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Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields: What is Penetrating You?

The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields
What is Penetrating You?


by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill

image of electromagnetic power linePeculiar, this culture. Many people can't tell you the source of their electricity—whether nuclear, coal, solar, wind or hydroelectric. Most people don't realize that electricity runs through metal wires because they are good conductors, but your body is a good conductor as well. In fact, every system in your body runs on electricity, from your cellular metabolism to your heartbeat to your ability to pull up a memory. Your body's electronics are much more intricate and sensitive than the electronics in your computer or cell phone.

But mention that serious health effects can result from human-generated electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and everyone and their dog seem to be able to quote propaganda on how these frequencies and their emitting devices are "proven safe"—which defies logic. For most consumers, information about the health effects of these fields comes from reports in electronics-based media (internet, radio, and TV) or tech-ads-dependent media (newspapers and news magazines). And the vast bulk of the research is paid for by the telecommunications industry, which cares about its sales and legal liability—not your health. This industry has spent billions of dollars in political lobbying.

There is little meaningful government oversight concerning safety. Standards of exposure in some countries are thousands times the exposure allowable in others. Making electronics companies, government agencies or employers liable for the damage they do would throw a wrench into our global economy and lifestyles. We've collectively—through thousands of small decisions—dug ourselves into a critically unhealthy infrastructure.

A radio frequency engineer once told me, as we stood in a city park, that if we could see the invisible electromagnetic waves surrounding us, the air would look the consistency of pea soup. We'd be lucky to be able to see our toes. I asked him whether he carried a cell phone. He responded thoughtfully, "Do tobacco executives smoke? Of course not. Do electronics engineers carry cell phones? They know better."

Few people are listening to the real authority to which they have instant access—their own body. Some of the most commonly experienced effects of EMFs, like depression, brain fog, attention deficit disorder, chronic fatigue, autism, sleeplessness, anxiety, and Alzheimer's increase coffeeshop and drug corporation profits as people look for relief. But a drug-dependent fix is different than vigorous health, especially for the planet.

Most of the initial research behind the toys we hold dear—cordless phones, cellular phones, computers, the internet, and satellites—originated from military coffers with an agenda of developing ways to kill people effectively. Despite all the fun, efficiency, and horizon-expansion our devices have brought us, their inventors have seemed to continue the tradition of overlooking the needs of our bodies and the rest of the Earth in their design. Until we veer into different spiritual underpinnings with a love for all life, we're acting like suicidal teenagers in a drag race in our tech development.

When you're in these fields for long periods, your body rallies to cope with the stress and come to an unnatural new homeostasis. Then when you're in a clean environment, you may experience withdrawal symptoms and crave electronics. So you may associate the clean environment with pain, and feel better in a dirty electrical environment. But the onslaught is damaging your health regardless of your perception of what's happening.

I call this gyration with EMFs "addiction," because I so often encounter in conversing on this subject with people the same denial, rationalization, and furtiveness one might encounter in a drug addict who is trying to hold onto his sweet poison. We are a culture addicted to EMFs, and manipulative behaviors run all through our collective legal, economic, and ecological management systems regarding them. For instance, the burden to prove that satellite emanations are harmful rests on those assaulted by them. Instead, the burden to prove their safety should rest on the satellite companies who hold hostage our collective atmosphere—our window to the rest of the galaxy. These companies finance government lobbyists, public relations staff, scientists, and lawyers to sequester their self-interest in our skies.

The sober reality is that even from within this corrupt system there is overwhelming scientific evidence that EMFs cause far-reaching health effects. No one can seriously, knowledgeably deny that. To say that biological processes are not electrically based is like saying the sun revolves around the Earth. And to say that EMFs from our contraptions will not interfere with those electrically-based biological processes is like saying that hitting your thumb with a hammer will not cause physical effects. We can haggle over how dire the consequences of our electronic meddling are. But it's impossible for anyone to predict accurately the effects on future generations (or if there will even be future generations who can survive in the artificial environment we've collectively manufactured). After all, EMFs cause genetic damage.

Some of the well respected, thoroughly researched overviews of scientific studies we have listed in our Suggested Reading on the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) section were written almost two decades ago. That EMFs had alarmingly harmful effects was well-proven even then. And the evidence has grown exponentially. In the words of Clas Tegenfeld, who has extensively researched the biological effects of EMFs, "Already there are at least 15,000 scientific reports on the subject. I am afraid the truth is that we don't want to know." (Frey, Allan H. "Headaches from Cellular Telephones: Are They Real and What Are the Implications?" Environmental Health Perspectives, March 1998. EPI1803)

This denial seems to circle around the fear that it's too late. We're headed over the cliff, and we can't seem to help ourselves. After all, I'm using the internet now to reach you.

So what to do? Numb out? Sink into some blissful virtual world until the plug is pulled on it?

This article will give you a general overview of the effects of EMFs. Peter MacGiill and I have studied their effects intensively both intellectually and in years of practical application in measuring and mitigating these fields in people's homes and businesses. We will use the scientific/mechanistic language that debates on the issue usually use. This language can be well understood in court, in convincing an employer or family member to reduce the level of EMFs in your common environment, or to satisfy your own desire to understand the devices you use. Quantum physics a century ago questioned this worldview and way of talking in proving that the perspective of the researcher directly affects the results of an experiment. In other words, there is no objective, provable truth. More recently, cutting edge parallel-world physics has thrown open our understanding of how the universe works, giving us a bigger lens from which to observe ourselves.

Our cultural world, among the many worlds it has paralleled, has taken a belief in "objectivity" to extremes. This has been an interesting exploration, but has led to a sense of separation between people, and between people and nature beings. In short, our culture seems to be set up to use people and things. It's a world where everyone I've ever met is traumatized in some way. Even watching the evenings news can be traumatizing, since so much of it presents the world in a win/lose scenario—and being a failure can be fatal. The EMF crisis is only one of many out-playings of our cultural worldview, but certainly a tragic one.

Fortunately, numbing out or participating in society's march of self-destruction are not an individual's only options. We are surrounded by a sea of more life-enhancing, nurturing, creative parallel worlds in our multiverse, and I'm happy to tell you that you're not stuck in this one. You can "leap" to another.

I've been in close communication with people from two parallel worlds that split off from the one many of my readers are on—one at least hundreds of years ago, and one a couple decades ago. They have made thousands of decisions in different directions than we have gone. On one—a technologically advanced, nature-loving culture, the "we need to rape the Earth to have jobs" argument would sound ludicrous. They have cars and planes and no pollution, and people do only work they love. The other culture has run their hi-EMF version of Earth to its logical end—near extinction. They also would not think the designer look of that metal blob with which you irradiate your brain while you communicate makes you especially sexy or tech literate.

Most of the rest of this website, www.weness.org, is on how to leap to a parallel world that suits you, and parallel world technology. Some readers able to access this website live on worlds that are like a sinking ship. The only sane thing to do is to get off. Other readers able to access this website are in worlds where an exchange of technology with other parallel worlds could still make a big difference.

See the bottom section in our Suggested Reading on the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) for in-depth reading on these subjects.

In comparing our tech with the lifestyle of more advanced worlds I love, I've found that the gizmos that excite us here pale in comparison with what we could experience instead. In the nineties when the internet was gaining quickly in popularity, I was in charge of keeping thirty computers up-to-date for a university department, and doing their website. I had a psychic counseling practice on the side. "Zoom in, zoom out" was something I did both with graphics software and in psychic looking. I did long-distance readings for people, accessing information from their auras non-locally more efficiently than a cell phone call. My friends on the other parallel are as if in a chat room with me all the time—always accessible telepathically, except for when I'm on the computer here. EMFs jam my circuits and cut me off from easy telepathic communion. Like with Facebook, those who are attuned to my vibration can always find me psychically—they have the password.

The Earth is rising in its basic frequency as measured by the Schumann Resonances, which Wikipedia calls "a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum." As the Earth's vibration rises, we each are naturally approaching a higher dimensional experience in our focus of awareness. Surrounding ourselves with human-made electronics holds us back from letting our bodies go with the natural flow of our planet's evolution. I suspect we would all be telepathic if we stepped out of our contrived EMF boxes. Our contraptions are pale imitations of what our inborn talents, stimulated by structural changes in Earth's electromagnetic field, could give us. That we have ended up with these contraptions instead of more loving ways of operating says volumes about the underlying values and paradigms that have led to our rush to support developments that we can market and control.

Electrifying Sources




Some of the everyday human-generated sources of EMFs to which we're exposed include the following. (Mind you, this is my short list.)

Electricity transmission lines. About forty per cent of the electricity produced in the U.S. is lost through leakage as it moves over our 350,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines. Electricity can extend into the air, or flow down a metal pylon and travel through the earth, electrifying underground water flows. It also causes large magnetic fields around the lines.

Electricity distribution lines and electrical wiring in walls, both with electrical and magnetic fields extending around them. Electricity should flow through your home and neighborhood and loop back to the transformer—that big metal canister mounted on the telephone pole. But almost a third of the electricity gets loose and returns to the transformer through the earth below you. That electricity can come back into the building on metal water distribution pipes, electrifying your water. Apartment complexes in neighborhoods with underground power lines often have transformers nearby on the ground—those big metal boxes labelled with a drawing of a man being shocked. They rely partly on the earth to attenuate the electrical and magnetic fields, as earth is a good conductor. Water utility pumps that send water up to municipal water towers and homeowner's sump pumps can spread a blanket of EMF's through the earth as well. So much for walking barefoot in the grass as a way of letting off static charge.

Plugged-in equipment such as TV's, computers, printers, copiers, ovens, clocks, fridges, hairdryers, washing machines, dishwashers, lights, and the ubiquitous pop machine. These put out a variety of frequencies. Older TV's and computer monitors can even dish out X-rays with your evening's entertainment.

Microwave ovens. Besides producing large magnetic fields and sometimes radiation leakages, these machines deplete the nutrition of food and form carcinogenic compounds in it.

Wi fi. In the 1940's when the first microwave ovens showed that microwaves could cook flesh, people would have thought you odd for taking the door off one and spraying your home, kids, neighborhood and universe with them (these frequencies go on forever). A wi fi modem is a microwave broadcast antenna.

Cell phones. We've found that many types of cell phones have the same radiation measurements a few inches from them that a typical cell phone tower has only one hundred feet away from it. Indeed, some cell phones are designed to serve as mini-towers to other cell phones. The phones of motorists passing by can cause emissions as much as fifty times greater than when they're stationary, as the phone searches for the next broadcast tower. If no tower exists in your area, cell phones will blast you even more as they search for a signal that doesn't exist.

Cordless phones. Most cordless phones are transmitting even when the handset is resting on its base. Constantly (like a cell phone you never stop talking on). That on top of the usually large magnetic field around the battery recharger.

Broadcast antenna for AM and FM radio, TV, internet, cell phones, police dispatch, fire district radio, company communications, etc. Within one mile of my brother-in-law's Chicago office there are one hundred thirty broadcast tower structures and over two thousand broadcast antenna. And those numbers don't even include cell phones, which themselves are broadcasters. Check your neighborhood at www.antennasearch.com .

Satellite broadcasts—commercial, military, and government. There are thousands of satellites at work in the sky, showering us with transmissions.

Cars. Besides built-in wireless devices like Global Positioning System (GPS) and keyless entry, the engine and wiring cause huge magnetic fields in most vehicles. (Most new cars measure about 10 milligauss. In contrast, most homes have a background level of one to three milligauss). Hybrid cars in our measuring have had six times the magnetic fields of the worst non-hybrid cars.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Radio transmitters hidden in walls, shelves, floors, highways, etc. read the uniquely numbered chips hidden in products you buy, and the store-issued cards in your wallet. The speed you're driving can be determined by radio-tracking the chips in your tires at intervals on the highway. Airports can identify you by scanning through their floors the chips in the soles of your shoes. And stores can not only let you self-check-out; they can also electronically see what you're wearing when you enter by scanning the RFID chips and threads woven into your clothes, and the products you pick up and put back on each shelf, for marketing information. You can be beamed repeatedly with radio waves on one shopping trip and not know it.

Laser devices to scan merchandise at check-out counters and kids' fingers at some school lunch programs, and in car headlights.

Medical tests such as X-ray, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), mammogram, ultrasound, etc., and medical treatments such as diathermy, chiropractic lasers and pacemakers.

Security systems, including radio-frequency scanning to catch shoplifters, the low-level-X-ray scanning of airport passengers, and ankle devices broadcasting the location of criminals on probation.

Radar—traffic, weather, military, and airport. Not to mention automatic doors at many grocery stores. These send out transmissions and receive signals after they hit an object, like you. Also radar to keep a car in its lane.

Smartgrid. Not only can your electric utility company turn off your appliances remotely with this technology, wireless signals are broadcast to the company typically every two minutes from your and your neighbors' dwellings, and are likely carried throughout your home on your electrical wiring, encircling you.

HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program). The U.S. government's array of 180 transmitters in Alaska is capable of bouncing 3.6 million watts of radio waves off the ionosphere, or permeating it. HAARP's uses are secret, but according to its capability, could include weather modification (Hurricane Katrina did an unprecedented sharp shift in direction to hit New Orleans rather than Texas), shielding that can disable the electronics of incoming missiles, and earthquake-causing weaponry. Also radio communications enhancement, mind control of large populations (HAARP uses the same frequency as our brainwaves), and the scoping out of subterranean bunkers and geology. I hope I don't live over any underground features they want to survey with that kind of a beam. HAARP is an ionospheric heater. Is it partly to blame for global warming?

chem trail cloud in Rocky Mountain National ParkChemtrails. Tons of barium salts and aluminum dumped from aircraft act as electrolytes to enhance the conductivity of military radar and radio waves, among other purposes. (Very toxic, but they make beautiful rainbow-colored sunsets.)

Uranium mining, processing, and waste disposal. Uranium companies often contaminate the ground, aquifers, and air around their mines and plants, releasing radioactivity.

Nuclear bomb testing. This planet has withstood at least two thousand nuclear test explosions and their fall-out, which will remain a health hazard for 4.5 billion years.

Especially near cities, even a walk "in nature" is not, electromagnetically speaking, anything resembling "natural." The navigation systems of bees, whales, and birds can be fatally compromised by EMF interference. Microwave transmissions interfere with the capillary action that pulls water or sap up a tree. We cook plants in microwave ovens and everywhere, weakening them, making them vulnerable to disease and pests.

Given how widespread these fields are, you can see the importance of reducing your exposure as much as you can.





We'll use the term "electromagnetic fields" or "EMFs" to refer to a broad scale of wavelengths. With progressively shorter wavelengths are the electricity that runs through wires in your walls, AM and FM radio waves, cell phone microwaves, infrared lasers, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays, gamma rays, and cosmic rays. All these travel at the speed of light, but a research facility in Switzerland may soon break our present measuring device limits and "discover" interdimensional frequencies that are off our present scale.

So which are harmful?

"Ionizing" radiation like X-rays, known with their short wavelengths for causing DNA mutations or cancer, is often thought of as the most harmful, because it can restructure molecules by knocking electrons off their nuclear orbits. But the full spectrum is the stuff of creation, and all wavelengths can be in balance and healthy for our bodies, or harmful.

The EMF spectrum is a delicately-tuned balance of frequencies, and problems arise when parts are isolated from the whole. When we strip a grain like rice of the nutrients and enzymes naturally present that are needed to digest it, we end up with unhealthy food. Likewise, even a radioactive gas like radon in a natural granite cave will not be nearly as harmful as radon coming through cracks in a basement made of cement that was mixed without an intention of balance. And the ionizing ultraviolet rays in full-spectrum sunlight are less harmful than those artificially isolated in unshielded fluorescent lights and coming off computer screens. After all, even the mutation spurred by radioactivity can be evolutionary when supported by a balanced environment.

Some human-electronics-generated EMF's have sharp sawtooth or square shaped wavelengths unlike any found in the wild. Our bodies don't know how to respond to them.

Different kinds of cells resonate with different frequency wavelengths, and are greatly affected by them in their biochemical functioning. In fact, many experts have long believed that electronic treatments for disease are much more specific and effective than drugs, without the side effects. Radio transmissions can broadcast disease-causing frequencies to a population. Your local cell phone tower may be radiating a wavelength that happens inadvertently to promote a certain type of organ malfunction. And your body, comprised mainly of water, makes a great antenna.

Sensitive Communication


Your central nervous system pulses are a few millionths of a volt. Common sense would dictate that your body's sensitive operating system would be clobbered when you turn on a 110 volt hairdryer and hold it near your head. It's like blowing a train whistle in the ear of a nervous system designed for faint whispers.

Furthermore, the body expects communication signals to mean something to which it can respond, be they electromagnetic voices from its own cells, from other species, weather fronts, earth movements, planets, or the sun. Your hairdryer is being rude, oblivious to the havoc it's wreaking. It's not dancing with its environment. Its ears are closed to feedback. Compare the hairdryer to the moth whose signals to potential mates can be picked up a mile away. The vibration of its wings modulates its radiating infra-red body heat in communication. Your own body can probably sense the magnetic fields of the hairdryer a couple hundred yards away. Can the hairdryer sense your presence, short of it's on/off switch?

Like these moths, humans used to pick up on a range of signals from each other in meeting, beyond what was spoken verbally and in body language. Most people can hardly remember how rich social gatherings once were, before our sensitive interpersonal signal-receptors were jammed by the fields our electronics put out. Someone answering their cell phone or typing into it while you're trying to talk with them is bad enough. But relating to someone whose cell phone is blasting you with microwaves as it scans for calls even while resting on their belt is, on a subtle level, like connecting with someone wearing a loud stereo. The person may seem to indicate that they want to be closer, but their spraying you with impersonal EMF's gives the opposite message.

Scientists are now able to photograph and measure the streams of photons—the tiny particles of light—that pass between all biological organisms in communication. They have found that healers and psychics, who are skilled at transmitting these currents, perform poorly in electrical fields.

Much research has been done on "bonding" between mother and infant. Now there are children who have rarely been outside of wi fi, from conception. Their mother's energy field has always been infiltrated by tech emanations, depriving these children of the luscious experience of full, natural auric embrace.

Health Effects


The long wavelengths transmitted through the electrical wiring in our buildings produce both electric and magnetic fields. These fields noticeably fall off with distance as you step back from the source, such as away from a fridge. Shorter wavelength electromagnetic radiation, like microwaves, also weaken with distance, but the distances can be tremendous. They fan out from a broadcast tower like spokes from a wheel hub. You may have trouble picking up a signal because as they fan out you're receiving fewer of them farther from the transmitter. In a city full of broadcast towers and antennae, including portable ones like cell phones, even if your receiving equipment can't pick up all the transmissions clearly, you're being penetrated by whatever radiates in your direction that isn't blocked, however diffuse. It can come from all directions—from satellites above, your neighbor's wi fi in the condo below, the TV next door, and passing cars' cell phones. These frequencies go through trees, bodies, and most building materials.

The magnetic and electric fields emanating from our wiring and appliances contribute to the following maladies, among many others:

Cancer, which occurs when normal cell division is disrupted and runs amok. Some scientists believe the original damage is usually caused by chemicals or ionizing radiation like X-rays, and then a magnetic field provides a nurturing environment for cancer cells to proliferate. A 1990 first version of an Environmental Protection Agency report designated EMFs in the same class as cigarettes, as a class B1 carcinogen.

Miscarriages, birth defects, and childhood leukemia. Fetuses and children are both growing quickly, with lots of cell division that can sustain damage.


Chronic Fatigue (very common in Silicon Valley).

The health effects from the proliferation of shorter wavelength radiation are even more troubling. Pediatrician John Kerner and his colleagues at Stanford University have described microwave cooking in an oven. "Atoms, molecules, and cells hit by this hard electromagnetic radiation are forced to reverse polarity 1 to 100 billion times per second. There are no atoms, molecules or cells of any organic system able to withstand such a violent, destructive power for any extended period of time, not even in the low energy range of milliwatts." [Pediatrics Apr/92]

With radio- and microwave-based telecommunications, we're slowly cooking ourselves and all living things. The damage is cumulative, so the consequences are the same whether you have a large short-term exposure or a long-term mild exposure. And it's not optional. Satellite transmissions guarantee that every person on this Earth is being fried. All are affected irregardless of whether they've ever even seen a cell phone.

In our satellite-blasted microwave oven of a planet, as the body heats up, cells shut down their energy production, leading to fatigue. When this happens the brain shuts down. The thyroid shuts off. Blood vessels spasm, which can impair function in any organ through decreased circulation, including the heart. Direct damage to the nerves can produce neuropathies (numbness), and direct damage to the eyes, cataracts and macular degeneration. Cholesterol can rise. Asthma can be caused by EMFs producing histamine in mast cells. There can be digestive problems, tinnitus, sleep difficulties, rashes, and headaches. All tissues of the body can be affected, through direct DNA damage and oxidative damage, and the disruption of neurotransmitters, metabolism, cell signalling, cell division, enzyme function, and protein production.

Gerald Goldberg, MD explains in Would you Put Your Head in a Microwave Oven? how when blood flow to the left temporal-frontal region of the brain is impaired—the area most likely to shut down—your ability to develop insights, form judgments and respond to your environment is impaired. This same dysfunction can be seen with attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism, mania, depression, schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, hyperirritability syndromes, dementia and Alzheimer's. Furthermore, the disruption of neurotransmitters can diminish your ability to calm yourself when agitated.

Other diseases linked directly in studies with EMFs include diabetes, Parkinson's, lymphomas, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Microwave radiation doesn't always singularly cause all of these conditions. There may be other factors, or co-factors such as chemical toxins and genetic predispositions. But there's no doubt that the incidence of Alzheimer's, ADD, autism, and depression has risen very closely in synch with the rise of electro-tech.

Here's an example of EMFs being a co-factor. Let's say you receive a vaccine before travelling overseas that contains aluminum, a toxin that has been implicated in the development of Alzheimers. Microwaves from your cell phone make the blood/brain barrier—which normally would block heavy metals from entering your brain—permeable. The aluminum enters your brain. You develop Alzheimers. So neither your cell phone nor the vaccine "caused" the disease, but without them, your brain would still be functioning normally. Given the prevalence of both cell phones and toxic-metal containing vaccinations in our society, could you really call either "safe," even if they were safe alone?

A typical computer-laden classroom with cell phone-laden students is a breeding ground for learning disabilities. A client of ours lived on a cell phone tower-infested hill, and her daughter tested as belonging in special ed classes. The family moved away from the towers, restricted the child's TV and computer time, and home schooled. Within a few months she tested well above special ed, finally able to concentrate. How many kids never get the chance of a thinking-friendly classroom environment? Instead of supplying an electrically calm space, we supply Ritalin. A Swedish study found that kid's brains are affected for long periods even after very short-term cell phone use, impairing their ability to study. I understand that parents want their kids to "get ahead" in the world, which may require being up on tech. But it's interesting that the part of the brain first destroyed by radiation is not the logical engineering part. It's the capacity to see the big picture. It's the ability to reflect to one's parents ten years later, "Why on Earth did you give me a cell phone when I was young and my brain was still developing, my skull was thinner, and my soft brain tissue allowed deeper penetration of radiation? What have I lost?"

When the mortgage company I worked for in the eighties computerized their accounting, out went the ledger-laden desks, replaced by back-to-back computers divided by gray cubicles. Within a year I was on anti-depressants, prescribed by my maternal cousin's psychiatrist. At the next reunion of my paternal relatives, I learned that fully half my cousins there were on anti-depressants too. I concluded that I had faulty genes, and decided not to have children. When aunts and uncles didn't admit to having such maladies, and didn't remember their older relatives suffering either, I thought they must not be as in touch with themselves as the younger generation, or hesitated to speak poorly of their family members.

However, mental illness has certainly turned out to be more than a genetic phenomenon. More than one in four U.S. Americans ages eighteen and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. And the 2007 National Youth Risk Behavior Survey discovered that 6.9% of high school students had attempted suicide in a year. Welcome to the new normal in the age of tech.

EMF's are one environmental hazard that cuts across social class, and even lifestyle. Some researchers say we've reached the point where the background radiation is almost as great as the radiation from a cell phone when you're using it. Microwave broadcasts rain on those who want the service as well as those who don't and are already sickened by it—with no escape. And even those who don't use cell phones share the road with drivers who chat while driving, whose brain functions are damaged to the extent that their response time is that of a drunk driver with .8 blood alcohol level. This effect lasts for fifteen minutes after they hang up. (The metal frames of cars make it more difficult for the phone to pick up signals, so the phone works much harder, making in-car talk ten times as dangerous to your health as out-of-car cell phone use.)



"I used to think we could solve the environmental crisis by throwing enough good science at the problem. I was wrong. The primary threat isn't pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, or habitat destruction. It's selfishness, greed, and apathy. We need a spiritual and cultural transformation to deal with that."

Gus Speth, dean, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

http://www.holistichealthsecrets.com/danger.jpgMost books on the biological effects of EMFs comment on the sad state of scientific ethics. Science is bought and sold in our culture through irrelevant research that distracts, through P.R. spins that distort the results, through industry grants to universities, and through the revolving door of employment between our regulatory agencies and industry lobbyists. I love reading about health-related research, and in no other area have I come across whistleblowing scientists saying how they've been severely harrassed when their results didn't match their funders' expectations. The best research gives us new understandings of how the body and electricity work, without political agenda.

You'll find wonderful resources that discuss in depth legitimate scientific studies in our Suggested Reading on the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) section.

EMF's are difficult to study for a number of reasons. There is no control group on the planet anywhere who has not been subjected to EMF's, so this is not a double-blind study in which you are unwittingly participating. Scientists usually test only one toxin, whereas in reality there are now hundreds of thousands of toxins interacting with each other in unforeseeable ways. And no one can predict now what effect forty years of satellite irradiation will produce in your body.

Studies don't prove broad statements like "cell phones are safe." Research can show that certain effects were or were not found at specific frequencies in certain populations, which of course does not prove that other effects would not be found at other frequencies or in other populations (such as, say, liver cells, fetuses or migrating birds). For many years scientists were mainly asking if there were thermal effects from radiation—a heating of tissue. We now know that there are many effects caused by radiation, likely far more than we currently have the capacity to measure.

The environment and our bodies are complex. No one will ever prove definitively that your particular cancer or your depression are caused singly by EMF's. And no one will ever prove that they're not. The armchair consumer stance is to wait for the experts to find us the perfect drugs for all ills, despite our self-defeating behaviors. But the question is, do you want to get well (or stay well)? The good news is that changing self-defeating behavior is often free and relatively easy compared to the cost of suffering. And it can be interesting to do your own experimentation. For instance, you might try replacing a cordless phone with a corded phone for a month and see how you feel.

image of electromagnetic power line in Estes ParkCorporations should have to prove that their devices are safe before unleashing them on the public. But this they know they cannot do.

Reading about these studies has helped me a great deal. However, if most people made choices based on rational thinking, companies would not spend billions on advertising, and few humans with any sense at all would smoke cigarettes. Changing our patterns of thinking to become more discriminating can take some effort. It's worth it.

  Thoughts to Reconsider


Perhaps Peter and I are fools to think we can cut through the programming of the mountains of tech ads you've seen in your lifetime in one article. But here goes.

"I'm not affected by these fields"

If you're a biological being who doesn't possess supernatural powers, you are adversely affected by these fields.

This is a touchy subject. The last thing I want to do is plant in your mind an unconscious suggestion that it's inevitable you'll get sick. I truly wish for you a long, healthy life. And my aim is to help you achieve that by helping you make informed decisions.

We're in an unprecedented situation where no one on Earth lives outside the laboratory of this experiment. We're all guinea pigs in the hands of industry and government. Few of us can remember how it felt to be alive in a body in the days before human-generated electricity or radio. My hunch is that most people don't know what "feeling good" really feels like. We have days when we feel better, and days when we feel worse. But we never have days when our bodies are not dealing with stress from being bombarded by strange frequencies that millions of years of evolution haven't prepared us for.

Researcher Gerald Goldberg, MD writes, "It is well established in the medical and scientific literature that there is a lag period of approximately 5 to 7 years from the time of initial exposure to radiation to the development of full blown disease." He states, "We are potentially faced with a health crisis that will cripple most industrialized nations. . . . We are on the verge of a crisis that our current health infrastructure will be incapable of dealing with." (Would you Put Your Head in a Microwave Oven? p. x.)

Since the damage is cumulative and permanent, there's a good chance you won't know you've developed a serious condition until it's too late to reverse it. For instance, my friend whose kidney shriveled up and died under the area where he carried his cell phone discovered its likely effect too late. This is why our policymakers should take the long view and error in favor of prevention.

Most people can handle a certain amount of stress, but when they cross their threshold of tolerance, they spiral into ill health. Stressors can be environmental chemicals, psychological pressures like a job or relationship loss, or a neighbor setting up a wi fi antenna. With so much involuntary exposure to these fields, it's important to take charge of reducing whatever load you can.

Sadly, if your brain has been damaged by EMFs, you may thereby lack the judgment and insight to realize it. And your devices may be contributing to the health demise of loved ones, whose illnesses will certainly affect you.

You may be affected by EMFs in other ways. B. Blake Levitt writes:

The configuration of pine needles and the leaf veins of deciduous trees make them perfect antenna receivers. . . . Microwaves are also thought to act on soil, plant life, and water in much the same way as microwave ovens act on food, only slower. Minute electrical currents travel down a tree trunk, flow into the ground in the form of electrical current, enter the soil, and create a type of acidification by means of an electrolytic process that effectively kills all living microorganisms there, leaving the soil unable to sustain new growth. (Electromagnetic Fields: A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves, p. 7.)

Your food supply depends on healthy soil. Weakened trees may be subject to pests like the mountain pine beetle, and dead trees fuel forest fires.

We've mainly talked so far about long-term conditions and diseases with fairly cut-and-dried diagnoses. There is a condition called electrohypersensitivity that affects up to a third of the population, with 3% to 8% experiencing downright disability. These are just the people who have figured out that certain of their health problems, such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, depression, rashes, irritability, blurred vision, brain fog, sleeplessness, muscle and joint pain, arrhythmias, asthma, etc. occur only when they're in high EMF settings. However, there are many more people who are never outside of high EMF settings, and don't realize their symptoms would clear up if they could spend time in healthier environments.

It's a toss up, what's better—to be more sensitive and hurting, so that you're motivated to minimize exposure. Or to be less sensitive—in the "these fields don't affect me" camp—less likely to prevent serious problems that may suddenly hit you down the line. Whatever your sensitivity level, we're all in this uncontrolled experiment together, and it's time to take back our power.


"Just think positively and these fields won't harm you."

I agree that positive thinking helps health. However, when I've heard this said, it's always been by some cell phone junkie who didn't want to turn the thing off at my request!

Various quantum physicists and channelers have given us knowledge about how our intentions can affect or even form our experience. But in a narcissistic culture, people often feel the whole world should revolve around them. If you can overcome the effects of your cell phone with your mind, that's great. But what about the rest of us—human, animal, plant, and rock—whom you're hurting with your behavior?

Plain and simple, if someone uses a cell phone, they are financially supporting a massive polluting of the airwaves that belong to all of us by a corrupt industry. Now, many people feel they have little choice but to do that, given the way society is structured. But I would invite those gifted in setting powerful intention to come out of wishful thinking about the status quo.

We can create healthy tech. But we have to intend it and make changes—not just think positively about the extremely harmful tech we have.

"I heard it on the news"

For decades, we've suffered a white-out on EMF health effects in the mainstream print media, with their multitudes of tech ads. Now most publications are moving heavily onto the web for their very existence. To expect them to report objectively on the health effects of the fields you are subjecting yourself to at the time you're accessing their site is naive. Ditto radio and TV.

I've rarely seen symptoms of EMF exposure besides cancer even mentioned in the press. Symptoms you might be feeling because you're on the computer or TV, like headaches, skin rashes, irritability or fatigue are never mentioned.

I look to books as my primary sources. Non-commercial websites and public radio stations also sometimes wander into grounds where advertisers have no foothold. If you see an article that doesn't make bold claims like "no adverse health effects have been proven" (thousands of studies have found effects), isn't sandwiched between tech ads, or adjoining prescription drug ads (drugs can mask the brain damage caused by electro-pollution), and even cites the funding source of the study in question, you might consider it. Otherwise regard it as seriously you would an infomercial.

Projected health effect costs are never mentioned in articles on new tech entering the public arena, such as wireless devices purchased by school districts, new cell phone towers up for ratification by city councils, or smartgrid technologies from our electric utility companies. Call the white-out financially-driven censorship, if you will. It undermines democracy and has led to tremendous suffering, as well as sky-rocketing health care costs.

For good sources of news, see our Suggested Reading on the Effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs).

"Sick people are inferior."

People who are ill are not always the most pleasant to be around. They're generally not chipper. And in a competitive society that doesn't value life for its own sake, they're often seen as slackers, drags, or otherwise vaguely bad. Often people talk about disease as if it's a war or a sports event where if you try hard enough, you'll beat it. Therefore, if you're sick, you're a loser.

If you have an environmental disease such as lung cancer from asbestos exposure, you at least can vent your anger about the violation of your body toward some impersonal corporation or former employer. And you may even get sympathy and support from family and friends. With electrosensitivity, it's likely that family and friends are the perpetrators themselves, violating your right to a healthy environment. It's as if the person with lung cancer were surrounded by people who were addicted to asbestos, or whose livelihoods depended on asbestos dust saturating the air everywhere. Many people sickened by EMFs have had to leave family, residence, and employment behind to get relief from exposure. The problem is, there's really no place to go that's human-generated-EMF free.

As more and more people become electrosensitive (or become aware that their present symptoms are electricity-related), and we find that the majority of us are making a bigger compromise in quality of life than the convenience and efficiency of our devices are giving back, a huge rethinking of our basic values and societal structures will be called for. Rather than judging the victims around us, we may be relying on them to help see us through to collective sanity on this issue.

"Wireless is progressive."

We're building major blocks of our economic infrastructure around "cloud" technologies. These require workers to have wireless access to their company's database a distance away (UPS drivers, for instance), let alone cell phone access. This business reliance on a wireless infrastructure will make it very difficult to retrace our steps when the epidemics hit.

Prominent scientists are predicting major breakdowns of both wireless and wired networks—satellite and power line functioning, etc.—as solar flares increase as expected. And the thousands of satellites currently in use are in danger of hitting not only each other, but the thousands of pieces of space junk now orbiting our planet. A satellite typically costs hundreds of millions of dollars to build and launch. A lawyer in the field told me he doesn't see them having a viable future, given their cost, vulnerability, and the time it takes to replace a damaged one. Successful businesses of the future may be those who can survive a major wireless communications breakdown.

The following are so-called progressive innovations that are coming soon if we don't quickly come to our senses and block them:

Wi-Max antennae, each with the strength to cover 38 square miles, will soon blanket the country with no relief anywhere. They'll be on 24/7, during people's sleep time when they're one hundred times more vulnerable to electro-harm, sleep being the normal time for the body to repair itself.

Broadband over power lines, which enables the transmission of broadband internet signals along ordinary power lines, is also spreading quickly. Camilla Rees writes in Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution (p. 99):

"The unfortunate aspect of this technology is that it will bring these frequencies into the home on the electrical wiring. We already know that dirty electricity, frequencies other than 60 Hz, are making people sick. Studies of dirty electricity show an association with cancers, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, tinnitus, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, sleep disturbances, etc. Once broadband over power lines become operational a lot of people are going to become ill."

L. Lloyd Morgan has said that since the electrical wires in our buildings surround us on all sides, "it will be like being wrapped in a radio transmitter antenna." (Rees, p. 100).

Versions of this technology, for use with your own modem, are already being sold.

Once unhealthy infrastructure is established, it's very difficult to backtrack.

The proliferation of wireless has been a step backwards technologically—not progress—when you factor in the health of humans and the planet. The gridwork of telephone and fiber optics lines in developed countries is a precious commodity. Those who are fortunate enough to live in countries with this amazing infrastructure might well value it. People who use cordless phones plug into this blessing and transmit out a health hazard.

"Cell phones are inevitable."

If we repeat over and over, "cell phones are inevitable," will that reduce their health consequences?

In the U.S. we have laws limiting other forms of pollution. And we have the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which essentially legislates cell phones as inevitable. This act has made it illegal for a local community to refuse the installation of towers and antennas on health or environmental grounds. However, the liability for any ill health effects that result falls on the town, not the utility company.

I hope it's irrelevant that the telecommunications industry in the U.S. is beholden to the government (and behind it, to the military) for giving it what it has wanted in terms of laws. It's well known that certain frequencies that can be broadcast from cell towers affect the human brain in predictable ways, and can be used for mind control of large populations. According to researcher Nick Begich, all new cell phones have a built-in microphone that can pick up your conversations even when your phone is off. All new cars have a similar hidden microphone. The emanations coming from some towers can be narrowed to put audible sounds in the head of one person. The contents of our garbage can now be scanned, and equipment is under development that can read your very thoughts. Is it inevitable that future generations will not have the concept of "privacy"—even in their own heads?

France and Korea ban cell phones in primary schools. Israel bans the sale of wi fi for residences. Here in the U.S., however, we're progressive. And progress is inevitable.

What's inevitable is not cell towers. It's litigation.

It's common for people to involuntarily live in fields from several wi fi antennae, TV's, computers, etc. permeating their space, with the off buttons to those gadgets locked behind others' doors. We may well see lawsuits around neighbors' wi fi and cordless phones. Their emissions are much worse than second-hand smoke because it's so difficult to shield against them.

Insurers like Lloyds of London are already refusing to insure wireless tech companies. You might want to take future liability (and ethics) into consideration in deciding whether to buy stock in that industry.

"Electricity is a green source of energy."

Say, what? Are you talking about electricity made from coal, or from a nuclear plant? Switching from print to web is not greener.

Medical researcher and two-time Nobel Prize nominee Robert O. Becker, MD has said, "I have no doubt in my mind that at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth's environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields. I consider that to be far greater on a global scale than warming, and the increase in chemical elements in the environment."²

"It can't be that."

People often tell me that their cancer, ADD, or chronic fatigue couldn't possibly be EMF-related because . . . well, just because. But we've drenched the planet. Is it not logical to assume that if you live in a sea of electronics, you might have gotten wet?

The subject of EMFs tends to arouse the irritated bulldog in many people. A door of denial may be holding back a ton of unconscious fears, unexamined beliefs and historical skeletons in our collective closet.

Let's take a peek at why many resist opening that door.

Appliances have made chores easy and production efficient, and have brought us many pleasant experiences like movie-watching, flying, web surfing, communicating at a distance, and staying warm in winter. It can be hard to imagine non-tech pleasures and doing your own dishes.

The programming of millions of ads lurks in the shadows. Doesn't giving your child her own irradiator make you a progressive parent?

To realize you've bought into an irrational lie such as "it's safe to irradiate yourself" can be disillusioning, embarrassing to admit, and lonely when your friends and family are still in denial.

One in eight of us (according to a Stanford study) are addicted to the internet. Others are addicted to electricity per se. Withdrawal isn't pleasant. It can be extremely difficult to give up an addiction to something you need to do—like work on a computer.

Your job may require you to be immersed in these fields. What if you admit to yourself that your job is tearing down your health? Where do you find a low-EMF career? Or, conversely, what if you're found liable as an employer for the working conditions you provide?

Someone in your family may be addicted to tech, and they may be unwilling to make the lifestyle change you require for health. Do you leave them? What if your social life is primarily digitally based?

Some take it hard when they discover that their government is corrupt, and hasn't been protecting their well-being. (The telecommunications industry takes in the second largest revenues, behind the oil companies. They pay big taxes.)

Some have even internalized the prevalent brainwashing that their personal "weakness" at not being able to handle EMFs shouldn't hold back the prosperity of their community or their family. The "public good" is wealth, not health.

Then there's problem fatigue. The sheer number of serious challenges we face make us numb.

In the West, our science took a wrong turn in seeing the body as purely mechanical/chemical, not electrical. We've known better for decades, but many of our public policies are still based on outdated science.

Many people believe that new tech will save us from the problems with old tech, using the same paradigms that got us into this mess in the first place.

Seeing illness as a way the body is trying to communicate an imbalance is foreign to many people. They want to immediately mask the symptoms with drugs, etc. So the body has to shout even louder that it's under duress in these fields.

Guilt. A civil war in the Congo is largely being financed by the violent procurement of coltan, a highly prized mineral used in cell phones and wireless laptops. And anyone who has managed to communicate with an overseas serviceperson may be reminded that their computer was probably manufactured in a country with lax labor laws and low pay. There are finite resources out of which to make this stuff in the future.

For five hundred years during the Middle Ages, millions of people who listened closely to the Earth and other species were brutally killed in the Inquisition. Millions more "pagans" were exterminated in conquered lands. Deep in our collective psyche is the memory of what happens if you listen to your body or the Earth rather than to authority figures like technocrats. I think in many ways we're still in the Inquisition. The players have changed.

The power of the U.S. military—the world's worst polluter—is amazing. William Thomas has crunched the figures: the military spends $11,000 per second on weapons. Scientists exploring health-enhancing uses of electronics can find their work suddenly classified, with the choice given them to work for the military and develop kill-and-control applications, or stop their research altogether. You may wonder, "Do I dare, even in my mind, question the military and HAARP?"

We're at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius, with new paradigms for the next couple thousand years emphasizing the collective over the individual, an impersonal analytic bent that makes people into statistics, and a resonance with anything electrical. Many are still caught in the excitement of this new age of tech, not willing to look at its downside.

Holding Hands with Nature


The Earth has been morphing beneath our feet, quickly shifting higher dimensionally, evolving. Our electronics have kept us in a bubble of human domination to where we have not been keeping stride with the Earth's energetic changes. When you're rained on by transmissions from satellites, antennae, and the wires in your walls, whether or not you have a receiving device on, you are being penetrated by all the thoughtforms programmed into those transmissions—movies, porn, the internet, etc. It can be stressful for many people to step outside of their electronic virtual reality, both physically and psychologically. Some can no longer survive outside the human box because they haven't kept up with the real world. So people give away their power and their health to those who try to make the whole of the planet—including our very atmosphere—vibrate within the range where humans remain stunted in our growth. Can this incongruency between humanity and the rest of life go on indefinitely? Of course not.

Human consciousness and nature consciousness were created in tandem, a polarity. It is impossible to separate us. Humans have been exploring a novel idea in the past few millennia—what if we pretend to be separate, and take a vantage point from which to view the rest of the whole "objectively"? Nature has supported this experiment, which has been rich. We've taken it too far now, and like a rubber band that can't be stretched further without breaking, nature's longing for us is becoming a mighty force. (See Nature's Response.) Many of us seem to have become nearly incapable of deep intimacy with our partner. Our trying to make the planet into an electronic amphitheatre for human drama is a sign that we've forgotten who we are.

My purpose in life is to help humans hold hands with nature through this shift. Our dance together can be incredibly beautiful in these times. Some of the biggest hindrances to embracing our birthright to dance this dance with joy are our deteriorating health and our electrosmog-jammed reception. Many people can still see the natural world, but not feel its healing, life-giving touch. Detoxing, and coming home again to the more-than-human world can feel as if going from a black-and-white existence to the colorful richness of belonging in the universe. People can have psychic/spiritual experiences from within the electromagnetic prison, but not the alive body, full aura ease and joyful embrace possible outside of it. In the box, our cells are continually under assault. You're holding back, wrapped in your EMF corset, staring at the world as if through a window. With a full range of natural frequencies, you can fall in love, multitudes of photons reverberating back and forth in a glorious exchange of light with all the manifest universe. This is how our ignorant, TV-deprived ancient ancestors lived. In ecstasy. Free, abundant ecstasy. Let's not make ecstasy extinct.

Let Us Help


We all have crucial choices to make about the risks we're willing to take, and the damage we're willing to do with EMFs, and no one can choose for you. Having measurements of the fields in your building—hard data on what you're sharing your life with—can help with those choices. This article is written to persuade, but our audits are just to observe what's in your space, inform you of possible choices, and mitigate. It can be a relief to come out of the haze and know what you're dealing with.

Helping you reduce the load of EMF stress your body is carrying is our aim. The wiring in many buildings is not up to code, with mistakes that create huge fields. Electronic products vary greatly in the fields they produce. There are likely many factors in your particular situation that we can help you track down and sort out, with mitigation strategies. We'll also apply our knowledge of geomancy—how natural earth energies are interacting with these fields—if appropriate.

We can tell you what are considered safety limits, but when those limits are a thousand times different in different countries, it makes you wonder. EMFs are not "safe"—really what you're getting is recommended "it's reasonably worth the risk" assessments. They help.

Peter MacGill offers this as a stand-alone service. (I participate as well if the situation warrants it). We often include an abbreviated version in a space clearing, if our guidance indicates the need for it.

image of parrots-beak wildflowerCall us at 303-823-6108 to set up an appointment. Our fee starts at $100 for a typical home. We're willing to travel a forty-five minute drive from our Pinewood Springs, Colorado home, which includes the Boulder, Longmont, Lyons, Estes Park area.

We look forward to helping you to create a happier life!

¹ Camilla Rees and Magda Havas, Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution, 2009, p. 10.

² Sellman, Sherrill. "The Electro-Pollution Solution," totalhealth magazine, March/April 2007 Vol. 29 No. 1, p. 46-47.

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