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Intelligence Agents: Spinning Up the Genetic Highway

Intelligence Agents:
Spinning Up the Genetic Highway

by Stuart Bland

On every Biological womb-planet the Genetic Highway climbs East to West in the Temperate Zones.  These are easily located.  In terms of spherical geometry the 30th to 45 degrees latitude (North and South) locate the runways along which gene-pools accelerate to Escape Velocity.

North-South is an Astro-Neurological Constant based on magnetic charge. East-West is thus an Astro-Neurological Constant based on spin.  On every womb-planet in the galaxy Rotational Orientation relative to the home star determines the direction of Migrating Intelligence.

To experience the power of spin please perform the following neuro-experiment:  Imagine that you stand fifty-miles (250,000 feet) high.  Face west and sense the Earth-Spin moving you backwards.  You would have to keep striding forward one thousand miles an hour to keep the sun at the same angle.  This would be an easy stroll.  One hundred paces an hour would do it.

Face east and feel that you are falling towards the sun which will rise in front of you, below you.  You are moving downward at one thousand miles an hour.

Primitive organisms, face the sun, ride passively towards the sun.  More advanced organisms develop the mobility necessary to chase the sun, to move against the rotational tide.

The navigational rule is simple.  When you greet the sun, after the night, you are facing the east.  You are facing Asia.

The word Asia comes from Greek-Latin, "region of the rising sun."

The name Europe comes from Greek and Semetic, "land of the setting sun."

When you face east you are peering down into the past; our gene-pools came from the east.  When you see the sun disappear over the horizon you are looking up into the future.  This basic attitudinal orientation on womb-planets is based upon spin-momentum.

When you move east you are being carried down the spin-axis.  You are riding the globe, moving with the rotational inertia.  When you move West, you climb up against the rotation.  Spin is one of the fundamental defining-characteristics of energy-matter.

At the level of elementary particles the properties of matter are remarkably few.  A particle can have mass or energy, and it can have momentum, including the intrinsic angular momentum called spin ...[*]

Spin is a fundamental personality characteristic of not only elementary particles, but all energy structures.  The wheeling of galaxies.  The movements of humans living on a spinning globe.  The orientation of all living organisms to the rotational momentum of the womb-planets or Designed Plan-Its.

The Hermetic Doctrine holds that what is so above is so below.  Recapitulation theory holds that the same sequences re-evolve at all levels of energy.  Neurologic thus leads us to expect Spin to be a basic dimension of a biological structure.

Spin-caste is as fundamental a determinant of human behavior as sexual caste.  (Spin is as basic to life as sex.)  To understand a terrestrial human it is as necessary to understand hir spin-caste as it is to identify hir sexual caste.


There is Fore-Spin.  Brains geared to move west into the future.  There is Back-Spin.  Brains wired to face the past.  Spin-caste is determined by how far west you and your gene-pool have migrated -- and at what speed.

Fore-Spin is moving west, facing the momentum.  Pushing up against the rotation to develop mobility; to attain altitude.  Moving into the future.  Ascending into the empty ecological niches.

Why were the empty New American Continents (lobes) discovered and filled from Europe, not from Asia?  Why didn't the wisdom of the East sail across the Pacific?  Why was California explored and settled from Europe?  Why didn't a wandering Chinese discover Venice?  Why didn't Orientals colonize Europe?  Where were the Chinese Drakes and Vasco da Gamas?  Throughout history, even today, when Orientals come west, they use western modes of transportation.  How come?  Why, today, in 1978, do the eastern countries compress into xenophobic centralized ant-hills, discouraging migration? 

Because of Back-Spin.

Back-spin is sitting, immobile, with your back to momentum.  Oriental-orientation is passively riding the down-wave.  Occidental-orientation is actively pushing against rotation, continually being tested, shaped, formed by the air-flow, your antennae continually probing forward for the next pathway opening up.

Here we re-encounter the basic poetic-mystic polarities:

East / West
Earth / Heaven
Passive / Active
Piety / Intelligence
Past / Future
Simplicity / Complexity
Tradition / Change
Control / Freedom
Unity / Diversity
Stasis / Mobility

Only from an Einsteinian, relativistic post-terrestrial attitude can one realize that East-West means Down-Up.  Liberation from Newtonian geography and recognition of Geo-relativity are necessary stages of evolution.  How do you determine down-up on a spinning sphere?  Against the spin is up.  On this planet, West is up.

Why didn't a wandering Chinese discover Venice?

The most instructive way to look at a world-map is:  turn the map so that East is down.  Then re-experience the long climb of humanity from East to West.  The busy caravans like ant-flies shuttling up and down the Asian trade routes.  The enormous ant-armies of Alexander over-running the past (no worlds for him to conquer westward).  Genghis Khan's fast-moving mobile, equine technology storming upward.  The explosion of Muslim columns.  Roman legions painfully pushing up into Gaul.  Sense the movement of human swarms over the centuries -- the empire-hives sending out columns and waves, the exploratory probes westward.  The flotillas of frail craft moving up the Atlantic, shipping that most basic cargo:  sperm and eggs.  (The other cargoes are support-logistic.)

When you see the sun disappear over the horizon you are looking up into the future.

The greatest technological problem faced by DNA on this planet was scaling the Atlantic Ocean.  For 1,000 years (400-1400 A.D.) the waves of mobile-elite Sperm-eggs splashed up to the western-European Atlantic beach-ledges.  And waited.  Oh my, it was the greatest swarming phenomenon in human history!  Port-cities teeming with migragents, explorers, space-travelers.  Western Fever!  Peerers into the unknown.  Porers over maps of future lands.  Migrating gene-pools freaking out for new spaces!  Kings and queens caught by the fever.  And Columbus!  Columbus obsessed with this Everest problem, commanded by Genetic Directive to scale this mountain of water three-thousand-miles-high.

"I gave the keys of those mighty barriers of ocean which were closed with such mighty chains."
-- Columbus

Note the timing of Atlantic Ascent.  It had to await the Protestant Reformation.  The Luther Self-Actualization freed gene-pools from the Catholic-hive center.  Only a society of self-actualized families, democratically linked together, was capable of pushing gene-pools three-thousand-miles up, into the storm altitudes of the North Atlantic.

Recall that the ascent had been made over and over again during the ten centuries before Columbus by doughty Vikings, fervent Irish monks and hundreds of masculine bands.  Some returned to tell the story of the new ecological niche.  But the signal did not activate the swarm because the technology for lifting gene-pools three-thousand-miles into the unknown had not emerged.  Thousands of European sailors who found the new lands did not return.  They were absorbed by native gene-pools.  (If thousands of Amazon female sailors had reached North America before the Protestant Revolution, they too would have been swallowed up by the native gene-pools.)

It always requires a technical breakthrough to move sperm-egg colonies to a higher altitude; a higher velocity.

Oh my, it was the greatest swarming phenomenon in human history!

A gene-pool is a species-unit capable of protecting its young over several generations.  Marauding bands of Astronaut Francis Drakes and John Waynes are a beginning probe.  But nothing happens until the family-units move together.  You see, the King-Emperor does not want to migrate.  Are you mad?  Leave the seat of Imperial power and luxury?  No.  The feudal society cannot migrate.  Catholic countries couldn't pull it off.  The Holders of the Land have to stay on the land.  Feudal Catholic-Monarchies are flashy in the first stage, in the opening-up of a new ecological niche.  Oh yes, the Second-born sons, the Dukes' younger brothers, sail off with crack-troops and establish secure foot-holds.  It was genetic folly for Spaniards to mate with paleolith natives.  (But permanent military settlements have to breed with the natives and the mestizo result is uniformly disastrous because the second-string, invasive male-warriors mate down with dumb conquered females.)

Genetic Intelligence is measured by the ability to move gene-pools upward, angling always westward, pushing against, always being shaped by, re-formed by, activated by, mutated by Spin-Pressure from the Future.


* "Fundamental Particles with Charm," by Roy F. Schwitters, Scientific American, October 1977.


FROM:  G.I.A. Central
All Evolutionary Agents on Planet Earth
Change in Tactic from Anatomical to Neuro-Technological Mutation

1.  The Human Brain is programmed by RNA-DNA to fabricate technological realities.  To build environments.  New Plan-Its.  External technology produces the pollution which activates the next brain circuit.

2.  The Human Brain is a tool of DNA to accelerate evolution.

3.  At this point (1978) DNA is not concerned with evolving new anatomical-physiological forms adapted to a heavy 1-G planet.  Terrestrial evolution is over, i.e., irrelevant.  Now that High Orbital Migration has begun, now that the futique species are moving into their designated ecological niche -- high orbit -- the goal of DNA is to create Technologies adapted to multiple-G living.

The current survival problems on the planet are due to over-population swarming and cannot be solved by anatomical mutations.  The next stages are neurological -- i.e. neurotechnological.

4.  You are instructed to encourage the appropriate castes of the Human Species to decode DNA and increase Altitude and Mobility.




 The Neuro-Geography of Terrestrial Politics

by Astronaut Russell Shepherd

Terrestrial politics are Newtonian-Euclidian.  They are based upon territorial mammalian competitions between neighboring hives who share the same neurotechnological level.  Each quantum jump in neuro-technology increases the size of the political unit.  Tribes are swallowed-up by neighbors who have superior artifacts.  Higher technology nations set up territorial boundary tensions of greater extension.  China and Russia confront each other along a 3000 mile border with the same nervous, bluffing robot postures of four-foot mammals protecting turf.

Ideological differences are, of course, irrelevant in mammalian terrestrial politics.  The enmity is instinct-robot.  Neighboring gene-pools have to compete according to a relentless law of territorial (plus-minus) magnetism.  To occupy an ecological niche is automatically to be "against" those who inhabit the neighboring niche.

To illustrate the limbic (primitive-brain) nature of Old World politics in 1978 consult the map.  Note that Morocco receives its arms from America and that its neighbor, Algeria, obtains weapons from Russia.  The border between the two neighbors is tense.'=

To occupy an ecological niche is automatically to be "against" those who inhabit the neighboring niche.

Note that the next country, Tunisia, receives its arms from America and quarrels with both its neighbors, leftist Algeria and leftist Libya.  Poor confused Egypt, caught between a Black and White ambiguity switched (in 1975-1976) from Russia to America.  Egypt now manages to maintain hostile contact with both its neighbors--Libya and Israel.  (Regardless of the ideological paradox!)


Continuing down the zoo-cages of our animal past, we note that Israel fights Syria.

Syria growls at Israel above and Iraq below.

Iraq fights Iran.

Iran snarls at Afghanistan.

Afghanistan frowns at Pakistan.

Pakistan hates India.

India is tensed against China.

China suspiciously rubs up against Russia and the South East Asian states -- all of which distrust their neighbors, regardless of ideology.

An examination of the politics of Southern Africa will reveal the same checker-board sequence of neighborhood confrontations.  South East Asia provides a similar confirmation of the theory that terrestrial politics produces an almost perfect unbroken sequence of robot mammalian-territorial confrontations.

We seem to deal here with a magnetic ordering of plus-minus charges in neighboring units.  With robot regularity, and with an amazing disregard for common sense or political principles, each country opposes its neighbors.

It is of interest that such a renowned political theorist as Henry Kissinger was so totally robotized--like iron filings held in a magnetic field--in confrontation with Russia, that he failed to understand this neuro-political principle.  Kissinger believed in the Domino Theory; if South Vietnam fell, then all the South East Asian nations would topple shoulder-to-shoulder into monolithic Communism.  This paranoia, for which 50,000 young Americans died, completely disregarded the obvious.  Once Saigon collapses then nature takes over!  Cambodia attacks Vietnam.  Vietnam raids Laos.  Thailand snarls at Vietnam.  And all South East countries oppose their northern neighbor China.

Africa is a checker-board of mammalian savagery.

So far we have considered the East-West sequence of polarization.  Next, let us examine some North-South factors.  The map of Africa reveals that the principle of neighbor-antagonism exists.  What the political map does not show is the fact that within African countries (which were arbitrarily defined by European colonists) tribal enmities continue to rage on.  Africa is a checker-board of mammalian savagery.  Ninety percent of African countries are ruled by assassins and military chiefs.  Mafia capos.

Now look north to Europe.  Until World War II, Europe was also a checker-board of quarreling neighbors, each ruled by a feudal chief.  The technological quantum-leap taken in the 1940-War forced a change in territoriality.  Technology always increases the size of the gene-pool territory.  The Eastern Bloc nations were forced together into a monolithic entity--confronting the union of West European states.  The border-tensions no longer exist between nations but along the great East-West wall, the Iron Curtain.  We note, also, that ninety percent of West European countries are ruled, not by military dictators, but by elected representatives.

Why did Africa develop slavery and Europe capitalist-democracy?

This North-South bifurcation of the genetic highway has produced a fascinating left-right division which perfectly parallels the cerebral hemispheric split.  The right-hand, i.e., the northern countries developed logic, rationality, manipulation of artifacts and symbols.  The new technologies require larger networks of harmonious collaboration.  The energies of thousands of people must be linked-up to maintain an automotive business or a Coca Cola industry.  Technology creates larger and more intelligent gene-colony units.

Why did the right-hand-continent, Europe, develop the technology and carry the freedom-gene upward?  Why did the left-hand-continent, Africa, fail to produce mobility-freedom-gene-pools?  Why did Africa develop slavery and Europe capitalist-democracy?  Why did the genetic highway veer north instead of south when it burst out of the Middle-East (i.e., the mid-brain)?  Why did the northern Mediterranean centers light up in sequence:  Greece, Rome, Venice, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, London?

Surely there must be some basic neuro-geographical principle that explains why Africa now swarms with slavery and paleolithic savagery and why the right-hand-northern lobe has provided the centers and pathways along which the species has evolved.  Why did the freedom-genes cluster along the North Atlantic beaches?


Why did the intelligence-technology breakout occur from West Europe--not West Africa?

Think of evolution as an ascent--literally a climb, a series of intelligence tests which activate the velocity-attitude-freedom circuits.  From the Mid-East mid-brain there are two pathways.  The Southern route is the easiest; the Arabs took it, slid off along the low road.  Insectoid armies oozing from the east, sending, not gene-pools, but soldiers and military bureaucrats.

The high-road North was a ladder, a series of ledges to be scaled.  Look at the map.  First the Dardenelles to be crossed.  Then the prickly mountains of Greece, the fingered peninsulas.  The Balkan mountains.  The high Alps.  Rugged land, uninviting to Mid-Eastern sultans.  Choked with geographic barriers offering refuge to ascending gene-pools.  The story of evolution is the ascent of Celtic Out-Caste gene-pools on the shoulders of the teeming Eastern autonomic-involuntary centers.

A glance at the map reminds us that the human race is literally a Mobility-Contest; small gene-pools racing to keep ahead of the engulfing wave of insectoid collectivism.  The Human Race is exactly a competition of speed.  Small gene-pools being squirted ahead by swarming pressures into empty ecological niches where new realities (Plan-Its) can be created.  The human race is run to the West.  The Contest is between the collective and the individual.  The Contest:  can the individual freedom-gene-pools accelerate fast enough to leave the planet before being over-run by Eastern hivism?

The issue is, however, never in doubt.  The swarming pressure of the primitive-past lapping at the outskirts of the frontier is simply a signal to speed up.  At exactly that moment when the forces of homogenous unity, one-ness, socialist-equality, cultural-determinism seem to become dogma--exactly at that moment genetic-elitism reappears among the out-post-out-castes and new gene-pools assemble on the frontier out-posts.  Everyone on the frontier is self-selected for frontier behavior.  The new ecological niche is always filled by those who are robot-templated for mobility, independence and change.  An important caste to any species.

The ascent of gene-pools up the Atlantic in the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries was a genetic-selection process of gigantic significance.  It must be recalled that immigration to North America involved an amazing seed-blossoming of gene-pools.  Very few immigrants made the climb alone.  Typically, each European gene-pool sent its best fertile stock.  Once a beach-head had been established in the new ecological niche, more settled members of the gene-pools could follow.  But in most cases new gene-pools were formed by mutated-migrants of former old-world gene-pools.

To fly from
Need not be to hate mankind
all are not fit
With them
to stir and toil

Words Worth

Rusty Shepherd - astronaut author

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