many millennia since people began decrying the end of the world - but a very immediate threat IS hanging over our heads, a doom that CAN be mitigated, but no longer avoided. As the world's fresh water supplies, in the form of glaciers and rivers, run into the salt oceans and silt up our drinking water supplies WILL run out within a short time.

This particularly affects all the major river systems in the northern hemisphere - the Rhine, the Ganges, the yellow - that are fed by temperate glaciers, as they have been for hundreds of thousands of years, and by winter melt of snows which are no longer falling. There are many precedents for this scattered throughout history in the form of ruined cities by dried-out river systems.

A quick perusal of GoogleEarth - http://earth.google.com/  (or another satellite view) will show you the devastated state of your own local ecosystem. Take a look at how your local rivers have been turned to drains by farmers and aggrobusiness; if rivers and streams have no trees lining the banks they’re destined to dry up or go underground. Notice how your forests have been felled to feed cattle – grassland is desert about to happen. See the fragmentation of the web of life!

From such a perspective you can see the Sun’s view, so if you can see the ground surface,  that means it’s drying out.

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