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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Large Mystery 'Ball' Hits the Second WTC Tower - There Was No Plane!

Large Mystery 'Ball' Hits the Second WTC Tower - There Was No Plane!
A Careful Analysis of 9/11 Footage Shows The Impossible Truth

The footage we have all seen of 9/11 has been edited to hide what really happened. Live uncut footage has been obtained by 9/11 researchers which shows a large ball-like object flying in with great speed, flying into the second tower the same time the second plane hit – on precisely the same trajectory. Prepare to abandon your preconceptions! And see http://newilluminati.blog-city.com/loose_change__2nd_edition_full__and_wtc_911_ufos.htm for more

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The Her(m)etic Hermit - http://hermetic.blog.com

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  1. Now I've heard and seen it all....

  2. i do not believe this UFO-theory.. more than 5 diverant people filmed the 2nd plain hitting the tower.. ALL of this footage is altered to hide something? no way

  3. These clips are mere starting points for YOUR further research & exploration - a small amount of which will show that yes, the plane images were inserted by the time the nightly news ran them; in many cases hurriedly, leaving an obvious CGI trail using outmoded 2001 vision 'enhancing' technologies.
    It's always painful to realise you've been scammed byut note that the author does not say these balls are unidentified - he saysthey are made by an aspect of the USA.

  4. sounds more like it.. anyone who doesnt doubt the explanation has successfully been brainwashed into the 99%

  5. I actually remember seeing that big ball on the Today show that morning. it looked like a big balloon, and it was odd and out of place and then the 2nd tower was hit. I didn't see a plane until the coverage a few minutes later.


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