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Friday, 26 March 2010

What Really Happened on 9/11?

What Really Happened on 9/11?

In case you were too distracted or too young to notice how the world changed and your liberties disappeared in a puff of smoke a decade ago…

Let's bring the REAL perps to justice!

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  1. These people are asking for an official investigation, but they won't get one. That's like asking the officials to investigate themselves, and that will never happen.

    Think about it, we already know what happened, it's already been investigated. Why do you think we need an official investigation, when you already know that these so called government officials are corrupt? Don't look for authority figures to tell you the opposite of what you already know to be true, it only confuses matters. If you want to investigate 9-11 yourself, then why don't you talk to the grunts that were there. Talk to the fireman, the policeman, talk to the citizens that were running around. Talk to air traffic controllers, etc... Listen to your own common sense.

    People who think they'll receive the answers from a president etc... are fooling themselves. Wake-up and realize that any high ranking government official is nothing more than a professional actor when it comes to their job as a used snake oils sales rep.

  2. Also, look at political-monetary-and military systems around the world that have no regard for life. Look at apartheid today, in which region of the world discriminates most, which region and or group of people has the most war-like mentality? Were there factions within our own government, or perhaps the entirety of "our" so called government is controlled by various Central Banking institutions and their controllers who have a history of supporting both sides of any conflict through false flags like 9/11 (Rothschild's Formula) Look at the person who owns the Trade Center, who is he connected with? Look closely at our Nazism, did it really go away, and was Nazism really just a front for Zionism? What are the Zionist ideologies, who supports it's and how do they use this religion to garner support for more and more conflicts? Who owns the money supply? Those who own the funny money supply, can influence the thugs to carry out actions like 9/11, and most every other war on the face of this planet... Also, it's not necessarily important to know who did 9/11, it's only important to know what the solutions are to these ongoing problems that are set up to destroy everyone. We know the cause of 9/11 (Our belief in the myth of money and politics and what we're willing to do for a lie as we ignore the FACTS) and we know the solutions! Share free and clean energy resources in accordance with natures laws without any sort of belief oriented system getting in the way of our FACTUAL knowledge about how free energy can and will work for the great benefit to ALL!

    1. Your endless attacks on the Rothschilds are pointless, stupid and misinforming. You obviously don't know the names of any other banksters. You're also obviously unaware that US fossil fool and financial interests have 33 TRILLION in assets, far outstripping the Rothschilds. You're obviously unaware that the warmongering, profit gouging US oil men - the republican't neoconmen - were responsible for 911. Their CIA outsources all attacks on Amerikan soil and Mossad have the best allied agents they can use. The isn'treal tail does NOT wag the dog - that's what the Bushes and Cheneys of this world want you to believe and you've fallen for the old scapegoat line again - and again - and again!


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