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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Intervention Theory Essentials: A Basic Guide to the Intervention Theory of Origins

Intervention Theory Essentials
A Basic Guide to the Intervention Theory of Origins—of the Universe, of Life, of Hominoids, and of Humans

By Lloyd Pye

When you seek a path to any new truth, you must expect to find it blocked by ‘expert opinion.’
Albert Guérard

An emotional plague afflicts people whose belief systems are so rigid they ignore relevant facts and become enraged if anyone challenges their beliefs.
Wilhelm Reich

For every PhD., there is an equal and opposite PhD.
Gibson’s Law

Anyone can pilot an improbability, but it takes a special touch to fly and safely land an absurdity.
Kurt Kuzba

A genius is someone who aims at a target no one else can see—and hits it!
Anthony Quinn

The main purpose of science is to investigate the unexplained, not to explain the uninvestigated.
Dr. Stephen Rorke

The supreme arrogance of religious thinking is that a carbon-based bag of mostly water on a speck of iron-silicate dust around a boring dwarf star in a minor galaxy in an unfashionable suburb of (our) supercluster would look up at the sky and declare: “It was all made so that I could exist!”
Peter Walker

To Daniel Shechtman, Ph.D.
Winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

In 1982, Dr. Shechtman created a crystal with atoms that formed a five-sided pattern that did not repeat itself. He defied a “received wisdom” in chemistry that they must create “repetitious” patterns such as triangles, squares or hexagons.

Shechtman’s peers ridiculed his discovery of what has come to be known as quasi-crystals. Prior Nobel laureate Linus Pauling castigated him by insisting: “There is no such thing as quasi-crystals, only quasi-scientists.”

After years of battling the dogma of ignorance, Shechtman’s efforts finally forced his peers to reconsider the fundamental nature of matter.

This is how it always is with science. Someone discovers a new concept, and first it is ignored, then it is ridiculed, and finally it is self-evident.


This eBook is designed to explain the essential aspects of Intervention Theory that anyone new to it, or interested in learning more about it, will need to know. It is grounded in solid, reliable academic research, though it is not footnoted or annotated because there is no point in doing so.

Statements made by alternative researchers like me are automatically contradicted by scientists insisting we are not simply wrong, but stupidly wrong. They further insist we have no right to challenge their cherished beliefs because our only “credentials” are an unwarranted faith in our ability to discern truth from nonsense.

[This doesn’t refer to all scientists. Some still willingly risk reputation and security to explore topics that defy dogma. However, they are few.]

Every point I discuss is supported by facts in available research, but I am often criticized by skeptics. Why? Because the issues I discuss are long-lived sacred cows to mainstream sciences. They protect their herd with admirable tenacity, as I would if I had somehow joined their ranks.

Looking back, I’m delighted I managed to find a different herd to look after, because I’m sure those areas of study will lead to our true future.

Also, this eBook contains a small amount of repetition. The best way to learn anything, to make it stick in memory like velcro, is to use a technique known as Programmed Learning.

Years ago, school workbooks had sentences containing blank segments to be filled in by students. They were intermittently repetitive, which subtly enhanced memory. Workbooks are no longer used as much, but intermittent repetition remains a useful learning tool.

This eBook’s purpose is to introduce readers to highly controversial concepts they should easily absorb and, more importantly, recall with some detail for later discussion and, if needed, debate with friends and family not yet familiar with the basic evidence supporting Intervention Theory.


 The Presumed Celestial Origin

This is how the Bible explains it . . .

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

Yet, to account for all the magnificence that has come into existence in our universe since then, that Word must have been on the scale of:


Creationists of all kinds, which includes the smarter, more reasonable, and typically well-credentialed Intelligent Design proponents, insist the only answer to questions about the origins of life or humans is: “God did it!”

Darwinists of all stripes insist with equal zeal that their pet theory of evolution best explains how life originated. Their 150-year-old dogma asserts: “It just happened—poof!—like magic!

After the magic moment when life kick-started itself into existence, it initiated a self-contained and imperceptibly slow-but-steady growth into ever more complex forms, until those reached the apex of an arduous climb—humanity.

In contrast, Interventionists like me anchor our search for origins on evidence rather than faith, on logic rather than magic. We don’t think that God did it, or that life spontaneously generated.

For us, evidence and logic point to the same “outside intervention” Intelligent Designers see. However, where they feel the only outside source of intervention must be God (whom they are careful to not mention by name), we suggest another, bolder explanation: “They did it!”

Who are “They”? The currently favored term is Aliens—non-human, non-Earth-based entities.

Of course, aliens raises the hackles and blood pressure of science, government, and religion, so to calm them I will later provide a different, less threatening term. That new term describes entities who have created and distributed, then overseen and managed, life’s myriad forms.


Mainstream scientists say extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. [In this eBook I will forego the common jibe, Lamestream, out of respect for its ideals rather than its practices.]

Clearly, the Intervention Theory makes several super-extraordinary claims, so we need a great deal of extraordinary evidence. Do we have it?

This eBook is meant to answer those questions with facts, data and evidence that in the court of public opinion should qualify as extraordinary.

Much of that evidence was first put forth in the book above, published in late 1997. The cover symbolized the essence of Intervention Theory:

That human life emerged from primitive hair-covered hominoids (upright walking apes) after human-like entities (aliens or gods, with a small “g”) intervened genetically (with test tubes) to create a new hybrid being (humans) with genes from themselves and the primitive hominoids.

Intervention Theory is symbolized by this illustration of the Christian fish (left) and the Darwinist/Evolution fish (right) being blown out of the water by an alien-eyed Intervention fish soaring skyward using the power of DNA. This idea will be fully discussed in due course.

The Real Celestial Origin

Cosmologists and astrophysicists (collectively I’ll call them cosmologists) believe the universe began with a colossal Big Bang. The amusing poster here summarizes their grandiose theory.

Obviously, that theory needs some work, but the cosmologists are stuck with it because it is based on theories and “received wisdom” they see as unassailable, with all of it founded on the idea that gravity is the inherent physical force that binds together everything in the universe.

This received wisdom came down to them from Isaac Newton, who in 1687 first grappled with trying to figure out gravity and how it functions not only on the Earth, but in our solar system as a whole, and in the infinite universe beyond.

In the early 1900s, Albert Einstein added to the gravitational riddle cosmology confronted when he wove electromagnetism into the mix. But no matter how hard cosmologists tried, they nor Einstein could make the gravity math add up.

It was clear that something was missing in the gravity-based formulas. To make them work, they had to mimic a classic S. Harris cartoon:

Gravity-based math was woefully inadequate to explain the real forces at work in the universe. How to solve this conundrum? Easy . . . cheat! Cosmologists realized they could add abstract “fudge factors” to provide the miracles their formulas required—as many as they needed!

To make gravity-based math work as it should, cartoonish concoctions were added to the faulty equations. Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Black Holes and, yes, even the Big Bang itself came from their tinkering with reality to make it fit what they needed it to be rather than what it is.

Calling these enormities “fudge factors” is an exercise in chutzpa. Gravity-based math says 96%* of the universe is missing! Not there!
[*Different sources give different percentages.]

Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Black Holes had to be fabricated to supplement a Big Bang and obscure gargantuan gaps in cosmic reality.

What is the real problem here? What are they so desperate to avoid having to confront? The bottom line is, indeed, math . . . the math that simply won’t add up for them the way it must for Newton and Einstein to remain relevant.

Imagine giving up Newton and Einstein. Doing that would decimate everything cosmology was structured around and built upon. It would force every “expert” back to classrooms to start over.
It would mean rewriting all of their textbooks!

Who in their right mind would want a disaster like that to happen during their watch? So, they protect gravity with religious zeal, even though it is clear to anyone who studies the problem to any depth that they are riding a lame horse.

Here is the number that lames their horse: 1039 (read: 10 to the power of 39). It is 10 followed by 39 zeroes. It is a mind-boggling number. So, what is it? What does it represent? It expresses the power of electricity compared to gravity.

As a force, electricity is 39 orders of magnitude stronger than gravity!!! That is one thousand billion billion billion billion times stronger!

Cosmologists should have ditched gravity as soon as they understood that imposing number. Unfortunately, they made the decision to keep doing what they had always done rather than forging into unfamiliar territories where their ignorance would be obvious and embarrassing as they learned that new turf. They decided to stay hidden behind gravity’s deceiving skirts.

Gravity can’t exist without an electromagnetic force. It is dependent on the electrified plasma that thinly permeates the universe. Plasma is the cohesive agent cosmologists claim for gravity.

Gravity only has impact as a force when it is contained in enormous celestial bodies (suns, planets, moons). At the granular level, where gravity supposedly draws particles together in the vacuum of space to create everything in the universe, it has literally no power! It is useless!

This explains why massive cheating is needed to make the gravity math work. But, in contrast, if the immense power of electricity is plugged into the same formulas, the math works without fudge factors. The universe’s “missing” 96% becomes mathematically viable, and reality is served rather than cosmology’s fragile egos.

For those who think I might be off base here, let me refer you to the same sources I used to locate this paradigm-busting information. Two marvelous websites that support what is called The Electric Universe Theory are found here:

They are www.Thunderbolts.info and also www.Holoscience.com. Both are excellent!


I have started this eBook with cosmology and astrophysics because they are the sciences most concerned with how the universe began, and because their dogmatism illustrates why I keep insisting Everything You Know Is Wrong. This is one of numerous examples I will provide to support Intervention Theory as we move on.

The sad truth is that in every field of science, Young Turks have to serve their leaders when those leaders are the oldest, crustiest, and most conservative members of the field. Then, when those old “defenders of the faith” die out, what were once Young Turks take over for them and are forced to defend the same bankrupt faith.

The Origin of Earth and of Life

Cosmologists tell us our solar system began as a cloud of dust and gas swirling as a disk that separated into the sun, planets, moons, comets, and asteroids. This scenario could be accurate.

However, as previously noted, gravity could not cause any granular particles to aggregate in the vacuum of space. That had to be caused by the electromagnetism generated by the electrified plasma that exists throughout the universe.

Mainstream geologists have concluded that the solar system began to coalesce into its various planets and moons at around 4.5 billion years ago (bya). Agreement among experts does not mean their opinions are reliable, but in this case I accept their conclusion as a reasonable guess.

From http://www.lloydpye.com/interventionebooksample.htm
To purchase the entire eBook go to the link above
© Lloyd Pye, 2011

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