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Friday, 22 April 2016

We Must Cut the Military and Transition to a Science-Industrial Complex

We Must Cut the Military and Transition to a Science-Industrial Complex


Many Americans subscribe to the annoying belief that our nation’s military-industrial complex is the surest way to remain the wealthiest and leading superpower in the world. After all, it’s worked for the last century, pro-military supporters love to point out.

However, America’s dependence on warmongering may soon become a liability that is impossible to maintain. Transhumanism, globalization, and outright replacement of human soldiers with robots are redefining the county’s military requirements, and they may eventually render defense budgets far smaller than those now. To compensate and keep America spending approximately 20 percent of the federal budget on defense (as we have for most of the last few years), we’ll either have to manufacture wars to use all our newly-made bombs, or find another way to keep the American economy afloat.

It just so happens that there is another way—a method that would satisfy liberals and conservatives alike. Instead of always spending more on our military, we could transition our nation and its economy into a scientific-industrial complex.

There’s compelling reason to do this beyond what meets the eye. Transhumanist technology is starting to radically change human life. Many experts expect to be able to stop aging and conquer death for human beings in the next 25 years. Others, like myself, see humans merging with machines and replacing our every organ with bionic ones.

Such a new transhuman society will require many trillions of dollars to satisfy humans ever-growing desire for physical perfection (machine or biological) in the transhumanist age. We could keep our economy humming along for decades because of it.

Whatever happens, something is going to have to give in the future regarding military profiteering. Part of this is because in the past, the military-industrial complex operated off always keeping a few million US military members ready on a moment's notice to travel around the world and fight. But there’s almost no scenario where we would need that kind of human-power (and infrastructure to support it) anymore.

Increasingly, small teams of special operation soldiers and uber-high tech are the way America fights its wars. We just don't need massive military bases anymore, nor the thousands of companies to support the constant maintenance of ground troops. Such a reality changes the economics of the military dramatically, and will eventually leave it a fraction of its size in terms of personnel and real estate.


The coming military age of automated drones, robot tanks, cyberwarfare, and artificial intelligence just doesn’t require that many people


We’ll still have the need for technology to fight the wars and conflicts we entangle ourselves in, but it’ll be mostly engineers, programmers, and technicians who wear the uniform. The coming military age of automated drones, robot tanks, cyberwarfare, and artificial intelligence just doesn’t require that many people. In fact, expect the military not just to shrink, but to mostly disappear into ones and zeroes.

Many people think that the beast of a military-industrial complex—made famous by President Dwight Eisenhower’s warning against it in his farewell address—appeared only in the last 50 years. However, others persuasively argue that America has been at war 93 percent of the time since the US Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776—so it’s been with us from the beginning.

In liberal California where I live, such facts annoy just about everyone I know—except, of course, those who are shareholders and beneficiaries of the defense industry. Thankfully, despite Congress being led by mostly older white religious men, the younger generation clamors for an improved America—one that can keep its economies running smoothly in a more peaceful way.

This is where the scientific-industrial complex comes in and could satisfy most everyone. And best of all, a society of science requires actual people. Lots of them: nurses, scientists, start-up CEOs, designers, technologists, and even lawyers. The advent of modern medicine to treat virtually every ailment—and the whole anti-aging movement, in general—affects all 318 million Americans. Over half of us suffer from health issues that can be improved but often aren’t, for a variety of reasons. For example, the US Census Bureau reports that 40 percent of people over the age of 65 suffer from a disability—and for two thirds of them, it’s mobility-related issues. And millions are already racking up the symptoms of heart disease that will kill them. And a younger generation is just waiting to explore bionics, chip implants, and how to upgrade their genes to avoid health problems in the future. All this means we have the fodder to reshape the American economy from a militaristic-based one to a type that thrives off scientific and medical innovation.

Instead of spending American money on sending our soldiers to risk their lives for the whims of war, we could be giving civilians the medicine and healthcare they need to live far better and longer. And living longer has unseen benefits, too. In the future, bonafide transhumans won’t have to retire if they don’t want to. Their bodies will be ageless and made so strong through technology that work and careers may continue indefinitely—and therefore, so will paying taxes. Transhuman existence is a self-fulfilling economic-boom prophesy for both individual and country.

To help create this new mindset in society, I recently delivered a Transhumanist Bill of Rights to the US Capitol as part of my presidential campaign tour. Article 1 of the bill, among other things, aims to establish that a nation would provide a universal right via science and technology for citizens to live indefinitely if they wanted. This, of course, takes socialized medicine one step further, and doesn’t just mandate that the government is interested in your well being, but that it’s ultimately interested in your permanent survival.

If a nation was to embrace such a universal right to live indefinitely, it would forever change how a nation looks at the individual lives of its citizens. What would follow is a nation’s intense build-out of how to improve the health, longevity, and well being of its people. Additionally, the institutions that are constantly drawing on America, like social security and welfare due to disability, would be less taxing.

Currently, the US Constitution (which I personally think needs a significant rewrite for the 21st century) is overly concerned with protection of national sovereignty—which is one major reason why the military-industrial complex is allowed to grow undeterred. If the US Constitution was endowed with precise wording to also protect an individual’s health, well-being, and longevity, then a scientific-industrial complex could rise. This new monster institution would legally be mandated to provide the most modern medicine, technology, and science possible to its people.

Shamefully, the Iraq War will cost the US $6 trillion dollars by the time we’re actually done paying all our bills—despite the fact that it’s highly questionable whether Iraq was ever even a serious national security issue. However, our country undeniably faces a serious national security issue today—in fact, I’d call it a full blown crisis. Nearly 7,000 Americans will die in the next 24 hours from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, aging, and other issues. And the same amount of people will die tomorrow and the day after.

Overcoming disease and aging in the transhuman age will inevitably occur. The question is not if, but when? The answer lies in how much our nation is willing to spend on scientific and medical research—and how soon. But so long as it continues to spend money on the military instead of citizen’s health, human beings will die—which is ironic since it’s the military that is supposed to protect us (and not inadvertently sabotage us by swallowing funding for bombs instead of medicine). All we need do as a country is change the direction of our spending, from defense to science. If we can transform America into a scientific-industrial complex, we’ll still be able to keep our economy chugging along. Let America’s new wars be fought against cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and aging itself. It’s a win-win, except for body bag and casket makers.

Zoltan Istvan is the 2016 presidential candidate of the Transhumanist Party. He writes an occasional column for Motherboard in which he ruminates on the future beyond natural ability.

Army General and Bush Secretary: The Truth About the War On Terror Is Grotesque



In this rare video, two high-ranking Bush Administration officials reveal the terrible truth about 9/11, Iraq, and all the other countries the West has invaded since then...

This video could help destroy any lingering illusions that the chaos currently engulfing the Middle East is just a tragic twist of fate. According to retired US Army General Wesley Clark and Former Bush Secretary-Treasurer Paul O’Neil, this endless ‘War on Terror’ was planned at least one year before 9/11– and possibly as far back as 1991.

In a buried 2004 60 minutes interview, O’ Neil reveals:

  • At George W Bush‘s first ever security council (which took place just ten days after his inauguration), getting rid of Saddam Hussein was top of the agenda. This means the Neo-cons were plotting to overthrow the Iraqi President eight months before 9/11.
  • No questions were asked about why Saddam was targeted. Instead, Bush told the council: “Just find me a way to do it.”
  • A possible occupation of Iraq was discussed in January and February of 2001.
  • Divvying up Iraq’s oil wealth was also discussed at this stage.

In the same video, Wesley Clark, speaking at the Commonwealth Club of California in 2007, details how just ten days after 9/11, a Pentagon officer confided that the Bush Administration intended to attack Iraq. When Clark asked why, his colleague responded: “We don’t know.”

Clark asked whether Saddam had been tied to the events of 9/11.

“No”, came the answer, “But we’re going to attack and destroy the governments of seven countries in five years.” Clark names them: Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, and Iran. (the USA and their allies are or have been active in all of these countries except Lebanon and Iran, which Clark claims is the end goal).

The alleged plan is admittedly a few years behind schedule, and we’re not sure why Afghanistan is missing from the list, but the fact Clark accurately names the rest gives weight to his testimony. Clark says this is all part of the neo-con PNAC (Project for a New American Century), which aims to “Destabilize the Middle East, turn it upside down, make it under our control.” He claims this plan goes back as far as 1991.

Please watch, share, educate yourself about Islam, and don’t forget who humanity’s real enemies are. 

This article (Army General And Bush Secretary: The Truth About The War On Terror Is Grotesque) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and TrueActivist.com

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  1. Regarding the transference of money from military to science... Money corrupts science, aren't you forgetting that? Why is it so important for us to keep the price system economy going and growing, when it's completely corrupt? How about a REAL economy as we take money and politics out of the equation then what's left? An entire FACT BASED production, distribution and consumption system based on the very best science without the corruption inherent in the current operating madness that automatically interferes with our problem solving? THINK REALITY and get rid of the notion of Alice's economic wonderland and the best science will be fully utilized for the great benefit to ALL.

  2. I appreciate Zoltan's zeal to upgrade and change the system of our collective worship for war. The god of the Torah or Old Testament is in truth a Hebrew pantheon WAR god, selected above all the other Hebrews gods/goddess, to the God of the entire Cosmos, by the Hebrew leaders. Jesus is the peace god. So therefore, War=Peace. Now where have we heard that before? Oh yeah! George Orwell, disgruntled member of the Fabian Society. The Fabian Society promoted the idea that a culture can indeed be manipulated, but it takes long-term planning and patience. There are many like-minded secretive groups. But are these groups based on wisdom, and holistic throught?
    AI and robots are not only taking over the war effort, but is replacing humans in every endeavor, from doctors to McDonald's food service. Does Zoltan really think that those who are responsible for vaccines, GMO's, nuclear energy and weapons, chemtrails,HAARP EMF & ELF towers, smart meters, big pharma & allopathic medicine, social-engineering via "think-tanks" such as Tavistock Institute/Frankfurt School, Common Core public school curriculum indoctrination designed to dumb down the populace even more than at present,etc. are going to "allow" the "useless eaters"(sic) to continue to gobble up "their" resources? Please people, research the history of eugenics, it's all there for proof of the "elites" plan for the great majority of us.
    And yes, Sophie, the West has now been taken over by Zionist Jews. People don't want to face that fact, because we were all mind-controlled via the fake "Holocaust". We see Jews as perpetual victims, and since they own the marjority of media, they keep us thinking that way.
    We are fighting the wars in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel, research the Oded Yinon Plan-which is exactly the same as the PNAC or Project for a New Century,which was created by Zionist Jews & their Shabbos Goy, now
    firmly entrenched within our governance, not to mention our finances. I am amazed at people's refusal to understand this reality. Yet they claim they want to throw off tyranny. Creators of the pantheon war god called Yahweh, as God of the Cosmos is in charge of the West, with plans to control the world. Even if one rejects the mind control of this religion, it is part of our cultural, collective unconsious. And that is why those who subscribe to this religion are ramping up the apocalypse.
    Sad, but quite true.

  3. FYM, I've ben guilty of doing the same thing...... We simply can't blame specific groups of people as we ALL accept the corrupting factor of money. Dig down deep, the problem isn't the Zionist Jews, they're just smarter than everyone else within the framework of this gypsy system (price system) we've accepted. The corruption and or psychopathology comes from our acceptance of the conditions associated with the price system, (MONEY). There simply is no alternative money system that would bring everything back to balance and normalcy. We need to chuck the political price system out the window in favor of a REALITY based economy (science based) When science can no longer be corrupted by the insanity of price system operations, then a governing dynamic equilibrium will become evident.

  4. Most zionists are US christians - many tens of millions of them. There are less than 20 million jews in the entire world and more than half of them are antizionist. However, the singular Saudi 'royal family' OWNS at least 10% of the US and the West, lock stock and barrel.
    There are a billion muslims in the world and a sizeable percentage are rabid loonies. The WASPS own most of the corporations in the world and are responsible for most of the destruction of our ecosystem under their Fourth Reich.
    Who do you think REALLY PROFITS from vaccines, GMOs, nuclear energy and weapons, chemtrails, HAARP EMF & ELF towers, smart meters, big pharma & allopathic medicine? Big corporations run by WASPs, many of them 'ex' Nazis.
    Speaking of George Orwell, what was that about scapegoats (ie 'Goldstein') again?

    1. Again, Illuminator.... We need to stop blaming groups of people because the root problem is our COLLECTIVE acceptance of a political money system that is inherently corrupted. It seemingly drives everyone insane, brings people into perpetual conflict, and hence crimes against humanity and the environment become the norm.

      The conditions we have accepted are the problem and these conditions often have nothing to do with reality but rather everything to do with a system of making people believe that what they need to survive is scarce and unaccessible because they don't have enough funny money to pay the man.... So what are people willing to do to attain these mythical tokens of DEBT so they can survive? This is the root cause and or corrupting factor is it not?

      People BELEVE without knowing the FACTS and science should be about the discovery of FACTS= A close agreement of a series of observations of the same phenomenon!

      This is all that science should be about, but it's not because of how political funny money (a system of make believe VALUE) interferes with REALITY LAND... Science is corrupted because of the influence of Alice Wonderland. Now, get rid of the money myth and we can then utilize our FACT based science for EVERYONES BENEFIT!

      Get it?

    2. Debt and the price system have little to do with the retardation of scientific advancement; the main cause is EGO. You don't get a new paradigm until all those whose reputations rest on supporting the old incorrect one drop of their perches - and with the impending sudden demise of the entire Baby Boomer generation you can expect that to occur.


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