"All the World's a Stage We Pass Through" R. Ayana

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Tomorrow Is Another Day!

Tomorrow Is Another Day!
Welcome To The Future!


We can change the world for the better any time we choose. All we need to do is TURN ON, TUNE IN and OPT OUT of the toxic death-cult civilisations that birthed and surround us, and start a new life among truly wise and friendly people.

Arise, awake and breathe deeply of the world you call home. Like what you smell? Are you living where and how you need to be - NOW? 

Know thyself. There's no time BUT the present; all else is illusion.

The Earth needs you. Only you can save your world. Share it with life-loving, compassionate, intelligent beings and happily abandon the failed dictates of all our purblind ancestors. Be disinterested in fear and 'survivalism' and stay focused on love, creativity and the ability to THRIVE together!

Welcome to the new Harmonic Convergence/Emergence, when any three gathered in the name of consciousness create a new reality - as on any solstice, equinox or nondescript 'time'! Together we can create the best of all possible worlds.

Paradise awaits (and needs YOU to protect and regrow it). Like any animal, to save yourself you must save your habitat.

The future isn't waiting; it's here! Welcome to the New Millennium!

- Ram Ayana

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