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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Alien implants; do they really exist?

Alien implants; do they really exist?


The case of Alien abductions and alien implants has been a fascinating subject for years; if proven to be true, it could be considered as one of the best pieces of evidence that points towards the existence of otherworldly beings. After years of researcher on the UFO phenomena by different individuals worldwide, there is a tremendous amount of "official" information that has been made available for people around the globe. 

The National Archives of the United Kingdom, for example, published in 2013 a wide range of information ranging from testimonies of sightings, photographs and even drawings to prove human contact with extraterrestrial beings. Whether aliens exist or not is something that has "never" been officially answered yet the question has not changed for years, even though in the last decade, tremendous evidence has been made averrable which directly points towards the existence of not only extraterrestrial beings, but beings from other "dimensions".

Since ancient times, there have been clues that have suggested an interaction between extraterrestrials and humans. In modern days, factors such as the strange markings on the body and implants extracted from people claiming to have been abducted have fueled the idea that these otherworldly beings actually exist and have interacted with humans. 

Dr. Roger Leir, a specialist in podiatry (Podiatry or podiatric medicine is a branch of medicine devoted to the study of diagnosis, medical and surgical treatment of disorders of the foot, ankle, and lower extremity.) and arguably the most famous person in regard to the removal of extraterrestrials implants said to have performed around 17 surgeries in which suspicious objects, "implants" were extracted.

According to Dr. Leir, an amazing feature is that all of these alleged implants are the size of a pencil tip but extremely magnetic in nature, and some had too high frequency for their size. Other items that were examined had meteorite fragments in common; metals such as gallium, germanium, platinum, ruthenium, rhodium and iridium. Research also found a diversion of nickel in quantities that lab analysis could not explain, nickel content of isotope ratio unknown to our planet.

Dr Roger Leir at the Disclosure Project Hearings

According Ph.D. Alex Mosier specialist in Physical Chemistry, who examined the pieces together with Leir, fibers were found that are very similar in nature to carbon nanotubes which suggests that the fragments were designed or manufactured and it was impossible to find artifacts like these in nature. They have to be processed, requiring complex engineering and are not easy to manufacture. These objects have also been scientifically researched by some of the world's most prestigious laboratories such as Los Alamos National Lab, New Mexico Tech and the University of California in San Diego. 

Dr. Leir, who also worked as a medical consultant in the Mutual UFO Network, said that the people from which they extracted these strange objects had no visible scars or interruption in the integrity of the skin. There were no signs of inflammation but X-ray tests clearly showed embedding, which seemed nearly impossible.

So far, medicine has had a phobia about tests which are linked to ufology. Very few scientists and doctors have dared to enter into debate regarding the matter, especially due to their professional prestige. 

So what are these objects that have been proven to exist? If these objects point towards an otherwordly origin, what other evidence do we need? 

Billions of Chips Ready to Implant:
The inventor’s testimony before he died

William Pawelec - Computer Specialist and inventor of
the implant chip approved release after his death.

Many watched  the press conference at the National Press Club 'Disclosure' event in May 2001 where Dr. Steven Greer introduced some of the over 550 witnesses to important UFO events and insider information. Many are government employees and many inside secret projects.

Some asked that their testimony not be released until after their deaths. Mr. Pawelec is one of those.

Sadly he has passed away and his testimony has been authorised to be shown.

I am sorry to end 2010 with such alarming information but as time runs out to secure the truths for our children's future this is the way it must be.

I want to say briefly that I am aware that like many who have had to focus tightly upon a passion, others get hurt, sometimes because the spot light is removed from them or they feel slighted or sidestepped.  On my own journey I know that regrettably I have unintentionally hurt others in my own search for answers and so has Steven Greer.  He has his detractors but I want once again to place on the record that I deeply admire what he has achieved and at great danger and personal loss.

I urge us all to look beyond whether we like the messengers or not and to take advantage of the hard earned information that has been discovered. Brave souls already perished in this search like Steven Greer's close colleague Shari Adiamak and U.S. Congressman Steven Schiff. Steven Greer and myself also, each discovered serious cancer's around the same period when we were establishing the Disclosure project and also making in-roads in the Pentagon and  lsewhere. Shari and Steven Schiff died and Steven Greer and I survived. I have no doubts that the cancers were deliberately inflicted by those who became gravely concerned for where Disclosure was going - today this is one part of where it is going.

Brave whistleblowers will crack this secrecy wide apart and is one reason why the US government is so bent out of shape with Adrian Assange at Wikileaks who incidentally promises he too has UFO documents soon to be published. None of this is anti-American.  The effort to secure truths surrounding the UFO subject is because true Americans want the country to be the best example of new technology, the leader in honesty and transparency and the fresh air our kids deserve in the future, free of the hatred heaped upon us from other parts of the world who have witnessed something else.

Mr. Pawelec was close enough to very high level insiders at the cutting edge of technologies being prepared it appeared for mass implanting of humans. This is a scary interview but a very important one and I personally thank Steven Greer for having the decency and trust to keep this safe until this moment and for his great courage to go where many fear to tread. He truly deserves our support.

There is more to come...

"If we don’t find ways of neutralizing these negative forces, we are going to find our life styles, our concepts of our
species nullified"
- William Pawelec


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  1. One all important question that people fail to ask, and that is simply this. Will aliens solve our problems for us? The answer is no. We currently have everything we need to solve our most complex problems, but we were designed with free will. We're currently willing to accept WAR as the basis of our current operating insanity, we choose adversarial governments to rule over us and hence no alien intervention is possible because we accept the status quo. We were seeded here to evolve into the highest resonating beings imaginable but under the current system, we have all enslaved ourselves to a hierarchy of fools. Once we show sympathy and true intelligences in the realm of problem solving we can then join the universal realm of true unity. The choice is ours, we can continue to destroy ourselves and the world without alien intervention of we can unite with our higher selves in harmony with ALL. The implants are simply monitoring devices that periodically checks our current ongoing evolution.

    1. Thanks for those insights - yet as Heisenberg could tell you, observation IS interference ;)

    2. Observation is interference to what end?


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