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Saturday, 16 January 2016

The contrails conspiracy is not only garbage, it's letting aviation off the hook too

The contrails conspiracy is not only garbage, it's letting aviation off the hook too  

A passenger planes flies from Heathrow airport in London as the sky above is crisscrossed by contrails. Photograph: Toby Melville/Reuters

The real issue – global warming caused by aircraft emissions – calls on us to act. But focusing on ‘chemtrails’ absolves people of the responsibility to do so

You spend years trying to get people to take an interest in aircraft emissions. Then at last the issue gets picked up – but in the most perverse way possible.

The pollutants spread by planes are a major issue. They make a significant contribution to global warming, yet they are excluded from international negotiations, such as the conference taking place in Paris. As a result, aviation’s expansion is unchecked by concerns about climate change.

This exclusion is ridiculous, not least because aircraft emissions have a particular role in heating the planet, due to the height at which they are released, and the multiplying impacts of the water vapour and other gases the planes produce. Gases that sometimes form contrails in the sky.

You might expect me to be delighted by the fact that thousands of people are taking an interest in contrails and their effects, and campaigning against the airlines producing them. Far from it.

The most vocal people protesting against aviation emissions have no interest in their contribution to global warming. Quite the opposite. Many of those now denouncing the pollution of the skies see climate science as part of the problem: a conspiracy by corporations, military planners and other nefarious interests to control the skies.

Until recently, I ignored this movement, even as it spread among people I knew. So pervasive have the rumours become that the government, which seldom responds to conspiracy theories, felt obliged this summer to produce a factsheet debunking the principal claims.

But it was only when the editor of a major environmental magazine sent me what he called “a remarkable essay” in the hope of persuading me to take up the cause that I decided I could ignore it no longer. The “remarkable essay” was garbage: a long series of disconnected facts tacked together to create what appears to be a coherent narrative, but that bears as much relationship to reality as a speech by Donald Trump. On a bad day.

In my home town, the streets are now littered with graffiti advertising the website www.look-up.org.uk. So I looked it up. You might imagine, in reading what follows, that I’m picking an extreme example, but I’m sorry to say this is typical of the hundreds of sites promoting this nonsense. I keep meeting otherwise-intelligent people who seem prepared to believe it.

Here are its main contentions:

  • “Planes are not supposed to make clouds and yet we see them doing so in our skies every day.”

  • “Three huge global corporations now own almost all of the world’s airlines. They have modified their aircraft to spray chemicals unknown into our skies during flight.”

  • “Large private, corporate organisations [are] ... modifying our atmosphere without the knowledge and consent of society.”

  • “We think their insane plan to block our sunshine is unnecessary, dangerous and nothing to do with science or protecting us, but more to do with financially motivated weather control.”

You can see the impacts everywhere. The authors of the website note that “virtually the entire month of November has been a ‘white out’… unbroken cloud characterised by a thin, translucent, white blanket of chemicals sprayed from aircraft.”

Cloudy skies in November – hmmm, fishy to say the least.

So why are “they” doing it? Well, it depends which part of this website you read. On some pages it claims that the contrails (or “chemtrails”) are being used to “manipulate the CO2 figures”. This will then justify the mass re-engineering of the atmosphere. On other pages, the contrails themselves are being used to re-engineer the atmosphere, using unspecified chemicals to change the weather.

Who profits from this “financially motivated weather control” and how is left strangely vague, though of course the beneficiaries include “very well paid scientists”. Don’t they always? As everyone knows, scientists are rolling in money, which is why so many oil company executives leave to take up more lucrative careers as university lecturers.

The scientists’ mysterious benefactors must be extremely powerful, however, as they engineered the Paris attacks (“another false flag event”), in order to leave nothing to chance during the climate talks.

Everything confirms the thesis, even the dismal number of followers the site has managed to attract. That’s down to the role of Facebook – or Fakebook as they prefer to call it – in the conspiracy:

“We hired some clever people to analyse the behaviour and reach of our posts and they concluded that algorithmic restriction had been put in place to restrict the reach of our posts to just a few people, a small group of subscribers, and it was normally the same people every time.”

What other explanation could there be? And wait – it turns out that even the subscribers are in on it:

“We also suspect some, if not all of those people are operatives who regularly like our material to ensure we think we were getting an audience, whereas almost nobody was seeing the material at all.”

So on one hand we have a real threat, measurable and attestable, that is caused by an identifiable industry and persists as a result of the indifference and short-termism of the world’s governments. On the other, we have a conspiracy, attributed to forces unknown and interests unspecified, so powerful and pervasive that it extends from Mark Zuckerberg to the Paris terrorists. Why does it seem to be harder to generate interest in the real issue than the improbable one?

The real issue – global warming caused by aircraft emissions – calls on us to act. Reducing our impacts means flying less; something that few people are prepared to do. It involves an exhausting battle against a powerful industry and unresponsive governments. It means reading boring papers, attending boring meetings and engaging with a level of political and technical complexity that many people find repulsive. There’s plenty of grind and precious little glory.

A spoof ad by Revolt Design in Paris reads: ‘To tackle climate change? Of course not, we are an airline company ... profits are more important than saving the planet. So we lobby politicians ... Don’t tell any one. Air France, part of the problem.’ Photograph: Brandalisim

But there’s nothing boring about conspiracy theories. They make sense of what can sometimes feel like a senseless world. They tell you that you are among the elect: aware of a grand scheme that other people (or sheeple or sleeple as the conspiracy sites often like to call them) are unable or unwilling to see. It tells you that you are a lonely crusader fighting evil of the kind that’s otherwise encountered only in films about superheroes.

And if hardly anyone reads your website, it only goes to prove how important you are: why else would the authorities go to such lengths to limit your followers?

It also absolves you of the responsibility to act. Sure, you might feel moved to create a website, take some photos, perhaps sign the odd petition or even attend one or two noisy demonstrations. But you don’t have to change anything, because somewhere, buried deep in the forebrain, is the knowledge that there’s not really anything to change. You get the glory without the grind.

Perhaps such movements are also a response to a sense of helplessness. In a world so complex, chaotic and badly governed that its most dangerous predicaments often seem intractable, it is paradoxically comforting to believe that godlike powers are in control, even if those powers are malign.

We distance ourselves from uncomfortable realities by creating comfortable unrealities. And it doesn’t seem to matter how unreal they may become.

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  1. By looking down on the opinions of others while touting his ideas as superior, I believe the author of this article gives away his ignorance and energetic ineptitude.

    I find that the rhetoric he uses to cast chemtrails and false flag events in a negative light is eerily similar to something you'd see on Fox News.

    If you take a look at the author's website you can find many blog entries that discuss the corrupt political and corporate systems we endure today. His idea to fix it all? Abolish organizations like the IMF and World Bank and consolidate them all into a single democratic power.

    In my opinion this article's author is a great example of an intelligent but deeply misinformed individual, willingly campaigning for a one world government to deepen the slavery that the human race must overcome.

    In the end I chalk him up to another closed-minded, robotic shill constructed by the mass-media, albeit with seemingly good intentions.

    What will it take for people to stop worshipping the false God that is the concept of money?

    1. Great comment, Anonymous. Agreed!

    2. Yes, Monbiot's advice is to abolish the IMF and World Bank, and solidify it all into one giant centralized machine which monitors all, regulates all, and turns all into slaves of the one centralized computerized machine. The following is what George Monbiot has to say regarding the US/Israeli created ISIS. He fails to mention who created, funds, and perpetuates ISIS, or that life was relatively peaceful until Israel began bullying its way into Palestine, and infiltrated the surrounding nations and acts as a proxy CIA/Mossad operation all under the umbrella of the Neocon operation Project For the New American Century (PNAC)-with designs on controlling the entire Middle East-by creating instability and wars. But Monbiot will never present the truth in full, only partial truth, like all good little order followers: "The Guardian’s George Monbiot asks why, in light of NATO’s current air war against Islamic State, the west doesn’t “bomb the Muslim world – all of it” and possibly “flatten the entire Middle East and West Asia” his thesis being that with there being so many human rights abusers in the region why concentrate solely on Islamic State/ISIS." How convenient for the Israelis, and what an insane comment for the Jewish Monbiot to make. I'm sure he was not including his precious Israel in that "flattening of the Middle East". He just wanted to appear to do so. He knows who his masters are. Now here is a corporate sponsored video promoting Agenda 21, apparently attempting to make it look desirable. Notice how the husband/father is made to look like a zombified idiot.(destroy the innate man-hood of the white man) In a later follow-up video associated with Monbiot's "Manifesto For A New World Order" which such shills as Monbiot advocate, "Vee" is divorced, no longer needing that husband and father to her 2 children. Lots of social engineering going on in this video. Yes Agenda 21 advocates putting life on a centralized computer, no private land, but privatized utilities & water of course. The State with their centralized computer, will control everything and everyone. And the dissidents all live in
      "freedom ghettos". How many people who support the climate change theory have ever even heard of the NWO "fix-it" plan for climate change" Not very many. Is that a coincidence? 4 minutes

  2. George Monbiot, author of the book, "Manifesto For A New World Order", and champion of more nuclear energy, is a shill for the NWO. He has been placed in his position. He supports the global warming, climate change meme, which was created as a method to socially engineer the public into accepting Agenda 21.
    He denies the 70 year old science of geoengineering, although proponents of solar radiation management are tip-toeing in the water, stating, if climate change becomes to dire, we will be forced to use solar radiation management. All the while we are sprayed on a regular basis. The following article reveals how Mr.Monbiot and his various enterprises are funded by those very fossil fuel corporations he claims to despise.

  3. We were concerned enough by the claims of chemtrail enthusiasts to examine all their evidence in detail, following up all links to original sources and processing all the claims made by the promoters of the idea that 'chemtrails' are widespread, all pervasive geoengineering efforts by nefarious somebodies. Guess what we found after many days of work? EVERY claim is bogus! If you remain unconvinced of this please examine the actual evidence - or rather lack of it - at the original sources and READ the articles here (and see 'older posts' at the end of each section);
    The chemtrail proponents have as much credibility as the Flat Earthers - but much less imagination. It's all another crock designed to get big polluters - the fossil fool in dust 'realists' - off the hook, and those who spread their manure on the internet for them are working for free to enrich lying, poisonous trillionaires!
    Guess who has (in)vested interest in lying to you about pollution - the polluters of environmentalists? Wake up and smell the coal ash, Amerika - it's fuelling your toxic civilisation, and it isn't being added to plane exhausts but has been raining down on your heads for decades, along with attendant barium and aluminium etc (We agree that the only thing worse is nuclear power btw).
    We do this for free. We are beholden to no-one and nothing but the truth. Read on and weep - or laugh; it's much healthier.


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