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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Black Triangles: Cornerstone of USA Space Fleet?

Black Triangles: Cornerstone of USA Space Fleet?


This report voices what I have been suspecting for a long time; that the USA has a secret aircraft program responsible for the large triangular shaped aircraft that have been seen at night from time to time in the USA and occasionally elsewhere.  The craft emulate USA stealth technology and they also show lights typical of actual aircraft.  In short this is a UFO of terrestrial origins.

Way more important is that the craft’s behavior powerfully suggests that the craft has gravity cancellation technology.  It is often travelling way too slow to be relying on pure aerodynamics or so it seems.  I could be wrong on this, but considering that I now have a clear grasp of how to address the gravity problem it would be no surprise at all.  I am already well convinced it is possible and a natural intermediate step is to place this technology inside a large craft along with a real power plant.

This could also be the craft applying microwave lasers to make crop circles.  Thus this technology has been about for at least thirty years and possibly much longer.  The rest of our technology has had to catch up in order to apply it as we now see.

We are also been conditioned to expect such miracles while ample misdirection and outright denial is keeping huge parts secret.

-         Arclein

 Special Reports – Black Triangles

by Harry Howard

General George S. Brown

“I don't know whether this story has ever been told or not. They weren't called UFOs. They were called enemy helicopters. And they were only seen at night and they were only seen in certain places. They were seen up around the DMZ in the early summer of '68. And this resulted in quite a little battle. And in the course of this, an Australian destroyer took a hit and we never found any enemy, we only found ourselves when this had all been sorted out. And this caused some shooting there, and there was no enemy at all involved but we always reacted.

Always after dark, the same thing happened up at Pleiku at the Highlands in '69.   General George S. Brown, USAF Chief of Staff, Department of Defense transcript of press conference in Illinois, October  16, 1973.

I often briefed General Brown when I was an intelligence officer at 7th Air Force Headquarters in Vietnam. After my first briefing to him, he sent me a note saying. “It’s alright if you choose to wear your glasses.” Later he became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 1974 to1978


Black Triangles: The Worst Kept Secret

Harv Howard writes, “The US tends to typically develop advanced aircraft in fairly full public view in terms of proposals, funding, development, quantities and problems.  The current F-22, F-35 and B-2 bomber projects have proceeded in that manner.  But when aircraft are extremely top secret, they get buried too deeply to trace, from the initial black budget allotments through to the various, aspects of their development and well into theaters of operation.”

The U-2, SR-71 and the F-117A from the depths of Lockheed’s famed Skunk Works didn’t become known to the public until after years in practical use.  Today the evidence is over whelming, secrets can be kept by aerospace industries and government.  The so-called “black triangles” can be added to the list of secret black budget items.  Funding would have come variously from “Star Wars” money, some of trillion that the Pentagon lost, programs that never were, and typically and easily done, “overruns,” tacked onto other projects built such as the very expensive B-2 bomber and the F-117A.

Thousands of sightings of the triangles make it hard to quibble with that blanket assessment. The triangles exist.  Verification comes continually that these mind-blowing craft exist.  Almost every typical American citizens witness a huge and dark triangle moving low, slow and silently overhead. Some are so shaken by the experience that they pay particular attention to the vehicles, enough to make a decent determinations of the unique characteristics of the craft. The differences between the new method of hovering and moving through the air and that of conventional aircraft of any type are unmistakable and troubling and not forgotten to some witnesses. As a consequence and not so strangely, we know more about triangles, unofficially, than any aircraft ever secretly produced in this country.

Most of us interested in the term “triangles” know from regular media accounts that these craft demonstrate uncanny aerial displays to the public in the US and the UK almost daily.  Rarely are these craft reported in any area outside of the US and Europe. Being so publically displayed on Western soil, why is it that after about thirty years of being witnessed these craft have not been revealed to the American public?

What is the point of hiding such remarkable craft if the intelligence agencies of potential enemies and even the man-on-the-street can easily figure out that these fabulous craft are our government’s utility replacement for the dismissed space shuttle and manned rockets?  Why allow the American public to puzzle upon why our leaders and planners have failed us, lost our edge in space to nations using rocket technology that we have abandoned for the most part and yet seemingly have forced us to purchase rides to the ISS for our equipment and crew from others?  It doesn’t make good sense unless there is an ace up Uncle’s sleeve.

There are aspects to the situation that are not so simple to explain.  But first, we need to establish the importance of the triangles to our real world situation.  The triangles (and similarly powered craft) are the greatest development in the history of mechanical devices since the invention of the wheel.  These machines are not true aircraft.  They do not use the atmosphere (air) for lift or propulsion.  Their basic feature sidesteps the effects of gravity.  That totally different method of locomotion will allow us to literally transform human activities on earth and explorations into space.  Basically, there are a mode of quick, reliable and low-cost transportation that will replace several other types currently used in/on the air, land and sea.

In addition, their almost miraculous bending of physics contrary to conventional views automatically gives them the distinction of being the greatest weapon ever placed in the hands of a world power.  That feature alone is enough to explain why they remain top secret devices.
http://www.realityuncovered.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/4817185866_0fe642d14a-300x230.jpg How that secret is handled is something else entirely and seems puzzling on the face of it.  Seeming to move in impossible and unbelievable ways is the key to why we are allowed to see them performing in exactly such a manner.  The secret keepers want us to notice the bizarre shapes and antics.  Yet, why display the triangles so publically and not bring them forth after at least three decades of being reported in our skies?

Because it is all a charade, aided and abetted by all areas of aviation, both military and civilian.  The segments of society that should be most interested in such reports are mum on the triangles, ignoring all incidents and lying about those they cannot ignore.  –Sound familiar?  Haven’t we endured over half a century of the (apparent) lack of official acknowledgment and investigations into the UFO phenomena?

The strategy behind that continued deceit is brilliant, even if a carryover of how officialdom has always dealt with the UFO, but it has another key component.  And that is that the sightings of the triangles dovetail into and help perpetuate the on-going UFO drama that we live with every day.  (Regardless of what many of you want to think, genuine UFOs, alien craft, present a very serious situation to all of Earth that eventually must conclude in some form of publically announced contact with ETs which will only be the beginning of the intervention.)

As it stands, a mysterious triangle exhibiting UFO-like capabilities is understandably labeled as a typical UFO sighting (another non-event) and with that classification assigned; all need for further investigation evaporates.  Broadcast TV news: “Put on your tin-foil hats, folks, another mysterious triangle reported hovering over Boston last night.”  A follow up sentence will advise that the supposed event should not be taken too seriously as government officials showed little interest in the public’s reports of the object.  So it was something or nothing, but definitely not a secret government triangle-shaped craft because they don’t fly them around in public like that.  Right?  After all, allowing a top secret craft to deliberately hover low over Boston on a Saturday night to be seen in all of its glory is totally absurd.  Such an event goes against the basic rules in any playbook for black budget projects.  The damned thing should be out West someplace, Area 51, maybe, not shocking the early night bar crowd in Boston.  And so it goes, a type of UFO is witnessed but only civilians take notice.

Most of the world knows what the English letters of “UFO” represent and what they mean in some fashion.  That understanding, that concept in itself, is a world-wide phenomenon of some note.  Recognition and acceptance of the true meaning behind alien UFOs is a natural and required progressive step for humanity to travel because the triangles (one way or another) were derived from the bizarre physics of the UFOs and that foundation secret must be kept as long as possible even as the triangles become commonplace in our lives.  So we have a rigged paradox surrounding the triangles/UFO relationship saga.

https://i.chzbgr.com/maxW500/3797361408/h6FDC7E74/ The second reason why the strange ways of the triangles is also strategic is just as important and twisted.  Less than friendly countries will have noted for years now the reports of triangles in the Western media and have pay close attention to the details that clearly eliminate the craft from being conventional, even advanced, true aircraft.  How do they react to such news?  They know full well that UFOs are real alien craft, and they note that our machines mimic UFOs.  Anything but fools, they know that we know, somehow, the secret of the UFO method of power.  They feverishly work on their theories if not prototypes.  They would make bold and varied attempts to steal highly classified data in any way imaginable.  They are masters at it.  If the English hacker Gary McKinnon can learn important but not critical details about our space fleets with a little perseverance and computer skill, so can any country with a decent spy program.  Have they had any luck?  We can imagine that they have obtained a substantial knowledge of our operations.

As a result of our best capabilities being in full view to our potential enemies, the current situation in the world is generally stable because of the existence of the triangles.  However, it is a very unbalance stalemate of course.  As our black secret is known on far shores, it is doubtful that any major effort of any kind will be started by the laggards that could provoke the wrath of a fleet of space-capable, UFO-like triangles carrying a variety of weapons.

With the capabilities inherent in the triangles, without a doubt, we control all near-earth space, off-planet exploration and any serious surface wars that would be directly against us.  Not until a country announces a similar craft will we be forced to make our own admission and display our true dominance for the public to see.  The longer it takes our enemies—and potential competitors--to build their versions of the mass less triangles, the better the odds against their ever gaining parity on that score alone.  Despite what they suspect or know about our triangles, the smart potential adversaries would keep quiet as they do their own intense work.

As stated earlier, the new principles of physics in the triangles is the greatest weapon every developed by man for war…and we must add, also the greatest thing for commerce, as also was true for the wheel.

Any use of the new secret craft would not be left to the whim of military commanders, or even top government officials fueled by their own politician agendas but from a larger, more benign, general strategy of the world not based on old versions and visions of world conquest.  It will be more of a philosophical ideology than being politically based. The so-called “coming of the saucers” in 1947 has disturbed the usually forces that rule Earth.  

Initially, the earthlings in control panicked a world war had recently ended and political ideologies were running rampant across the world.  These days, evidently the ETs have told Earth’s leaders what they must do.  We see signs everywhere of the changes and earnest efforts to transform the population of the planet from one state of mind to a more rational state of mine and being.

The New World Order, a dream for some and a nightmare for others, is being social engineered. Done in some countries by their own initiative and forced onto others by the UN to bring to fruition the plan.  The major intent is to save the world from the destructive effects of mankind’s boundless consumption of resources before it sickens and dies as a living planet. Rescuing humanity from its own restless need for war and/or economic conquest is secondary.

The eventual introduction of the triangles and similarly powered craft into commercial avenues and expanded but benign military use will ease many of the approaching burdens around the world.  But as the ships go about their duties carrying aid in those dark days, many fists will be raised and shaken at them in futile anger.  Let it not be more than that display.  Otherwise, a ship with troops will be quickly summoned.  Complete freedom will be remembered as a term briefly used in the foundation of the United States of American, but it was short-lived and was only a dream anyway.  Perhaps a reset of the human apparatus of existence isn’t such a bad plan.  Maybe there is a better way. 

Thanks to Harv Howard

From Terra Forming Terra @ http://globalwarming-arclein.blogspot.com.au/2014/05/black-triangle-cornerstone-of-usa-star.html

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  1. Please be more specific about the "illustrations" for this report -- as to their possible origin in PhotoShop or from the hand-held cameras of genuine, identified/identifiable, human photographers.

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  2. "Complete freedom will be remembered as a term briefly used in the foundation of the United States of American, but it was short-lived and was only a dream anyway. Perhaps a reset of the human apparatus of existence isn’t such a bad plan. Maybe there is a better way. "

    When the jack boot of the NWO is on your neck you will want that "dream" very much. Ironically, If you were
    to return to liberty you would not be in the totalitarian train wreck we live in today.

  3. The font you use for the article is very difficult to read. Great for headlines, or design elements, but I gotta tell you...I stopped reading after a paragraph or two. Too hard on the eyes.

  4. If you were really interested in the article you would have copied it to a word, wordpad, etc. file format and changed it to any one of a hundred or so fonts any size your weary eyes could handle. But you'd rather complain that solve the problem.

    1. It's a legitimate complaint. The article is unreadable for me because of the font due to my glaucoma.

    2. It IS a legitimate complaint; if you subscribe via RSS you'll receive a simpler format copy instead. Of course you can also click on the links at the end of almost every article and have access to plain old boring format versions at the original sources there, too.

  5. I do believe the goverment has the technology for this kind of stuff, but this particullar photo is photoshopped:

    1. That's a great find, showing that this article's servicing-on-the-tarmac photo has been faked up to replace a NASA shot of the Space Shuttle with an eerie Black Triangle Craft!!!

      For lots more exposures of foto-fakery, mostly done by NASA themselves(!) you should check out the the really astonishing posts on this curious series of discussion threads:


      There's enough high strangess and federal fraud revealed here to give you a whole new paradigm on "space exploration" -- or should it be space FABRICATION???

    2. Of course it is. The illustration isn't the point; the information is. One wonders why there's so much discussion of peripherals like illustrations and fonts and so little about the seminal information in this post and the links at its end? Focus, people ;)

    3. they are govrment trolls they always do that in sensitive articles,to deviate thepublic attention, i think you are missing the point about the alien conspiracy to force a one world goverment thay dont care about russia or nkorea because they all play for the same boss, they are showing the triangles to create fear on the public about an external thread and finally unify the world to slavery

  6. This picture is fake!Triangle cast shadow on the right and everything else on the left...

    1. Agree. More fakeness from the Luciferians.

  7. what a load of crap this is not news but disinformation, in 1982 a large explosion was seen by thousands of people in limassol cyprus where dozens of british helicopters were in caged at direct flight at this mystrios glow of flash or explosion and in the morning the next day the local news papaers and media reported as a ufo crash with images on the news media of gray aliens 2 days later disnformation that it was a raf helicpter crash, BULLSHIT,

    1. You are right, they are afraid us....

    2. Think for a minute. The fact you saw 'real extraterrestrial' activity in no way falsifies the fact that the US and other nations have developed equipment about which you know absolutely nothing. That's the point of spreading this information. See the links provided and you may begin to understand that the reality of extraterrestrials and the rerality of secret technology on Earth are NOT mutually exclusive. You live very close to the place where simple logic was so loudly expounded - why not use it yourself instead of being brainlessly insulting?

  8. This is one of the worst Photoshopped pictures I have seen for a very long time. If you want confirmation yourself just compare the shadow detail under the people and the other trucks to the shadow detail under the triangular craft This is a genuine picture with the original aircraft cloned out and the Black Triangle added later. And, not added very well either.

    Also ask yourself the question... why would any craft supposedly capable of vertical take-off and stationery hovering and silent flight need a runway and what appears to be jet-fuelling?

    Wake up! This is just another distraction.

  9. Of course it is. The illustration isn't the point; the information is. One wonders why there's so much discussion of peripherals like illustrations and fonts and so little about the seminal information in this post and the links at its end? Focus, people ;) SEE THE POSTS @ http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/american%20flying%20saucer and http://nexusilluminati.blogspot.com/search/label/electromagnetic%20propulsion if you're seriously interested in exploring the genesis and reality of this technology

  10. Yes your right the pic is an illustration of what some have seen for real and for most to get an idea of what the few have seen.
    I would suggest however that this story is a mere tip of the proverbial iceberg, one would think that logic would prevail and allow the craft to be main stream so that we might unite and be a united force against any who would threaten the fabric of human society as a whole.
    It seems to evident that there are still factions in the illite that still want to be the domineering group even with the drawbacks of planetary destruction not enough to deter them from continuing with the current agenda.
    There is also the fact there are still many who openly profit from the illusions being perpetrated, exploiting anyone and everything for the self centered motives they and the corporations exist by.
    The collaboration of these evil self centered groups with the superior alien races that also want to exploit the planet and its inhabitants is also evident, the half breeds and cloaked beings in human form that are in high profile positions posing as politicians advisors corporate heads or royalty further complicate the work of the genuine beings wanting to bring about the utopia that we all should have been living in 30 years ago at least.
    The endless red flag spy ops mindless distractions of class race and religious wars, suppression of technologies that would free the planet of greed and destruction has to be stopped , only by the proliferation of researched and exposed hidden information will enlighten the masses to these facts, thanks to sites like this one that ordinary people that have awakened can continue with the spreading of the information discovered to help save us and the planet we reside and share to pass on to our future generations also.

  11. If this were a light background, black text and an easy-to-read font, it would be much easier. I tried for a few paragraphs, then gave up. If you want people to read your writing, at least make it easy for them to do. I'm leaving. For good.

    1. This colour scheme is designed to alter consciousness in the viewer, breaking down rote patterns of thought and reading. If you subscribe via RSS etc you get it in black on white. Or you can go to the links provided at the end of each article - which are almost invariable presented in boring fonts and monotone

  12. i saw a portrait size photo of the triangle in the air force in the 1970s...in the psychiatrist's office hehee. so if you say to much, remember, according to military psychiatrists you might just be crazy lol.

  13. Find: The Luciferian Doctrine pdf

  14. It appears that your BALD assertion refers to the graphic, not the article. Can you tell the difference?

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Check out this series of videos by Sean Gautreaux.


    Living on a Indian Colony northeast of Reno Nevada now, I drive 8 hours from Reno to Las Vegas multiple times per month, both night and day. That used to be the most boring 8 hours ever..

    Let me tell ya, after having watched this series and trained my eye to truly see, I have not experienced a boring drive since then.

    There are hundreds of parts to this series, averaging 5-10 minutes. Do yourself a solid and sit through the first 9 at least before you assume you've got the gist of it.

  17. Be sure to adjust youtube video rendering settings to at least 720P for the videos I previously mentioned ;]

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