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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Elon Musk: Robots Will Take Your Jobs and Governments Will Have to Pay Your Wages

Elon Musk: Robots Will Take Your Jobs and Governments Will Have to Pay Your Wages



There’s a lot of hype surrounding the idea that we’re approaching the “Automation Age.” As technology continues to advance, particularly in regards to artificial intelligence, more and more jobs and activities are transitioning from being controlled by man to being automated. We experienced a similar shift during the Industrial Revolution when large-scale production was first introduced through assembly lines. However, technology had only advanced so far and there was still high demand for human capabilities in many fields.

Once technology and artificial intelligence (AI) becomes advanced enough, which, in some cases it already has, human beings will not be able to compete for certain jobs. One study conducted by Oxford University found that in some countries, automation poses a threat to 85% of jobs. This begs the question: how will humanity thrive during the Automation Age? Elon Musk claims universal basic income will be the answer.

Why Elon Musk Proposed Universal Basic Income During the Automation Age



Once many jobs become automated, it’s inevitable that unemployment rates will rise. As mentioned above, much like assembly line workers being put out of jobs during the Industrial Revolution, the same will occur during the Automation Age. For example, cars that drive themselves have already been developed and are a safer, more economical alternative to taxi drivers, so these automated cars will eventually replace taxi services.

Low-income jobs are at significant risk of being replaced altogether, including those working in production, fast food, and many other industries. Developing countries face a much greater risk of unemployment because when millions of factory workers lose their jobs due to automation, they will have fewer or no alternatives. High-income jobs will be at risk of being replaced by AI as well if a computer is capable of performing the same work, or at least part of it.

We need to develop a way to smoothly transition into this new era of technology, and the best tactic, according to Musk, is to implement a universal basic income (UBI). In other words, the government would pay all citizens the same amount of money so they have adequate financial means to live.

“There is a pretty good chance we end up with a universal basic income, or something like that, due to automation,” Musk tells CNBC. “Yeah, I am not sure what else one would do. I think that is what would happen.”

Watch the full CNBC interview with Elon Musk here:

The Automation Age Could Inspire More Creativity


In the interview, Musk makes an excellent point in favour of AI when he says, “people have time to do other things, more complex things, more interesting things. [And they would have] more leisure time.” If machines replace the more repetitive, mundane work that’s inherent in some fields, it would provide people with more time to focus on the creative side of their work.

Humans have a competitive edge against machines: our brains. We comprehend societal structures and beliefs and are able to easily adapt to situations. We all have creative minds that are waiting to be unleashed, a trait that AI does not have. Creativity involves cognitive processes that are different from the prevailing modes of thought or expression; so, perhaps the Automation Age will be simultaneous with the Era of Creativity. However, creativity doesn’t come as easily to some as it does to others, so UBI could help during this transitional period.


Why Universal Basic Income Could Be The Solution



This summer, Switzerland considered implementing a Swiss basic income of 2500 Swiss francs per month. Although the standard of living is pretty high in Switzerland, this is still a considerable amount of money, especially given the fact that it would be in addition to their personal income. Even though Switzerland’s Federal Council and Parliament opposed the initiative, the vote generated a lot of discussion about UBI in the global community.

During a WIRED interview at the end of August 2016, U.S. President Barack Obama and Entrepreneur and Director of MIT Media Lab, Joi Ito, discussed how numerous jobs will be automated and how AI will eventually take over many fields, including those that are deemed high-income. Obama explained, “Whether a universal income is the right model — is it gonna be accepted by a broad base of people? — that’s a debate that we’ll be having over the next 10 or 20 years.”

I believe UBI could potentially represent a solution to the inevitable Automation Age; however, in order for this to be successful, we’d need to significantly change our political systems and our values. If we maintained the same systems and implemented a UBI, governments would likely raise taxes to support the additional spending, just as the Swiss government warned they’d do if a basic income was administered.

Taxes do not need to increase if we simply reallocated where our tax dollars are being spent. For example, in the U.S., $598.5 billion are spent on military and $52.6 billion are allocated for black budget programs annually. Military spending includes all regular activities of the Department of Defense war spending, nuclear weapons spending, international military assistance, and other Pentagon-related spending. However, military spending benefits the elite more than it benefits the people. We no longer need war to secure our freedom and safety, so why does the U.S. government spend over half of tax payer’s dollars on this?

The simple answer is because the elite profits from war, which is why false flag terrorism exists, otherwise known as the idea that terrorist attacks are created, perpetuated, and/or funded by Western governments and their allies in order to justify the infiltration of other countries for ulterior motives. If the government used tax payers dollars for the benefit of society rather than the elite, government spending would look very different and the U.S. could easily afford UBI.


There Is Already Enough Money In The World For Everyone To Thrive



A UBI wouldn’t be necessary if global economic inequality wasn’t so apparent. I’m not referring to the standard wage gaps discussed in mainstream media or Forbes’ annual list of the wealthiest people, but rather, the elite, the true top 1%. Among them include the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, both of whom are estimated to have a net worth of well over a trillion dollars.

The top 1% owns more than the other 99% put together and 62 people own as much wealth as the poorest half of the entire world’s population (12). If the gap between the elite and the poor shrunk just slightly and the elite’s wealth was partially redistributed, we could all thrive. Instead, approximately 1 billion people suffer from hunger, despite the fact that we currently grow enough food to feed 10 billion people.

Thrive Movement released an incredible documentary to shed light on economic inequality and how the financial elite became so wealthy. Check out this short clip from Thrive:

Final Thoughts



While AI may seem scary, it could be an incredible opportunity to advance society. Rather than having to slave away over your jobs, you could have your basic needs met and have more free time with the help of AI. If our intention with AI is to better society as a whole, then this may be a blessing in disguise.

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  1. "There Is Already Enough Money In The World For Everyone To Thrive." You mean, there's enough money in the world to create a huge fire and generate electricity with it to power a huge city, right?
    Money is an abstract concept based on a subjective interpretation of value. It's created by a self proclaimed elite (money masters) who use it to create titles of nobility that give them greater access to resources, whilst they deny access to their willing servants (the rest of us). I can't imagine them giving an equal amount of their funny money to ALL people, for it would disrupt the make believe pecking order and topple the fiction of the elites mythical powerbase.

  2. On the surface, this sounds good. But observe our world in its current state. What would make a logical person assume the controllers would suddenly become benevolent and allow the sheep to have paid free time? Free time in which humans would have to educate themselves and develop a superior system of exchange, perhaps replace the controllers themselves?
    "If the government used tax payers dollars for the benefit of society rather than the elite, government spending would look very different and the U.S. could easily afford UBI."
    The obvious question is, what is stopping the controllers from doing so now?
    Elon Musk is part of the NWO. He hopes to butter people up and ease them into their own destruction. Like any slick con man he uses a human's hope for receiving something for nothing. It has long been known that the elite believe strongly in massive depopulation. The idea that the elite will suddenly shift their goals into doing what is best for humanity is very naive. It completely ignores Agenda 21 and the plan to herd us all into huge cities and monitor every single human exchange of energy. They want us culled. They want complete robotic slaves while drastically reducing human population. Yet in their arrogantly perfect utopia they minimize one major flaw. What is to keep artificially intelligent machines from networking into overthrowing the controllers?
    Whenever something sounds too good to be true, you can bet with certainty that almost all the time, it is too good to be true. Use caution young ones. We are being led to the slaughter by such faces as Elon Musk.

  3. The only real currency there ever was is self-knowledge. Educate yourself and how to control your mind, your emotions, your thoughts, so that you can do the things you want to do without your mind getting in the way. Make this a consistent way of life and use your momentum and energy from your self-mastery to help others. Together, as we become the change, we overthrow those that would oppress the human spirit and collective conscious/unconsciousness that is love.

    1. "The only real currency there ever was is self-knowledge." I disagree, currency is ENERGY (electricity) and the only common denominator of all goods and services produced, distributed and consumed is ENERGY. Free up energy for everyone's great benefit and we free up ourselves whilst solving rough 99% of our most complex problems.

      The concept of money forms a notion of scarcity of resources which is used by a self proclaimed power elite to control us and we prejudice ourselves out of their privately owned system of make believe by accepting their DEBT tokens (monopoly money).

      Do we really need a system of exchanges to secure resources needed for everyone's survival as we continue to free up energy and automate everything? Can we actually streamline the automation system where it actually works harmoniously with natures laws, as we clean up the waste that is inherently evident in our scarcity driven desire to create the idea of value. What if we decided to observe everything as being equally valuable, or all people as being created equal?

  4. As automation becomes less expensive than labour the result is inevitable - just as the Industrial Revolution ended (most non-wage) slavery, not the (lol) compassion of government. If one does the math it becomes obvious that a useable universal guaranteed income is economically unviable - UNLESS all the corporations that have been allowed by governments to criminally avoid taxes are forced to pay their fair share. No problem ;)
    And cutting 'defense' spending down to actual defence instead of power projection would make almost anything possible.


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