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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Resource Based Economy: Precepts of the Venus Project

Resource Based Economy

Precepts of the Venus Project

 The Venus Project

A Resource-Based Economy is a system in which all goods and services are available without the use of money, credits, barter or any other system of debt or servitude. All resources become the common heritage of all of the inhabitants, not just a select few. The premise upon which this system is based is that the Earth is abundant with plentiful resource; our practice of rationing resources through monetary methods is irrelevant and counter productive to our survival.

Modern society has access to highly advanced technology and can make available food, clothing, housing and medical care; update our educational system; and develop a limitless supply of renewable, non-contaminating energy. By supplying an efficiently designed economy, everyone can enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities of a high technological society.

A resource-based economy would utilize existing resources from the land and sea, physical equipment, industrial plants, etc. to enhance the lives of the total population. In an economy based on resources rather than money, we could easily produce all of the necessities of life and provide a high standard of living for all.
Consider the following examples: At the beginning of World War II the US had a mere 600 or so first-class fighting aircraft. We rapidly overcame this short supply by turning out more than 90,000 planes a year. The question at the start of World War II was: Do we have enough funds to produce the required implements of war? 

The answer was No, we did not have enough money, nor did we have enough gold; but we did have more than enough resources. It was the available resources that enabled the US to achieve the high production and efficiency required to win the war. Unfortunately this is only considered in times of war.

In a resource-based economy all of the world's resources are held as the common heritage of all of Earth's people, thus eventually outgrowing the need for the artificial boundaries that separate people. This is the unifying imperative.
We must emphasize that this approach to global governance has nothing whatever in common with the present aims of an elite to form a world government with themselves and large corporations at the helm, and the vast majority of the world's population subservient to them. Our vision of globalization empowers each and every person on the planet to be the best they can be, not to live in abject subjugation to a corporate governing body.

Our proposals would not only add to the well being of people, but they would also provide the necessary information that would enable them to participate in any area of their competence. The measure of success would be based on the fulfilment of one's individual pursuits rather than the acquisition of wealth, property and power.
At present, we have enough material resources to provide a very high standard of living for all of Earth's inhabitants. Only when population exceeds the carrying capacity of the land do many problems such as greed, crime and violence emerge. By overcoming scarcity, most of the crimes and even the prisons of today's society would no longer be necessary.

A resource-based economy would make it possible to use technology to overcome scarce resources by applying renewable sources of energy, computerizing and automating manufacturing and inventory, designing safe energy-efficient cities and advanced transportation systems, providing universal health care and more relevant education, and most of all by generating a new incentive system based on human and environmental concern.

Many people believe that there is too much technology in the world today, and that technology is the major cause of our environmental pollution. This is not the case. It is the abuse and misuse of technology that should be our major concern. In a more humane civilization, instead of machines displacing people they would shorten the workday, increase the availability of goods and services, and lengthen vacation time. If we utilize new technology to raise the standard of living for all people, then the infusion of machine technology would no longer be a threat.

A resource-based world economy would also involve all-out efforts to develop new, clean, and renewable sources of energy: geothermal; controlled fusion; solar; photovoltaic; wind, wave, and tidal power; and even fuel from the oceans. We would eventually be able to have energy in unlimited quantity that could propel civilization for thousands of years. A resource-based economy must also be committed to the redesign of our cities, transportation systems, and industrial plants, allowing them to be energy efficient, clean, and conveniently serve the needs of all people.

What else would a resource-based economy mean? Technology intelligently and efficiently applied, conserves energy, reduces waste, and provides more leisure time. With automated inventory on a global scale, we can maintain a balance between production and distribution. Only nutritious and healthy food would be available and planned obsolescence would be unnecessary and non-existent in a resource-based economy.

As we outgrow the need for professions based on the monetary system, for instance lawyers, bankers, insurance agents, marketing and advertising personnel, salespersons, and stockbrokers, a considerable amount of waste will be eliminated. 

Considerable amounts of energy would also be saved by eliminating the duplication of competitive products such as tools, eating utensils, pots, pans and vacuum cleaners. Choice is good. But instead of hundreds of different manufacturing plants and all the paperwork and personnel required to turn out similar products, only a few of the highest quality would be needed to serve the entire population. Our only shortage is the lack of creative thought and intelligence in ourselves and our elected leaders to solve these problems. The most valuable, untapped resource today is human ingenuity.

With the elimination of debt, the fear of losing one's job will no longer be a threat This assurance, combined with education on how to relate to one another in a much more meaningful way, could considerably reduce both mental and physical stress and leave us free to explore and develop our abilities.

If the thought of eliminating money still troubles you, consider this: If a group of people with gold, diamonds and money were stranded on an island that had no resources such as food, clean air and water, their wealth would be irrelevant to their survival. It is only when resources are scarce that money can be used to control their distribution. One could not, for example, sell the air we breathe or water abundantly flowing down from a mountain stream. Although air and water are valuable, in abundance they cannot be sold.

Money is only important in a society when certain resources for survival must be rationed and the people accept money as an exchange medium for the scarce resources. Money is a social convention, an agreement if you will. It is neither a natural resource nor does it represent one. It is not necessary for survival unless we have been conditioned to accept it as such.


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  1. Whole Zeitgeist is HOAX!! Where does it born? Who are the peoples or companies who build it up? This is only one Illuminati´s way to buy more time for themselves.

    Every people can work for Zeitgeist ideology without leaders. Just make Your work, and ask no money.

    I have worked five years now, repairing cars and computers, working with farmers and loggers. And guess what, now I´m in position I don´t need money anymore. Everything I need, I get free. Of course I have garden, where I grow part of my wegetables and herbs, but it´s not big.

    So, rather waiting some leaders and Big Bang, I suggest everybody start working like ideology say. With helping each other, we create better world, right now. Not somewhere in future.

  2. Not a hoax, but an idea Anon. Not everyone has the skills, freedom or personality to do as you have done: congratulations. There's no time like the present to start real life.
    As someone who lives alone in a remote location I know what you say is correct - for me or you. But for everyone? Unlikely, to say the least. Most choose to congregate in large groups for entraqined 'reasons' of fear and insecurity but it doesn't have to be that way. Today's cities are toxic death traps.
    The question the Zeitgeist movement addresses is - how can we create something better?
    Perhaps a better question is, 'How can we dream and create paradise for all?'

  3. The question you asked, is where was Zeitgeist born? The concept came out of North America in the early part of the 20th Century, from a group known as the Technical Alliance which was composed of some of the best and brightest leaders in various fields of one kind or another. These leaders conducted an energy survey of North America and factored in rates of growth, energy depletion, and the continuation of the elimination of labor as a direct result of increased expenditures of energy consuming devices (machines). The Technical Alliance became Technocracy inc..., a place from where the ideas of The Venus Project, and the Zeitgeist movements were born. It's really a brilliant concept based on FACTS (measurements) and FREE ENERGY. I like to explain the concept this way. We can now measure the most effective and or energy efficient ways to operate our entire production- distribution system through free and clean energy technologies and resources, thus creating a world of abundance for everyone of us which would automatically eliminate all current scarcity determining commodity valuations. Our current M/O is based on waste and manufactured resource scarcity which is automatically keeps the price system (MONEY) going, and is the primary cause of roughly 95% of all crimes against man and nature. The idea is to simply install a FREE ENERGY BASED system without any political (opinion) and or price system interference.

    The measurably best forms of free energy I could find is SOLAR and ELECTROMAGNETIC POWER GENERATION, these forms of energy could form the basis from which we could transform ourselves and our world whilst achieving our greatest human potential both individually and collectively.

  4. RBE sounds interesting.. Just for a moment or so, think of a distant future where we as a species have evolved and have no wars and no hunger. What kind of society do you think it would be, how would it be structured, how would it operate? I really don't believe it would be something born out of our current corrupt to the core "system" where money dictates everything and is the most valuable of all things. So yes, Zeitgeist movement is forward-thinking. I do not know if it is right or wrong, but I'm thinking how we as a species can be more productive and humane without compulsion of law or religion or other form of force upon individual. Only when we are forced by society to survive we become inhumane, violent, coveting, scheming, etc. Kill or be killed, steal or be stolen from mentality is born this way. We have the resources, it is the management of it that matters. The current system is pure abuse and waste of time and resources. It is at the end of its life. Time for a change.

    1. How distant is any future? Not so long ago women were chattel even in 'leberated' Western nations; only a generation ago they were still second class citizens and homosexuality was grounds for long incarceration (at least). Until a generation ago the US and Australia were not officially democracies, as they hadn't given the vote to all adult citizens for a full twenty-five years (the US gave the vote to southern blacks in 1965; Australia to all Aboriginal people in 1967, and this 25 year withholding period after enfranchisement is the simple definition of a democracy according to the UN). 50 years ago racism was still thoroughly widespread in the same 'advanced' nations to whom slavery had been considered a bible-backed necessity only a century earlier.

      Environmental vandalism was barely recognised until a generation ago; full steam ahead so-called 'progress' at all costs was considered to be the only sane way of life. Almost everyone believed the world might end in nuclear armageddon at any instant. People lived with the belief that everything and everyone from them to the horizon could become superheated white ash at any moment. Hardly anyone dared speak out against the confabulated control freak superstitions known as religions, or question the dominant paradigm. Protesters, even when visible, were always a tiny minority. Vegetarians were virtually certifiable; wives could be thrown into mental institutions willy-nilly at the behest of their husbands.

      Things are getting better, generation by generation. The sooner people opt out of contributing to unjust societies and make their own brave new ways in the world, caring and sharing with friends and loved ones (and strangers who soon become familiar friends), the sooner everything will grow healthier and saner.

      We are all born of a world-tree that's scarred with the grafitti of our passions. We're all learning to EVOLve. We can all do better with the one thing we truly have and are - our time. Everything we do counts.

      What's better? What's best? Dare to dream of paradise on Earth - for all - and have no doubt we'll be there sooner or later!

  5. I love Utopian ideas, but I'm just a little jaded... YES, this system is broke and going off of a cliff, passed the point of no return... BUT, the powers that have designed this system, that have designed our reality for AT least the last couple of hundred years, always usurp a movement, if they didn't create it, and will usurp this as well, if it is not THEIR brainchild, to begin with (sorry but the amounts of lies that is affecting mine and my friends health is GRUESOME- I am in the middle of government sanctioned genocide right now, and the media REFUSES to acknowledge it). The Powers that BE have collectively refused to release technology that liberates humanity, while systematically using the technology AGAINST it (US!). Just how will they NOW do what's right? Cause there is a plan? How do we keep it out of their hands, if it isn't in theirs already?

    And the little bit of research I have done on Zeitgeist shows that it is actually linked to the Theosophical Society:

    I am not a closed minded individual... in fact, because I am not I have looked into the heart of many issues, to better understand, or to stand UNDER the knowing of where those issues have sprung from, and I am sorry, but though the Zeitgeist shares some truths, the truths it purposely leaves out is very telling, and from what I see it has a hidden agenda, and though it gathers many well-intentioned people with it, it is still a part of the great herding that the elites have been responsible for since the beginning of time. The Venus Project, while looking good on paper, is a future part of Agenda 21, and Agenda 21 is CURRENTLY being implemented through the back doors of policies, with weather modification being used to devastate farm lands, and then the government coming up and buying the land the farmer can no longer afford, this has REAL TIME implications. Let me give you just one example from REAL LIFE: My friend had a farm and a husband and 2 dogs... while she was out of town, a fire broke out... she said they (the gov) could have stopped the fire at one point, but they PURPOSELY let it get out of control- she lost it all... dogs, harvest, husband, and now the Government is trying to take the land from her... with no crops, she can't afford to keep it... SEE what I mean? By design.

    I want to believe these IDEAS, but trust neither the source, nor the powers that be to release their grip, but I DO know that SEEING that it is they that grip it all, can we begin to take our power back... until that is done, ANY efforts to empower humanity, will be usurped by them.

  6. When can i be apart of the illuminate?

  7. You'll have to ask them. This is the New Illuminati


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